20+ Differences between 6 And 6x (Explained)

Buying children’s clothing might be stressful if you don’t understand the difference between a size six and a size 6X. Significantly, the X-version is only available in size six since this marks a major milestone in a young woman’s development.

The introduction of size 6X was made because some children are not a perfect fit for either size six or size seven but fall somewhere in between. In this piece, we’ll go out the specifics of the size disparities.

Comparison Between 6 And 6x

DefinitionThere is a difference of one inch in width between a size six and a size 6x, and there is a difference of two inches in length between the two sizes. Therefore, the difference in width is measured in inches.The size 6x is larger than the size 6, and in terms of its range, it is situated between the size six and the size seven sizes. In other words, the size 6x is in the middle of the range.
WaistThe waist measurement for a size 6 has a circumference that is equal to 22 inches. In terms of apparel, this is equivalent to a size six being worn. Therefore, this would be equivalent to a size 6 in clothing.The length of the waistline of a 6X garment, as measured from side to side, is 23 inches. This corresponds to the overall measurement that was taken into consideration.
GenderThe fact that this size does not discriminate based on gender implies that it may be found in both men’s and women’s clothing at retailers that stock it.Because this site is tailored specifically to a woman’s body proportions, it can only be found in women’s clothing.
LengthA person’s total height must be between 45 and 46 12 inches for them to be considered a size 6. This is the height range that is suitable for someone of this size.It’s possible for an article of clothing to be classified as a size 6X even though it has a length that ranges from 47 to 48 12 inches long. This is something to keep in mind while shopping.
WeightThe children that fall between the weight range of 47 to 53 pounds are the ones who will have the greatest success wearing clothing of this size.Because this site is meant for children, they should have no issue fitting into it even if their weight falls outside of the range of 54 to 58 pounds.
Chest sizeThis chest measurement is suitable for children under 25 inches tall and has a chest measurement equal to or less than 25 inches wide.Young people should choose this size if they have chest dimensions less than or equal to 26 inches.

Major Differences Between 6 And 6x

What exactly is a size 6?

Six comes before 6X. 45 to 46, 12 inches tall, 25 inches chest, 22 inches waist. Size 6 is one inch smaller than size 6X. Children’s outfits vary per nation because manufacturers employ standardized dimensions.

In the U.S., size categories are based on age, whereas in Europe and other regions utilize height and weight. Others evaluate waist, chest, and hip sizes.

Size 6

  • There is a one-inch difference between a size six and a size 6x. For example, size six waist size is 22 inches. Therefore, a range of 45 to 46 12 inches is possible for the height of a size six person.
  • The girls will require slightly larger size dresses as they continue to develop in size; a size six will fit snugly, while a size seven will be too huge. 
  • Therefore, the size that falls in between these two sizes, 6x, is required since it provides the best fit.
  • At the age of six, there will be an abrupt shift in the girl’s height and weight development.
  • As a result, there will need to be a change in the clothing that she wears as a result of this. 
  • Girls can wear a size six up to the age of six, but after that, they require a size that is somewhere between a six and a seven, and then there is a 6x size.
  • When compared to the size 6x, the size 6 is a more compact option. This is because the length of a size 6 is shorter, and it is also shorter across the waist and chest.
  • Size six is appropriate for people of both sexes. The length range for a size 6 is between 45 and 46.5 inches.
  • The size 6 is typically appropriate for children between the ages of 5 and 6.
  • The size of a huge L is 6.

What exactly is a size 6x?

Size 6X is between 6 and 7. Size 7 is an inch larger than size 6. It’s 2 inches longer than size 6. Six-year-olds, particularly females, have a growth spurt. Girls grow “large” at size 7. Hence size 6X was created to bridge the gap.

Boys can’t get 6X. Due to growth trends, it’s just a girl’s size. After size 6, girls’ heights soar, but their bodies aren’t ready for size 7. Size 6 has an X. 5X, 7X, 8X, etc., don’t exist. 6X is 38 to 44 pounds and 47 to 48 12 inches tall. Chest measures 26 inches, waist 23.

Size 6x

  • There is a one-inch difference between a size six and a size 6x. It falls somewhere in the range of the digits 6 and 7.
  • After reaching size 6, girls often have another growth spurt, so the only size available for girls’ clothing is size 6X.
  • The fundamental difference between sizes six and 6X is that the latter is one inch bigger across the waist while the former is one inch lower in height. 
  • This occurs because the size 6X garment is cut one inch longer than the size six garment. Size 6x waist size is 23 inches.
  • A garment with a size 6X can have a length that ranges from 47 to 48 12 inches.
  • The size 6x is reserved exclusively for females. This is because the waist size might fluctuate. 
  • If this is the case, the size 6x will measure 23 inches, whereas the normal six measures 22 inches.
  • The range of measurements for a size 6 is from 45 to 46.5 inches, but the range for a size 6x is from 47 to 48.5 inches.
  • 6x is equivalent to six to seven years.
  • The size extra big XL is referred to as a 6x.

Gender-specific size:

  • It is well known that young males do not experience the same sort of fast physical growth that young women do.
  • Hence, clothing manufacturers do not sell a size 6x for men but do offer it for women. That said, there are a few cases when the rule doesn’t apply. 
  • This is because young males do not experience the same kind of fast physical growth that young women undergo at this stage in their lives. 
  • At the age of six, it is usual for girls to begin experiencing rapid growth in height. This is because girls’ bodies are still developing quicker than guys’. 
  • This causes them to surpass the standard size six and requires them to buy a size 6x rather than the regular size 6. 
  • Other young ladies will not grow taller than a “size 6,” and those who do will be allowed to continue wearing a conventional size 6.
  • This would happen until they reach the giant girl sizes and begin the process of transitioning to a size 7. 
  • When kids reach the age of puberty, this will take place in their bodies. Even if they keep growing, the result of the issue will not be affected in any way by this development. 
  • The girls whose heights are increasing are not yet big enough to wear the larger size of a 7.
  • They need something slightly bigger so that it does not seem like they have outgrown the conventional apparel that comes in size 6. 
  • This is because their heights are still developing. This is because the girls’ heights are continuing to develop. 
  • Because the development patterns of boys and girls are so drastically different from one another, it is not necessary for males to wear clothes of a size 6x as women do.

Contrast Between 6 And 6x


  • Size 6- There is a difference in width of one inch between a size six and a size 6x, and there is a difference in length of two inches between the two sizes.
  • Size 6x- The size 6x is bigger than size 6, and its range is between size six and size seven.


  • Size 6- This size is gender-neutral, meaning it exists in men’s and women’s clothing.
  • Size 6x- This size is gender specific and only exists in women’s clothing.


  • Size 6- The size six waist measurement has a circumference of 22 inches. This corresponds to a size 6 in clothing sizing. This amounts to a size 6 in clothes.
  • Size 6x- The size 6X has a waist circumference of 23 inches long when measured from side to side. This pertains to the total measurement that was taken.


  • Size 6- Children in the weight range of 47 to 53 pounds can easily fit in this size.
  • Size 6x- Children in the weight range of 54 to 58 pounds can easily fit in this size.


  • Size 6- To be classified as a size 6, a person’s overall height should be between 45 and 46 12 inches. This is the acceptable height range for this size.
  • Size 6x- It is conceivable for an item of clothing to have a length that varies from 47 to 48 12 inches while it is labeled as a size 6X.

Chest size: 

  • Size 6- Children with a chest size of 25 can easily fit in this size.
  • Size 6x- Children with a chest size of 26 can easily fit in this size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When it says it is a size 6a, can you explain what that means?

In nations where English is the predominant language, the phrase “size 6” is synonymous with the term “size 6A.” “size 6A” refers to the same thing as “size 6.” The letter “A” is an abbreviation for the Latin word “ans,” which literally means “years.” This is where the letter “A” comes from.

Q2. Exactly how did they come up with the NATO measurements?

Anthropometric data, or measures of human body proportions, were collected from research, including 561 individuals. This served as the basis for the modern size chart.

The effectiveness of the NATO size chart is very high compared to other sizing systems used across the globe; with an all-time high of %82.4, it is by far the most effective system in existence.

Q3. What is the size of 5T?

There is a size gap between 5T and 6, which is the next larger size. Quite a bit of mystery surrounds these two. Children mature at various speeds, and there comes a time when they outgrow both the 6 and 7 ranges.

The 6x multiplier kicks in at this point. Be well familiar with the variations in these measurements before heading to the store. Typically, a size 6X is an actual size bigger than a size 6, while a size 7 is an actual size smaller.

Q4. What is different between a size four and a size 5T?

Both 4T and 4 have identical weight ranges for their respective categories. The height difference between 3 and 4 is two inches. Following size 5, size 6 is next.

The U.S. size chart recommends that youngsters should use a size six if they are between 48 and 49 inches tall and weigh between 47 and 53 pounds. The chest is around 25 inches. On the other hand, a size 6x is between a size six and a size 7, meaning it is just an inch bigger than a size 6.

Q5. Who is a toddler?

According to the Merriam-Webster definition, a toddler is a “youngster who is learning to walk or toddles,” as the term suggests. This often occurs at the age of one.

Although some people use the age range from one to four years old to define toddlers, this range is arbitrary. The age beyond which a child is still considered a toddler is not formally recognized. 

Q6. What does it imply when there is an X next to a size?

We are going with a somewhat larger sizing option for size 6x, which is bigger and smaller than size 7. Due to this calculation, the 6X has an advantage of 8 inches in diameter and 2 inches in length.

We are going with a somewhat larger sizing option for size 6x, which is both bigger and smaller than size 7, etc. Due to this calculation, the 6X has an advantage of 8 inches in diameter and 2 inches in length.

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