30+ Pros and Cons of Macbook Pro (Explained)

Apple always has been a synonym for premium quality, especially when it comes to design, hardware, and software. The latest MacBook Pro is no exception. This powerful laptop comes with a sleek design and high-performance specs.

 Macbooks are great computers. They’re robust, sleek, and durable. But you can’t ignore the fact that these devices cost a fortune. And if you’re not careful, you might end up with a computer that costs as much as a new car!

 There are plenty of reasons why you must consider buying a MacBook Pro instead of a regular laptop. This article will review the pros and cons of the higher-end Macbook model, the MacBook Pro. 

Pros Of Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pro is a fabulous computer for the money. It’s got an excellent screen, good performance and it’s well built. However, you need to know a few things before buying one of these computers. Here are the advantages:

It’s fast – If you want a computer that can handle all your tasks without problems, you need to buy a MacBook Pro.

These computers have Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which make them very efficient. They also come with 8GB RAM, meaning you won’t run out of memory even when you start using more apps.

It’s sturdy – The MacBook Pros are made from aluminum, so they’re powerful. They’ve survived drops from heights of up to 6 feet. So if you drop your laptop on the floor, don’t worry about breaking it. You can pick it up again and use it just like nothing happened.

It’s light – Another thing that makes MacBook Pros stand out is their weight. They weigh less than most laptops. So if you want to buy a computer that is lightweight and easy to carry a laptop, you should get a MacBook Pro.

Best High-Definition Screen Display

The MacBook Pro comes with a high-quality retina display making it one of the best screens on the market. It’s no wonder why Apple chose to use it for its latest laptops. It’s an important feature that sets Apple apart from its competitors.

The retina display refers to the screen’s high resolution and high pixel density, making it easier for people to see details. A laptop with an inferior display doesn’t provide a superior user experience compared with one with a better presentation.

Color accuracy is crucial for creative professionals like photographers and graphic artists, who need to see accurate color on their work laptops. It’s also essential for photo and video editors and filmmakers who need to view accurate colors on their monitors.

Business professionals who spend endless hours staring at their computer screens will also appreciate the Retina display’s crisp and clear images that help reduce eye-rolling.

 Good battery life

If you’re worried about running out of battery power on your MacBook, this will be a good boon. A MacBook Pro has a battery life that is good enough for about 7 hours of constant usage without needing a recharge.

This is much longer than most laptops, which typically provide about four hours of continuous usage before any requirement to recharge it or exchange it with another battery.

Improved Display Technology

It has an IPS-based Liquid Retina XDR display, which provides extreme dynamic range and a million to one (1,000,000:1) contrast ratio. It also features ProMotion technology for an Adaptive Refresh Rate of up to 120Hz.

It has a screen size of 6 inches, which means it can display 1 billion colors and has True Tone technology.

Powerful Operating System

One of the most attractive aspects of getting yourself a Mac is its operating software, macOS. Here are some of the best things about Mac’s operating systems:

Mac OS X is less vulnerable to viruses than Windows.

The system interface is straightforward to use and user-friendly. Those who are already familiar with an iPhone or iPad will be able to use a MacBook Pro without any trouble.

Integrating macOS computers and iOS-using mobile devices is also easy and quick. You can start a project on any iOS device and continue working on your Mac efficiently.

Since Apple is a computer and device manufacturer, it optimizes its operating system to work harmoniously with the hardware components of its devices.

With fewer security risks, simpler user interfaces, and better software-to-hardware operations, Mac OS X cultivates a smoother experience than Windows.

1080p High-Definition Camera

One notable advantage of the 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021), which has a 1080p HD FaceTime Camera, is the ability to use FaceTime. The 13-inch MacBook Pro was criticized for having a lower-quality camera than previous models.

With its 14-inch variant, the HP EliteBook Folio G1 has a wider aperture, larger sensor, and advanced image signal processor with computa­tional video for capturing more transparent images and better low-light performance, and improved color accuracy.


You get what you pay for. Apple computers cost more than cheaper models, but they don’t drop in value after a few years.

Instead, Apple computers retain most of their value, and people continue to want them used. Because they’re just built better with quality materials, they last longer.

They don’t use a plastic case; instead, they have an aluminum case. Their computers are built to be used and last for a long time.

Instead of feeling like you’re carrying a suitcase, Apple laptop computers are built for comfort and lightweight demands.

When you add up everything that goes into making a computer, the price doesn’t seem too high for what one gets in return. It’s similar to comparing an economy car from a major manufacturer like Ford versus a mid-range vehicle from a smaller company like Toyota.

Connectivity Ports and Expansions

With MagSafe 3 port, Apple has returned to the 14-inch Macbook Pro for safer charging. Users can also charge their devices through the three Thunderbolt ports based upon USB-C.

These ports also support HDMI 2.0, Thunderbolt 3 of up to 40 Gbps, and USB Type-C of up to 40 Gb/s. It has two HDMI ports, an SD Card slot, and a 3-pin headphone jack for expansion.

Widescreen display 

One of the main benefits of MacBooks is the sharp widescreen display you are getting. And that becomes more true with the higher end of the Mac model, ie. MacBook Pro. .

Better Battery Performance

A laptop is a portable device that allows people to move from place to place. Smartwatches are excellent for people looking to track their activity and exercise habits. They’re not a good choice if you’re looking to track your sleep patterns.

On average, a laptop running on a single charge can run for between two to three hours to as long as seven to eight hours. The good thing is that the mighty MacBook Pros can last for hours without plugging in.

Both 13-inch models have up to 10 hours of battery life, while the more prominent 15-inch model has 11 hours of battery life. Battery performance still depends on many factors, including app use (e.g., how many apps are running), external temperature, battery age, and battery life cycles.

Easily upgradable with the RAM and hard drive

Upgrading your RAM and a hard drive is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve performance. One of the significant advantages of a MacBook is its replaceable battery, which can be easily replaced by removing it from one MacBook and inserting it into another.

It’s essential to check if your computer has a specific kind of memory because some models have different types of memory. Similarly, if you’ve been considering replacing your hard disk, you should backup all your important data before making the switch.

Durable Keyboard and Trackpad

The latest MacBook Pro keyboards, which use a scissor mechanism instead of a butterfly one, reduce the chances of suffering from sticking keys. The previous generation of pencils wasn’t too bad either.

A silicon membrane under each key helps prevent dust and debris from entering the keyboard. It’s quieter and softer than most others.

Meanwhile, Apple’s new MacBook Pro has an improved Force Touch Trackpad, providing better user control. It has precise cursor control and pressure-sensitive capabilities, allowing you to perform Force clicks and multi-finger gestures.

Compared to other laptop designs, the trackpad is much easier to use than a mouse, so you don’t need one when you’re editing photos or working on documents.

Much More lightweight & sleeker design

One of the main benefits of MacBooks is that, because they’re among the lightest laptops, they’re easy to carry around wherever they go.

They’re sleek, and they look good, unlike bulky laptop computers. They’re small enough, so they don’t take up too much space when packed away.


With the Apple system constantly switching between the Macbook, the iPhone, and the iPad, a user’s information portability is at an all-time high.

Since Apple first released its iPhone, they’ve set the standard for smart devices. Despite competition from other companies, Apple products remain popular because they’re considered among the best available.

They don’t have any problems with hacks or virus sharing. At least not as bad as PC systems.

High-End Look and Feel

The form will always be superior to function, but it’s worth noting that Apple took the time and effort to design a beautiful machine with cutting-edge aesthetics.

Most Windows laptops feel heavy and don’t look as stylish as a MacBook.

There might be equally good laptops available for the same price range and having the exact features you want, but there may not be.

However, it’s hard to deny that MacBook Pros don’t just perform tasks but also look well and function well.

MacBook has a trackpad.

The MacBook Pro has a trackpad, which means you can control what’s happening on the screen with your fingers, making it easier to navigate through your computer.

It’s easy to use and provides a new way for people to multitask.

You can also make the trackpad and touchscreen sensitive, so you don’t require a keyboard. With this new technology, touch swipe, or scroll through documents and files with this new technology.

You don’t need to worry about having any cables in the way when using a wireless mouse.

Improved M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips

The new Apple M1 Pro and M2 chips are more powerful than the older Apple M1 chip. Both chips are marketed toward professional-level users.

The base M1Pro has 70 percent faster CPU speed and two times faster GPU speed than the M1. The M1 Max has a more technically advanced processor than the M1 Pro, but not by much.

Great Sleep Mode

Apple computers are remarkable for their easily put into sleep mode and wake up from suspension almost instantly.

If you use a PC, things will start going weird after a few months if you don’t update it often. At first, Windows 8 works fine, but after some time, the computer gets sluggish and freezes up.

For some unknown reason, Microsoft can’t seem to get a simple Hibernate feature right that stays stable in use.

A larger unified memory capacity means that you can store

Another advantage to using the 14-inch MacBook is its RAM capacity. Its base model comes equipped with 16GB RAM compared to the 8GB RAM of the base model of its predecessor, the 4th-generation 12-inch MacBook Pro.

Consumers can purchase an M1 Pro model featuring 32GB of memory or an M1Max variant featuring 32GB to 64GB of memory.

Macbooks Last for a Long Time

This doesn’t apply solely to Macbook Pro laptops but all Macbook models. Taking good care of your Macbook Pro should last for a long time, around seven years on average.

If the machine fails, a user can always go to an apple store to fix it.

Every component of a Macbook is optimized to work together so that the machine runs smoothly throughout its lifetime.

A Windows laptop is made up of many components from different original equipment manufacturers, making it hard to maintain and rendering it less efficient over time.

Better Audio Input and Output Systems

It also has three studio-quality microphones, which capture even the faintest sound while using directional beamforming to make your voice sound louder, more precise, and more forward-sounding.

The six-speakers sound system has four force canceling woofers and 80% more bass than most systems.

Spatial audio uses algorithms to create three-dimensional sound. These speakers use these algorithms.

Wireless Connectivity Technologies

It also features the fastest Wi-Fi 6 for fast wireless local-area networking and Bluetooth 5.0, which allows data transfer speeds of 2 Mbps.

Windows Runs Better on Apple

To insult the already injured, Windows OS runs better when run on an Apple computer than on a PC. The glitches go away, and the system runs with much smoother performance.

Since OS X was created, letting Apple users use PC programs on a mac has allowed the world to change and expand for Apple users. People still use PCs in the same way they did before.

PCs aren’t the end-all, but they do have some advantages over Mac computers. When you have time to use one for a test drive and see the benefits and amenities, you realize just how good they are.

People have different needs, so it’s best to experience the difference yourself.

cons Of Macbook Pro

If you buy a MacBook Pro, you should keep in mind that they’re expensive. A base model starts at $1,299, while the top-of-the-line models start around $2,000. That’s a lot of money!

You may not get enough storage space – Most MacBook Pro models only come with 128 GB SSD drives. While this is fine for storing data, it doesn’t leave much room for installing programs and other files.

You may not be able to upgrade it later – When you buy a MacBook Pro, it comes preinstalled with macOS Sierra. However, you can’t install another operating system after that. So if you decide to change your operating system, you’ll have to buy a new MacBook Pro.

So what do you think? Are you ready to buy a MacBook Pro? Or would you instead save your money for something else? Let us know in the comments below.

Heavy and Bulky

MacBook Pros are bulky, heavy, and not easy to carry around. This can be a downside for people who are always on the go and want something light that they can have with them.

It may also be troublesome for someone who wants something small enough to fit in their office space or anywhere else where there’s limited space.

Expensive Customer Service

Apple has notoriously bad support that sometimes leaves customers waiting days to get answers to their device problems.

If the problem involves your computer crashing during work without backing up essential files elsewhere, this could be potentially disastrous.

Expensive & Hard to Maintain

If you’re looking for a budget laptop, then a MacBook may not be the best choice. This is a good excuse for someone to procrastinate buying one because they may be unable to afford it.

It’s also difficult for people to maintain them, so they might not buy one because they don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the maintenance costs.

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