20+ Difference Between Longboard And Skateboard (Explained)

Rushing through the streets is so much fun once you master the speed. Rollerblades and skateboards provide that versatility to the rider, where he can speed through and keep control.

However, when buying your first board from your nearby store, you must choose between a longboard and a skateboard.

If you are new at this, both longboard and skateboard will be good enough for you. But it is better to know what you would use the board for. These two have certain distinct qualities which will aid in your learning journey.

Key Differences Between Longboard And Skateboard

Comparison Between Longboard And Skateboard

Deck SizeLongboards have longer boards.Skateboard decks are shorter In dimensions.
Deck ShapeThere are many deck shapes in the longboard, including fishtail and drop-through.Skateboard decks typically have a popsicle shape with curved ends.
The TrucksLongboards have broader, more flexible trucks that absorb the jerks and shakes.Skateboard trucks are not as flexible and are narrower than longboard trucks.
The WheelsThe wheels used in a longboard are larger and shock-absorbent for rough surfaces.Skateboard wheels are shorter and not as shock-absorbant.
WheelbaseLongboards have a wider wheelbase because of increased deck size.Skateboards have a shorter wheelbase compared to longboards.
SpeedLongboards catch speed faster because of bigger wheels.Skateboards do not gain speed as fast as longboards because of shorter wheels.
PurposeLongboards are meant for outdoor traveling.Skateboards are meant to help riders with performing tricks.
AdaptabilityLongboards are usable on rough and smooth terrain.Skateboards are more usable on smoother terrain.
Balancing for BeginnersBalancing on a longboard is easier.Balancing on a skateboard is relatively difficult.

Major Differences Between Longboard and Skateboard

What Is Longboard?

A longboard resembles a skateboard, with the obvious aspect of it being longer than the latter.

This board prioritizes balance and stability when the rider rides on it. The longer board also allows the wheels to be further apart, and both the board and the wheelbase contribute to that.

The wheels of a longboard are not only bigger but also not very hard because of the materials used in making them. Bigger wheels allow the riders to gain more speed, and the material makes the board more adaptable to the ground.

What Is Skateboard?

A skateboard, in simple terms, is a hardboard with wheels underneath that is used for riding. Compared to longboards, these are shorter because the purpose is to provide better maneuverability.

A shorter board with a smaller wheelbase allows the rider to take sharp turns and perform tricks effectively.

In general, skateboards focus on tricks, so the wheels are smaller and harder. The trucks are also closer to the ground, making tricks like grinding easier to perform.

Skateboard wheels are mainly meant for smooth and even surfaces, so a skatepark would be the best place to ride them.

Longboard Vs Skateboard All You Need To Know

Contrast Between Longboard And Skateboard

The Size Of The Deck

  • Longboard- A longboard is called a ‘longboard’ because it is longer than its counterparts. The length can be from 33 inches(84 centimeters) to 59 inches(150 centimeters).
  • Skateboard- A skateboard deck is short when compared to a longboard. Its length varies from 28 inches(71 centimeters) to 33 inches(84 centimeters).

The Shape Of The Deck

  • Longboard- A longboard is available in various shapes like fishtail, drop-through, and hybrid. Longboard decks do not have curves at the ends and are mostly flat.
  • Skateboard- A skateboard mostly has a popsicle shape with curved ends. The curves allow the riders to do kickflips and many other tricks. Some boards may have only one curved end, with the other being flat.

The Trucks

  • Longboard- Because the longboards have greater dimensions, the trucks are wider in shape. Moreover, almost all the longboards have reverse kingpins, which allow extra stability when the rider goes faster.
  • Skateboard- A skateboard has narrower and lighter trucks because of its shooter dimensions. They are also closer to the ground to help with tricks. These trucks have traditional kingpins which do not interfere while grinding.

The Wheels

  • Longboard- Longboard wheels are larger compared to skateboards. The wheel would measure between 2.6 inches(6.5 centimeters) and 4.2 inches(10.7 centimeters).

    The wheel material is softer and helps the rider on rough grounds because of its shock-absorbing quality.
  • Skateboard- Skateboard wheels are shorter in diameter. They would measure between 1.9 inches(4.8 centimeters) and 2.1 inches(5.4 centimeters). The harder material reduces the risk of wheel bites which can cause injuries.
The Structure Longboard Vs Skateboard

The Wheelbase

  • Longboard- The longer decks allow the trucks to be fixed further apart, increasing the wheelbase.

    The deck length is why a longboard often has a greater wheelbase than a skateboard. It improves the balance but reduces the maneuverability, so you won’t be able to take sharp turns.
  • Skateboard- Shorter decks in skateboards lead to the trucks getting fixed closer to each other. The wheelbase will hence, be often shorter. While the balance will not be on par with a longboard, you can take sharp turns with it.


  • Longboard- A longboard will speed up faster because of the larger wheels, making it more convenient for cruising.
  • Skateboard- Skateboards do not prioritize travel, so their shorter wheels won’t pick speed as fast as a longboard.

Balancing For Beginners

  • Longboard- A longboard is more beginner-friendly as its deck and wheels allow a better balance. Once the rider gets comfortable with riding on it, he can choose to get a skateboard if he wants to.
  • Skateboard- A skateboard is less beginner-friendly because its deck and wheels do not help with balance as a longboard. However, a skateboard will be a better pick if the person is going to use it on skateparks only.

Purpose Of Use

  • Longboard- You should pick a longboard if you imagine yourself riding on it and exploring places(commonly called cruising). Longboards are also great for downhill racing(also called hill bombing). In other words, longboards are travel-friendly.
  • Skateboard- A skateboard is a better pick if you look forward to learning some daredevil tricks. The design of the skateboard is particularly for facilitating riders with tricks. So skateboards can be called tricks-friendly.


  • Longboard- A longboard has to be more adaptable to the environment, given that the ground will vary at any point. For this, the wheels and the trucks have a better shock-absorbing ability. Whether rough or smooth ground, a longboard would not stop.
  • Skateboard- A skateboard has harder wheels which makes them less shock-absorbent.

    Riding on rougher grounds with a skateboard will feel shakier, and you may even lose balance because of the shorter deck. So skateboards are better kept for smoother and even surfaces.
The Features Longboard Vs Skateboard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is ‘carving’ in skateboarding?

Carving means to turn while riding on your board in a leaning stance. Once done right, you can cruise around smoothly, which seems like surfing on the road, which is why it is also called surf-style skateboarding.

Q2. What if I want to learn tricks but would mostly use my board for riding?

If learning tricks is not your priority, using a longboard is better. But a cruiser board would also allow you to learn some tricks.

While cruiser boards are shorter than longboards, they should be your best pick if you are going to travel and learn tricks.

Q3. What exactly are trucks on the board?

On the bottom of the board, where the wheels are, you will notice that these wheels are connected to the board with a metal contraption. These are called trucks.

Q4. Among longboard and skateboard, which is safer to use?

Longboards would be much safer to use, considering that their design allows better balance.

Moreover, performing tricks always has a dangerous element to it, which longboards are not meant for. So longboards would be a safer pick for you.

Q5. What kind of safety gear should we wear for skateboards or longboards?

You might not require much safety gear for longboards once you learn to ride on them.

However, you should at least wear a helmet. But for skateboards, you will need knee, elbow, and wrist guards along with your helmet.

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