17+ Pros and Cons of Air Ride Suspension System (Explained)

Air ride suspension systems are referred to as a comparatively newer and innovative addition to vehicles. These offer a different exciting perspective that alters the way how a vehicle operates on several terrains. Still, as with most things, certain disadvantages are associated with this.

When suspension modification for the mustangs is discussed, adding air ride suspension is one of the most enjoyable and practical. Along with improving the appearance of a mustang, air lift suspension systems also tend to improve the overall experience of the ride and offer several handling benefits.

As more and more people try out the airbag suspensions, bagged mustangs are likely to win over a lot of converts.

Almost everything in the world tends to have pros and cons, and so does the Air ride suspension.

Pros Of Air Ride Suspension System

Lowered Look

Many people love the look of a stance Mustang but are unsure about the dramatic lowering and how it could affect the handling.

The lowering of a Mustang gives it an aggressively low posture that looks at home on the track and tends to attract viewers at any car show.

But, it also makes the speed bumps perilous and could be uncomfortable on longer rides. That is where an air ride suspension, indeed, comes in pretty handy. With an air ride suspension system, a person can lower his or her Mustang at the show but then can ride a little higher over the road.

Suspension Height Flexibility:

It is like adjusting the riding height of the Mustang at the mere touch of a button. From skimming the road’s surface to riding a full inch higher than its stock height, the airbag suspension allows for lowering and lifting.

It offers flexibility that no static suspension kit could offer, and it is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of an air ride suspension.

The flexibility is amazing, but few people also expect a suspension that can offer them so much freedom.

Increased level of Comfort:

Unlike the other performance enhancement systems, air ride suspensions can offer a much more comfortable and reliable daily ride.

This will obviously make sense when you think about it, you are actually swapping out a spring for a bag of air, but it is still a good surprise for many out there.

Improved Handling:

Air ride suspensions tend to be way lighter than the other suspension styles, which is one of the major benefits of handling. But that is certainly not the only handling advantage that the air ride suspensions provide.

The adjustability of a bagged suspension means that you can adjust the stiffness of the bags in a moment, improving your handling.

Ride Quality

Another biggest benefit of an air ride suspension is its smooth ride. The system uses a series of compressors and airbags to pump air into each shock absorber.

The air cushions against the bumps, leaving the driver feeling steady even on rough terrain. 

No Springs:

Air ride suspensions do not need the steel coil springs, an important suspension component in most cars.

This removes the chance that the springs might wear or break, as can happen with an older vehicle with a traditional suspension type.

Removing the springs from the air ride suspension also frees up additional space under the vehicle, though much of this space is required for the compressors and the airbags that air ride suspension uses.

Still, it gives automotive engineers various ways of arranging the mechanical components underneath a car.

Cons of Air ride suspension System:


Air ride suspension is, however, susceptible to various types of failure that are often not a problem with the other types of suspension. Airbags can rupture from road debris, or rubber gaskets may dry out over time.

The lines that connect the airbags to the remaining part of the suspension are also vulnerable to breakage.

Compressor motors can get worn out over time or may even fail if they constantly run to compensate for a leak in the suspension that blocks the pressure from building up.


Air ride suspension is quite an expensive type of automotive technology, especially when compared to the relatively simpler and more inexpensive suspension components that are used by most vehicles.

This actually makes air suspension appropriate only for upscale vehicles like high-end luxury cars and heavy-duty off-road vehicles.

Land Rover and Buick are among the few automakers adding air suspensions to their vehicles. Including an air suspension kit as an aftermarket option might be time-consuming for car enthusiasts.

Upfront Cost

Another con that people think of is the price. Only a very few luxury vehicles out there are sold with air rides as an alternative; for everyone else, the aftermarkets are the only place for an airlift suspension, and they are sold as kits.

The Air ride suspensions are sold as one unit, unlike the other suspension systems that can be piecemealed together. Though this is better, it does need an initial investment.

The cost of an air ride suspension is still considerably lesser than the cost of damaging the undercarriage of the Mustang, though. As compared to other suspension upgrades, it is not typically more expensive once you account for all the essential parts.


Installation of an air ride suspension is a straight part for part replacement. Because you are swapping to an entirely different suspension style, you must install extra equipment, such as an air compressor.

The installation video from CJ’s can give you a better idea of what to expect from installing the new air ride system.


Though it makes some sense, it is not something that most people think about when they are purchasing a new suspension system that is shiny and bright. More costly now means that it is also more costly to replace or to fix it if things start to break.

Loss of Trunk Space

The air compressor requires a space where it can actually stay, and for most setups, it will end up being the trunk. The air compressor in your trunk means there is relatively less total storage space. 

This is not generally too big of a concern for the people who are interested in bagging their suspensions to start with, but it is, of course, something to be aware of.

Besides having many advantages, air ride suspension also has several disadvantages. By considering the pros mentioned above and cons of Air ride suspension, you can come to a conclusion about whether it is right for you. 

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