10+Bowen Therapy Pros And Cons (Explained)

Bowen therapy involves certain techniques which help with the problems of backache and even migraine. It’s quite effective. During the sessions, one might feel that they have made a wrong choice as it feels gentle on the body.

It works on the tissues that wrap our muscles. These tissues can cause a lot of pain if they become twisted. It has a modern approach as it uses certain movements for good results.

Tom Bowen developed the Bowen technique while working in a cement factory. His students developed various techniques after he passed away. 

Advantages Of Bowen TherapyDisadvantages Of Bowen Therapy 
RelaxingNo wide research 
Reduces inflammationIncreased pain
Alignment  Only trained Bowen practitioners can perform
Ease sports injuries Physical changes may happen  

Advantages of Bowen Therapy:

Your fascia will be smoothly stretched. Bowen therapy serves the purpose of promoting pain relief. Certain hand movements are practiced on the patient.

The practitioner uses the nervous system to lessen pain. Your body will be healed and changed after Bowen therapy. 

The Evolution Of Bowen Therapy


Bowen therapy can help you with different types of ailments. It is also a form of massage. Pain will reduce, and your body will feel relaxed. Your motor function will certainly be increased. Back and neck pain can be easily treated through a relaxing massage.

A sense of deep relaxation will prevail all over your body. Rolling hand movements will be gently practiced to provide relief. 

Reduces Inflammation

People who suffer from arthritis can use Bowen therapy to reduce joint inflammation. You can find instant relief for severe symptoms.

It will recharge circulation and also reduce stress at the same time. Your sleep schedule will also be fixed. Your body will feel relaxed, and your posture will certainly improve. 


If certain body parts like joints, ankles, hips, or knees are out of alignment, your body movement will be affected, which can cause severe discomfort. Bowen therapy will realign your body and provide instant relief. Your body will undergo a slow healing process. 

Ease Sports Injuries 

Many professional sportspeople have used Bowen therapy for treating their injuries. They have experienced certain kinds of improvement in their performance, and they are pain-free.

Due to Bowen therapy, their body is balanced and can sustain various kinds of injuries. Bowen therapy has increased stamina and quick recovery after intense workouts and training. 

Bowen Therapy Benefits

Disadvantages of Bowen Therapy

There are certain disadvantages that one must consider. Different people will have different reactions considering Bowen therapy.

Some have reported feeling relaxed, and some have experienced extreme twitching sensations in their body. Extreme reactions are also a possibility. 

No Wide Research

There has been no extensive research conducted on Bowen therapy. It just got popular over a few success stories. It doesn’t come under the category of medical treatment.

Its benefits are just unscientific as there has been no study conducted. Its effectiveness is minimal in some cases. 

Increased Pain

The effectiveness has been inconsistent. Your body might experience extreme reactions, including stiffness and increased pain.

Your body will feel extremely tired after the phases of the initial treatment. Aftercare is extremely necessary after getting your treatment done. Feeling sore is completely natural, as it is a part of the healing process. 

Only Trained Bowen Practitioners Can Perform

Bowen therapy must be practiced by a professional who knows his or her work well. Our bodies are sensitive, and no risks should be taken during the course of treatment.

If you are not experiencing relaxation after the treatment, you must reconsider your decision to get therapy. 

Physical Changes May Happen

Since Bowen therapy has not been well researched, its side effects are unclear. The possible side effects of Bowen therapy such as stiff and sore body and tingling and popping sensations in the body.

You can also experience flu symptoms and pain in different body parts. All of this might cause discomfort. 

Bowen Therapy Pros And Cons

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