15+ Pros And Cons Of Amazon Prime (Explained)

The advantages of Amazon Prime extend far beyond faster shipping. The advantages include quick shipment, exclusive bargains, cost-free movie streaming, and access to additional services.

Amazon Prime’s premium membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 yearly. Prime members may make use of several advantages.

However, the biggest perk is free one- or two-day shipping on the majority of Amazon transactions. Last year, the company said it has more than 200 million paying Prime subscribers worldwide.

Pros Of Amazon PrimeCons Of Amazon Prime
Free shippingDisadvantageous for retailers
Prime videoPricey
Special offers and discountsLower quality of videos
Photo storageAddictive for buyers
Prime reading Limitation on music
Quality and exclusive brandsCompelled to shop
Fast shippingUnavailability in many cities
Prime gamingComplex testing
Amazon KeyPrivacy issues
Amazon PharmacyBiased with active members


Steps to find the best Prime deals

  • Purchase the Prime subscription from Amazon
  • Set up to ensure that you receive notifications regarding prime deals
  • Try to earn as many Amazon credits as possible 
  • Follow the top influencers 
  • Do not forget to sign up for Amazon Smile
  • Keep your favorite products wishlisted
  • Hit buy as soon as the price falls, do not wait for it to go further down

Advantages Of Amazon Prime

Free Shipping

If subscribers to Amazon Prime are frequent shoppers on the site, they are entitled to two days of free shipping. The biggest advantage will go to those who enjoy purchasing Amazon things online. It’s important to note that Amazon provides a range of things for its users to buy.

Prime Video

Tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes are instantly accessible to members, including Amazon originals like Jack Ryan, Fleabag, Catastrophe, Good Omens, etc.

Special Offers And Discounts

By becoming an Amazon Prime member, you may take advantage of savings and special offers on particular items.

You can benefit from extra reductions and offers on presale products as well. Members of Amazon Prime receive discounts and substantial financial savings.

As its members are often privileged to receive these perks, this is extremely important in today’s economic world.

Photo Storage

Members are given access to an infinite amount of images for free storage and access. Members may save photographs at no charge.

You are guaranteed limitless storage for your photographs and movies with Amazon Prime and never worry about device storage concerns again.

Prime Reading

For its clients, Amazon has opened an online store. You may read a wealth of free publications, news articles, and novels when you subscribe to them on tablets, phones, or Amazon Kindles.

Readers can access various options on Amazon’s Kindle library, where they may read e-books from the numerous titles offered or borrow one free e-book every month with no due date.

Quality And Exclusive Brands

Great businesses and businesses that provide a wide range of goods are partners of Amazon. Everything one needs is readily available and of a good standard, which may not be the case for regular consumers who do not utilize Amazon.

There are also good quality brands that are exclusively available on Amazon. 

Early access to Lightning deals

Prime members get a 30-minute head start on lightning deals.

Fast Shipping 

When a member subscribes to this service, Amazon purchases are delivered quickly. A benefit to the members is that Amazon shipping is available in the majority of nations and localities. 

Prime Gaming

Players will feel at home when they sign up for this service since it allows them to quit computer games with fewer or no intrusive adverts. Members also get free games, in-game stuff, and free Twitch channel subscriptions.

A special channel on Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service, offers a changing selection of free games for Prime members. Luna has just been made available to all users in the United States, although the platform offers special advantages to Prime members.

Amazon Pharmacy

A new update to the Prime perks list allows members to compare pharmacy costs with those of over 60,000 other pharmacies.

Alternatively, you can purchase straight from Amazon using your favorite pharmacy’s Prime Rx Savings card. With Amazon Pharmacy, you’ll receive free two-day delivery and can benefit from discounts.

Amazon Key

To allow couriers to deliver products even if you’re not home, Amazon created Amazon Key in 2017. Additionally, if your automobile was produced by a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, or Volvo after 2015, Amazon will deliver goods right to it.

Amazon Grocery

Through Amazon’s grocery delivery service, Prime members may place online grocery orders. Previously costing $15 per month, the service is now a part of Prime.  

Amazon Elements

You may purchase items from the retailer’s unique range of daily essentials if you have a Prime membership.

Amazon Fresh

Similar to Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods also delivers goods to Prime subscribers. The two deliveries cannot be combined since the packages are packed separately.

The free delivery service can be combined with scheduled pickups. Prime members get an extra 10% off everything for both in-store and online purchases. 

Amazon Household

You should set up an Amazon Household with your partner to avoid paying membership fees. Up to four teenagers and four kids may be added to the plan.

Before adolescents may shop, parents must provide their permission. Parents may also add children to Kindle FreeTime to manage parental settings on Fire tablets, Kindle E-readers, and Fire TV.

Try Before Buying

You get seven days to try on the apparel at home before paying for anything; this includes shoes. In some areas, Prime members can also get a monthly styling service for an extra membership cost.

Biased With Active Members

Large benefits are often only experienced by people who make purchases on Amazon frequently.

Amazon Channels

Without a cable connection or other applications, Prime users can watch shows and movies from channels like Showtime and STARZ through their Prime membership for $5 to $15 per month each.

Shop With Alexa

Prime members now enjoy a new benefit. Prime members may now receive alerts from Amazon’s digital assistant about impending sales on the things they are tracking. You must possess an Echo smart speaker or smart display of a more recent generation.

Amazon Rewards Visa Card

With an Amazon Rewards Visa Card, Prime members may get 5% back on purchases made on Amazon.com, 2% back at restaurants, 3% back at petrol stations, and 1% back on all other transactions.

Additionally, you can receive a 5% rebate on your Whole Foods purchases. (Non-Prime members will receive a refund of 3%.) Holders of Amazon cards may also receive up to 20% back on a selection of purchases.

Just For Prime

On its website, Amazon includes a section referred to as Just for Prime. You can only discover these special offers here if you are a Prime member.


Types of Amazon Prime Membership

Yearly membership: $139/year

Monthly membership: $14.99

Annual Subscription for students: $69/year

Monthly Subscription for students: $7.49/year

EBT cardholders: $6.99/month

Disadvantages of Amazon Prime

Disadvantageous For Retailers

Because you can purchase anything from Amazon and have it delivered in only two days to your door, local companies will suffer. Amazon dismisses the cost of middlemen.

This leads to a lowering of the price. This is not good for the economy. Only shopaholics benefit from Amazon Prime membership, which has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, one must pick wisely.


Given all the advantages, you should anticipate that the subscription fee won’t be cheap. Your yearly Amazon Prime subscription will set you back $119, while the monthly fee is $12.99. However, the service is free for one month if you purchase an annual membership.

Lower Quality Videos

Amazon’s video quality falls short of that of competing streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Addictive For Buyers

Members could feel lured to acquire stuff they don’t need because items can be bought and delivered promptly. To receive discounts and other perks, others may purchase more goods, but members may spend more money as a result.

Limitation On Music

The cost of purchasing music is more than it is with Google Play Music. Additionally, compared to other suppliers, Amazon Prime provides less access.

The two million song collection is small compared to well-known music streaming services like Spotify. You must sign up for a $7.99 per month membership to get unlimited access to music.

Compelled To Shop

Although Amazon won’t compel you to make purchases from them, the fact that you are for service will make Amazon your top choice when shopping for goods online.

Because you wouldn’t want to pay for delivery when purchasing from another site, you may even be ready to compromise on the product’s quality.

Unavailability In Many Cities

The services of Amazon are yet to reach many cities. Therefore, it falls short in this arena.

Complex Testing

Contrary to evaluating physically available things in a nearby store, testing items offered online is challenging. Also, certain items cannot be returned when purchased online. This could be a hindrance. 

Privacy Issues

The vast majority of tech firms don’t have a solid reputation for protecting users’ privacy. Once you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can use it to make purchases online and download music, among other things.

The service provider requests personal user information to provide consumers with their goods and services.

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