25+ Pros and Cons of Acupuncture (Explained)

Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. Acupuncture is a pseudoscience and not based on scientific knowledge and it has been scheduled as quackery.

It involves the insertion of very thin needles through skin at strategic points on the body. Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the life force or flow of energy called chi believed to flow through pathways in the body.

Practitioners of acupuncture believe that their energy flow will re-balance by inserting needles into specific points along these pathways.

Advantages of AcupunctureDisadvantages of Acupuncture
Participants experience few side effectsThere is the possibility of infection
The treatment usually leaves people feeling energizedImproper placement can cause pain
It is used in conjunction with typical medical plansIt takes time to feel relief
Therapeutic Method for specific conditionsCauses Infections to Occur
Acupuncture practice requires years of study which betters the practitionersCauses Infections to Occur
Insurance Policies Nowadays Cover AcupunctureTraining and Experience Can Affect Treatment Quality
It is chemical free 

Advantages of Acupuncture

Participants experience few side effects

If one has ever taken medication for any illness the pharmacist might have advised about the side effects. Most side effects are rare, while few are common.

When one takes the medication, they may have faced more common side effects which potentially leave them feeling bloated, lethargic, and sick. According to available online research on acupuncture, patients experience very less side effects.

A most common side effect is a reaction at the site because of needle misplacement. One may have opted to forego medication with its side effects in favor of acupuncture if it provides the same relief.

The acupuncture sessions have been tested by many people to produce minimum side effects.

It is irrespective of the fact that this method shall allow the use of needles to penetrate the pores of the patient’s skin; the expertise of the treatment provider will make the experience very painless.

In turn, most patients have experienced it to be instantly relaxing if this is done properly.

The treatment usually leaves people feeling energized

Acupuncture stimulates many points in the body which are believed to house CHI or energy. It is because of the clearing of blockages in qi that mystics believed to have healed people.

In the current scenario, modern acupuncturists insert the needles at sites in the body which help stimulate healing. Many of these are pressure point areas. After the treatment people give feedback that they are feeling stimulated and more awake than before the session.

The rejuvenating power of acupuncture causes the feeling of being energized after having a session, according to many patients. 

It may have in reality come from the pain relief capabilities of acupuncture or stress management.

Most people believe that removing worries which went out of their control may potentially reduce problem using regular treatments.

It is used in conjunction with typical medical plans

In chronic conditions like musculoskeletal or back conditions therapists usually involve a combination of physical therapy and medications to reduce the pain to a minimum.

Doctors have begun prescribing acupuncture to their patients as a part of treatment plans to give them a better chance at finding relief for painful conditions.

The fact that it can be incorporated with other treatment plans differentiates it from other methods like supplements, herbal therapy, and other alternative medicines.

Consequently, patients are able to take medication and following the medical advice of the physician while simultaneously having acupuncture treatment. 

Therapeutic Method for specific conditions

A lot of patients experiencing several physical conditions like nausea, stomach issues, vomiting, and even migraines have gained relief because of the acupuncture procedure.

Although many people have been reluctant to use this form of treatment to relieve such issues, this practice is capable to provide relief not available in other classical medicines.

 Acupuncture practice requires years of study which betters the practitioners

Enthusiastic who inspire to become an acupuncturist have to study which usually takes about four years in order to gain practical knowledge and skills.

Consequently, acupuncture will require the person to clear a national level exam to earn a license in the United States of America.

Therefore it ensures that patients undergoing acupuncture will gain expert professional treatment.

Insurance Policies Nowadays Cover Acupuncture

It is a nice fact that nowadays acupuncture is covered by many insurance policies. This is true because many of them offer many plans which cover this type of medical treatment.

Though it can only cover a specific number of sessions in a year in which it can cover up to a single treatment a month.

Henceforth it is essential to read the insurance policies that it covers acupuncture before one might want to book an appointment anytime.

It is chemical-free 

Acupuncture does not use drugs or chemicals. Therefore many people encounter very less side effects from an Acupuncture therapy session.

This Chinese medical therapy is based completely on using this natural therapy to treat what are considered to be energetic imbalances of our body.  As the needles have to be fully sterilized before therapy, there is no risk of damage or infection. 

It is nice to know that as per standard practice in the United States one must have to use disposable sterilized needles.

Disadvantages of Acupuncture

There is the possibility of infection

As acupuncture involves needles, there is the possibility of transmitting germs which may leave one with an infection.

The needles must be properly sterilized the same as other medical equipment to avoid the possibility of infection. Infections can originate on the skin and not the needle.

Improper placement can cause pain

Each Acupuncturist has own individual techniques. Though there is a standardized set of care like other medical practices there are various methods of maintaining that standard.

One nurse administers the shot differently than another nurse, and the same thing is with acupuncturists. If the needles get inserted correctly there should be little or no pain.

It takes time to feel relief

Acupuncture does not provide immediate relief of symptoms. It does take a course of treatment lasting couple of months before one realizes any positive effect from the practice.

During this period one may have to attend sessions several times a week that may be disruptive to their life.

Causes Infections to Occur

Though, it is must to sanitize the needles that will be used in therapy as this is the basic medical requirement in this alternative treatment practice.

Without adhering to this basic principle, the infection may incur which causes pain and life-threatening conditions. If possible, one should request an acupuncturist to witness the sanitation process would be done.

In turn, one can also see if it comes from a sealed package before use.

Training and Experience Can Affect Treatment Quality

Those who aspire to become an acupuncturist must input real experience to their qualification. So if one will be under the treatment of a novice or someone who is new to this profession as on date, the treatment may sometimes become painful.

Consequently, prior to having an appointment to the acupuncturists that one has not met yet, try to communicate and determine their professional experience if it is possible to ensure that they are getting pain free quality treatment.

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