Being a Makeup Artist: 26+ Pros and Cons

A makeup artist is an artist who applies prosthetics and makeup on others for fashion, television, film, magazines, theatre, modeling, and other industries. Makeup artists’ work demands a perfectionist attitude.

They require an eye for detail, a steady hand, and a well-developed appreciation of color, precision in the application, shading, and blending. 

Advantages of being a Makeup ArtistDisadvantages of being a Makeup Artist
Indoor workLow and unsteady income
Less stressfulOld-age poverty may happen
No heavy physical workLow job security
No mandatory educational requirement Low social standing
One can start own businessMay have to work on weekends
Experience increases the market valueHave to be physically present
Flexibility in scheduleClients are demanding
Social connectionOne may not learn hard skills
Service to societyIntegrity and honesty issues

Advantages of being a Makeup Artist

Indoor work

A makeup artist works indoors. Though one takes it for granted, there are people of some professionals who have to work outdoors in extreme weather conditions. A makeup artist works in a makeup van, studio, or parlor.

They can also use air conditioning and other modern technologies to achieve the optimal room.

Less stressful

A makeup artist’s job is not stressful. Most of their workday is relaxed. People of some professions have to suffer from stress at work throughout their workday.

Makeup artists get many breaks and working conditions are so light that one enjoys going to work.

If some makeup went wrong, there are ways to correct it. While one is getting make-up, he will put his attention to getting good work done and will try to make the makeup artist more comfortable.

No heavy physical work

Makeup artists do not have to do heavy physical work. In some professions, one has to lift heavy weights or do hard work.

A makeup artist has to lift a brush or imagine a solution to meet the desires of their clients. The risk of suffering from serious physical injury or health issues is lower.

No mandatory educational requirement 

There is no mandatory educational requirement. One can become a makeup artist right after completing high school.

One can start a career early and save a lot of time and money spent in completing graduation. One may get some certification to add value and increase their market.

One can start own business

Makeup artists can easily start their own businesses. As all females and males want to look best. They can use makeup to conceal anything if required.

There is a huge scope in this industry. Nowadays one can start a YouTube channel or a blog about makeup and can show people tips to use their makeup in a more efficient manner.

Experience increases market value

With practice, one learns the various makeup methods. They can develop in their own special way. It is evident that patience and dedication are required in learning professional makeup. 

While doing makeup, different ideas come to the mind of the artist. Every person has a different personality. Each face has a different texture and condition.

Flexibility in schedule

A makeup artist commands their own schedule. They have to negotiate it with their clients. One can work their appointments around their personal life, and meet up with clients when they’re available.

Clients rely on a makeup artist so they agree on the time and schedule stated by the makeup artist.

Social connection

A makeup artist develops a good network in society.  They can have contacts with celebrities and prominent people in their area.

These connections help them in getting more business. It can also be used to get entry to special events and other benefits.

Service to society

One can use his makeup to open more opportunities to weaker sections of society. It can be used to add confidence and make one able to compete with others.

Disadvantages of being a Makeup Artist

Low and unsteady income

A makeup artist does not have a regular income. Their income also depends upon seasons, events.

They have to struggle during tough seasons. Also, their income is severely hit during tough economic times as makeup is not a basic need. He has to work longer hours to maintain a steady and good income. 

Old-age poverty may happen

Most makeup artists are not able to save enough money for their retirement. The income being less is mostly used for basic needs.

They have a little to save for emergencies and retirement. When one age, his ability is significantly reduced. It will reduce income and he may get into serious financial difficulties.

Low job security

A makeup artist has low job security. They are easily replaceable pretty easily. As there is no entry barrier. Anyone can start their profession. If someone comes who is better than us and can work at a lower price. One may get replaced. 

Low social standing

They have low social status. Though clients may appreciate their work, most people in society will have little of this profession for a living. Most makeup artists get numerous snarky comments during their careers. Due to their low and uncertain income, they are not able to maintain social status.

May have to work on weekends

As most events are scheduled on weekends, makeup artists have to work on weekends and odd hours.

The celebrities and prominent people pay better, however, they have very busy schedules. They tend to leave the makeup at the last hour. It makes makeup artists work at odd hours.

Have to be physically present

Makeup artists have to be physically present at the spot for doing makeup. In most professions, one can work remotely with the advent of technology. 

They can consequently manage their private and professional life at the same time much better. As a makeup artist one will not be able to use their time efficiently. 

Clients are demanding

Some clients are very difficult and demanding. Some people can just not agree and will always try to harass to cover their own insecurities.

Sometimes, some things cannot be concealed through makeup but clients have their own priorities. They do not understand any logic or reasoning.

One may not learn hard skills

Though one gets to understand different aspects of makeup, one may not understand any hard skill.

One will also not learn any technical or digital skills that are very important for pursuing a career in other fields. And due to a lack of these skills, most makeup artists have a tough time in switching fields. 

Integrity and honesty issues

One has to talk as per mood and situation. He has to work as per the demand of customers. He has to use his skill to conceal the true face and present a prettier face.

Customers may use it to hide something, may use it in weddings to hide it from the prospective bride or groom. One has to control his feelings and thoughts

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