21 Pros and Cons of Having Sex Robots

Sex robots are the new craze — everybody’s heard of them, and many want them. What are sex robots in the first place? Well, the name suggests pretty much everything there is to know about them — they’re human-like robotic fixtures with various technological features, and serve as a vessel for sex. 

While sex robots are not exactly a new concept, the reality of owning one for the masses is still a little far off. This is because of the ethical and moral controversy that surrounds the use of sex robots. Some of the pros and cons of these sex robots are:

Benefits of Having Sex RobotsDrawbacks of Sex Robots
Can solve the bridge between intimacy biasIncreases social confinement
Can theoretically decrease the number of crimes against women and childrenEncourages pedophilic intentions
The sex robot can act as a companion Sex robots are regressive and patriarchal
Can decrease the amount of human traffickingObjectifies the female population
A different sexual experience from the usual human to human sex
Sex robots can be inducted into a family
Can be a solution to battle loneliness amongst senior citizens at old age homes

Advantages of Having Sex Robots:

  • Can solve the bridge between intimacy bias. 

In this new age of social media and fast dating apps, human touch and connection has been pushed off to the backseat. There is a wide gap between humans and intimate connections, and this creates a social loneliness shared by millions. Sex robots can provide an intimacy that mimics human feelings and thoughts, thereby helping to bridge this chasm between intimacy bias.

  • Can theoretically decrease the number of crimes against women and children. 

Once fully functional sex robots are offered to the wider markets, it can help decrease the number of crimes against women and children. Crimes like rape, molestation, eve-teasing, pedophilia, etc. should decrease when there are alternatives that provide a wide selection of options to assuage a person’s sexual preferences. Since sex robots are not commercially available yet, this is yet to be seen.

  • The sex robot can act as a companion. 

Sex robots do more than talk seductively and offer you their “bodies” so that you can carry out your wildest sexual fantasies. Sex robots can provide good companionship to people who are left bereft of friends and relationships. There are options available that can make a sex robot give advice, share thoughts and be a good conversationalist.

  • Can decrease the amount of human trafficking. 

Just like crimes against women and children can decrease with the introduction of sex robots, the human trafficking market should also see a decrease. Currently, a girl goes missing every two minutes globally to be sold off to human traffickers. Sex robots should help abate this issue.

  • A different sexual experience from the usual human to human sex. 

No two persons are alike in their sexual preferences. While this can be altered and modified with human partners, sex robots have no inhibitions, and can make a person’s wildest sexual wishes come true. If someone has a very uncommon sexual preference or “kink” that they are uncomfortable sharing with their human partners, they can do so with sex robots.

  • Sex robots can be inducted into a family. 

Sex robots come with vearios options for interacting with people. This means that a person can induct a sex robot into their family by putting the robot in a “family friendly” mode. This mode avoids any sort of sex tolk or serductive speech. This mode makes it perfect for being around youngsters and old people.

  • Can be a solution to battle loneliness amongst senior citizens at old age homes. 

Old people have been the direct victims of the fast paced generations. They have been left without any companions. Sex robot makers argue that their creations can assuage this feeling of solitary loneliness among senior citizens. These robots can be also used by people in the disabled community so that they too can experience the normal joys of intimate connection and friendship.

Disadvantages of Sex Robots:

  • Increases social confinement. 

Sex robot makers claim that their creations can put an end to loneliness and provide co panionship, but the problem arises when people look to these robots for a relationship instead of trying to make human connections. Shunning human company for sex robots increases social confinement, and one must remember that no robot can ever make up for huma touch and companionship,

  • Encourages pedophilic intentions. 

Sex robots are accompanied with a range of abilities that can fulfil any sexual fantasy. There is a darker side to this — this can encourage criminal behaviour, which can show itself to other people. Sex toys that look like and mimic children can promote peedophila and pedophilic intentions, while other sex bots can encourage other types of crimes, like bestiality. 

  • Sex robots are regressive and patriarchal.

Sex robots are ultimately regressive and exaggerated forms of women modelled to satiate the male fantasy. Sex robots are a patriarchal concept — they cannot speak up for themselves, and submit to each and every wish of their user. People using sex robots essentially play out their rape fantasies by coercing a female-looking object into sex and submission. Sex robots create a wrong impression, making people think that that is what a human woman is supposed to be.

  • Objectifies the female population.

The sex robot industry is targeted towards the male population, which is why most, if notb all, sex robots are female. Female sex robots are exaggerated versions of the female body, and distorts the female anatomy beyond the traditional conventions. Sex robots are given a hyperbolic pornographic body, which creates unrealistic expectations from women.  

A properly functioning sex robot has not been invented yet, but that doesn’t seem a thing of the future anymore. What with the leaps and bounds technology is making everyday, a humanoid robot meant for sex is more of a reality than fiction. The use of such robots are being heavily debated today, and especially the consequences once these robots are used for commercial purposes.

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