16+ Pros and Cons of Border Walls (Explained)

The issue regarding border protection in the United States has always been contentious. Few people out there feel that protection across the border must be reinforced, while others think there is no need to strengthen security as it only contributes to more problems.

The consequences of not providing any security at the borders have a more significant price than we can think in our imagination. These results are known as terrorism. If the frame and coastal security interfere with the process of transporting legal goods and people through the walls, it will cut down some of the issues we tend to face.

We should do something without straining the relationship with any southern or northern countries. In this blog, we will examine the security of the United States borders, their resultant pros and cons, the current state of security, and possible solutions to the different security-related issues.

Why Do We Need Border Walls

Pros of A Border Wall Are As Follows:

Prevention of unlawful stuff entering the country:

Suppose an individual with some ill intentions gets into the United States. In that case, their primary task is usually the perpetration of various violent crimes against the people of the United States of America. Therefore, the security at the border is treated as decreasing the number of illegal immigrants wanting to enter the country.

Individuals Show that if people want to enter the country, they must do so legally and by using accurate routes such as applying for a green card.

Prevention of overburdening of the taxpayer:

One of the most essential and considerable functions of the security border wall and the steps that have been taken to protect the borders is the prevention of overburdening of the taxpayer.

When illegal immigrants enter the United States, the U.S. government has to take care of them using various social welfare programs that have been put in place.

Preventing terrorists from entering the United States:

For the most extended period, Arizona State was known to be one of the most often used entry points by various illegal immigrants out there.  Fencing of the Southern and Northern borders has been shown as one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that terrorists do not get to enter the United States.

About 8,500 illegal immigrants were caught in Arizona as they attempted to enter the United States in the year 2008. This represents many individuals who might include terrorists, smugglers, and other criminals.

Promote better trade:

The correct implementation of border security will tend to promote better and smoother trade between various nations, such as between Canada and the United States in the Northern part of America.

The various security measures will also encourage the collection of taxes and thus will also provide a source of income for both countries.

How do Border Walls Promote Better Trade

Help to share intelligence regarding the criminals:

The Leaders of Canada and the US could put aside their political agendas and differences to promote security and international trade for the sake of the nationals of the country’s betterment.

One of the most significant benefits of cooperation between the two countries will be sharing intelligence about criminals.

The frequency and amount of drugs that enter the U.S:

The frequency and the number of drugs entering the United States have grown over the years. One of the many reasons attributed to the level of unlawfulness has been the increase in the number of illegal immigrants who bring various illicit drugs.

Because of the strictness and thoroughness of checking conducted at the airports and various other legal entry points like ports, it was cited that few terrorists out there use illegal entry points to enter the United States.

The border wall will eventually help reduce the amount and frequency of drugs entering the country.

How Do Border Walls Isolate People

The cons of Building the Border Walls Are as Follows:

Negative Environmental Impact:

Most of the environmentalists out there tend to oppose the border barrier and the reason behind it. Physical barriers tend to hinder migrating wildlife, and plans show the fencing will fragment private sanctuaries and wildlife refuges.

Conservation groups are appalled that the Department of Homeland Security is bypassing dozens of environmental and land-management laws to build the border fence. Many laws are being waived, including the National Environmental Policy and Endangered Species Act.

Human Toll on Crossing the security Border:

Barriers will not stop people from craving a better life. And in some cases, they are willing to pay even the highest prices for that opportunity. People smugglers, known as “coyotes,” charge astronomical fees for the passage.

When smuggling costs increase, it becomes relatively less cost-effective for the individuals traveling back and forth for seasonal work, so they remain in the U.S. But the whole family should make the trip to keep everyone together. Infants, Children, and the elderly attempt to cross that. The conditions are sometimes severe, and some people will go without food or water for several days.

According to the Human Rights National Commission of Mexico and the American Civil Liberties Union, many people have died in an attempt to cross the border between the period of 1994 and 2007.

Convey a Message to the World

A part of the total population of Americans feels that the United States should convey a message of hope and freedom to those who are seeking a better way of life instead of giving a “keep out” message at the border.

It is recommended that the answer does not really lie in the barriers; it rather entails comprehensive immigration reform, which means that these immigration issues need fixing rather than building the fences, which is as effective as putting a bandage on a gaping wound. Also, a border barrier tends to divide the land of three indigenous nations.

Threats Imposed By Border Walls

It will endanger wildlife:

Wildlife biologist and nature conservationist, named “Jeff Corwin,” had raised the question of how the wall will affect the animals by 2017. In an interview with MSNBC, he said that if this border wall actually happens, it will be no less than an environmental catastrophe.

According to Thought Co., many environmental laws will be curbed to build this wall, and many species of animals will be put at high risk for endangerment and even extinction because their mating and migration patterns will be disrupted.

The question of the effectiveness of a border security barrier with workarounds is a prominent and considerable concern for those who have opposed a border barrier. The wall has been criticized by many for being easy to get around.

Some process includes digging under it or sometimes using complex tunnel systems. Many arguments have been regarding the border, some of which have been discussed above.

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