30+ Pros And Cons Of Coconut Water (Explained)

Coconut water is a rich source of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. 

It’s considered a nutritious tropical fruit, eaten in various forms as it helps you to stay active and fresh and improves your overall health. 

Think of it as a natural sports drink without calories and with tons of benefits, but it also has its pitfalls.

If you consume too much potassium, this can lead to an upset stomach. 

Coconut water also impacts weight gain and blood sugar. 

Understand if drinking coconut water is helping you or affecting you badly. Well, here are listed pros and cons that you should know. 

Advantage Of Coconut Water Disadvantage Of Coconut Water 
Improving digestion Not ideal for athletes 
Prevent kidney stonesNot for those who have allergies 
Improve metabolism It possesses diuretic properties 
Good for cardiovascular health It causes electrolyte imbalance 
Preventing dehydration It acts as a laxative 
Helpful for diabetesIncrease blood sugar levels 
Helpful in losing weight Lower too much blood pressure 
Helpful in reducing the bloat Requires to take it fresh 
Strengthening bones 
Help in muscle cramps 
Good for heavy workouts 
Help in detoxification 
Treat diarrhea 
Lowering blood pressure 
Cure insomnia 
Relieving the stress
Helpful in depression 
Help in eye health 
Treat headaches 
Treating the gallstones 
Improve the memory 

Advantage Of Coconut Water 

Even though concur water grew its popularity over a few years,  it has been dubbed as nature’s sports drink for centuries. 

tips for drinking coconut water in right way 

To know what benefits you get, here is the list : 

It Helps In Improving Digestions 

Coconut water contains ample amounts of fiber which helps in boosting digestion in your body. 

If you are taking fiber on a daily basis, it can do wonders for your digestive system and keep the issues related to it far.

Drinking one coconut per day gives you 9 % of its fiber which is sufficient for daily requirements. It keeps your digestion on track as well. 

Prevents From Kidney Stones 

The kidney helps in removing the impurities and toxins from the body in the form of urine. 

However,  in some situations, the urine crystallizes and forms stones. 

This condition not just requires medical attention but can be painful.  But drinking coconut water can help in reducing the chances of building up and forming the stones in the first place. 

Improve Your Metabolism 

To keep your health good, you need to have a good metabolism too.  Since coconut water contains a pack of nutrients, it gives you enough metabolism to boost your good health. 

It’s Good For Cardiovascular Health 

You can consider adding coconut water to your diet as it can help in improving cardiovascular health. 

This is because coconut water can be very helpful in managing your blood pressure and is ideal for lowering the levels. 

This further helps in the prevention of possible heart attacks or putting you off from the risk of it. 

Various studies also proved that this improves the overall health of the heart. 

Helps In Preventing Situations Of Dehydration 

Dehydration can cause you to feel extremely weak and makes you low on energy. 

There are more health complications that can lead if you don’t treat dehydration. 

Not just the body loses water, but with that, it loses important nutrients and needs too. 

So adding coconut water not just gives you instant replenishment but helps in preventing such situations in the first place. 

It Helps In Losing Your Weight

Coconut water on a daily basis can help you in losing weight. 

This can help you in your diet in a great way, it can help you in stopping to intake much more calories. 

This happens because it is rich in fiber, which helps in satiating for much longer and thereby it lowers the calorie intake. 

Reduce The Bloating 

Well, when you have excess sodium in the body can result in bloating. 

When you have coconut water, it helps in increasing the potassium level in the body. 

This helps in reducing the sodium effect and helps you in reducing the bloating in your body. 

Strengthening The Bones 

Coconut water is also good for your bones as it helps you strengthen. It contains the amount of calcium that is needed in the body. 

Also, it has magnesium which improves bone strengthening. 

Good For Soothing Muscle Cramps 

Well, if you are suffering from recurrent bouts of cramps in muscle. There can be different reasons. However, sometimes, it happens because of a low potassium diet or having strenuous workouts. In both conditions, consuming coconut water can help. 

It is rich in potassium and provides electrolytes as well as water. 

Give Energy Post Heavy Workouts 

After a long strenuous workout session, your body craves energy for building muscles or getting used to that workout in the best way possible.  

And, here, you can replace the energy drink with using a natural energy drink. 

The natural energy drink is packed with so many essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. This gives you the replenishing of the energy of lost electrolytes in the body. 

Helpful In Treating The Diarrhea 

Well, diarrhea can be also devoid the body of its electrolytes and natural salts. 

So to replenish it, you have to take ORS. However, consuming coconut water can be a natural supplement. 

This is better for treating diarrhea as compared to taking ORS. This is because it contains enzymes, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other nutrients. 

It Improves The Detoxification 

The body requires detoxifying in order to remove the toxins from the body.

Coconut water also helps you in hydrating the body, it gives the needed nutrients which help the body to remove the toxins from the system. 

Helps In Lowering The Blood Pressure 

If you have high blood pressure, it has been proven that you should take coconut water on a daily basis. This can help in lowering hypertension and reducing the levels of blood pressure. 

With this, also helps in avoiding blood clotting and reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. This also impacts blood pressure. 

It’s Good For Depression 

Coconut water has been found helpful in battling depression. 

A high amount of magnesium is present in coconut water. It’s an effective method for enhancing their mood, keeping their spirits high as well as keeping the depression at bay. 

Helpful In Treating The Gallstones 

It is a rich source of magnesium and has malic acid. This consumption of water can help you in treating gallstones. 

This is because of that, it improves in breaking down the stones and helps you in flushing them out from the system. It can help you in treating gallstones. 

Improving The Memory 

Coconut water is also good for the water; it can help in enhancing memory. All thanks to the amino acid and its glutamic acid too. 

Helps In Treating Insomnia 

If you are going through insomnia and can’t sleep well, you can drink coconut water. It can help you in improving your sleep quality too. 

It contains GABA, it’s a neurotransmitter that helps in improving feelings; this makes you calm and relaxed. It has anti-anxiety effects; these facts contribute to improving sleep at night. 

It Helps In Relieving The Stress 

Consuming coconut water on a daily basis can help in managing stress levels as well. 

This is loaded with vitamins such as B5, B6, and B9. All vitamins help in releasing serotonin; this makes you forget about your stress and feel calm. 

Good For Improving Eye Health

To those who have eye health issues and are concerned about improving them. They should include coconut water. 

Well, it contains a really good amount of vitamin B12, which improves your vision and boosts your eye health. 

Also, adding this to your diet can improve your overall health too. 

Treat The Alzheimers 

Coconut water has the presence of trans stain; it’s a cytokinin. This is effective when it comes to those people who have Alzheimer’s. 

It can help in preventing cell damage and curing impaired memory. 

Helping With Your Headaches 

One of the most prominent factors that cause headaches is dehydration. Well to cure that, add coconut water which can help you in solving the situation. 

It is a highly effective treatment for people who suffer from migraines. You can get real results once you bring them to your daily habit. 

The water contains magnesium, which helps in reducing headaches occurrences and frequency. 

It Gives Instant Energy

There are some times when you want an instant dose of energy. Considering energy drinks might also mean you have other mixed chemicals that are not good for your body in the long run. 

Treating The Constipation 

For those people who have the issue with digestion, leading them to constipation. 

They should take coconut water. The high amount of dietary fiber in this can help in keeping such issues at bay. 

Reducing The Toxins From The Liver 

Coconut water has hepatoprotective properties; this is a benefit for the lives as it helps in reducing toxin activity. 

So adding to your diet can improve your liver but also help in reducing the toxins from your body. 

It Is The Best Alternative To Replace Sugary Juices 

Coconut water tastes mildly sweet and has a nutty flavor in it. 

Also, it has low calories, carbs, and sugar, unlike other options that you get in options and sodas.

It’s also an ideal option for those who are diabetic. If you don’t have that, but you are working on reducing the consumption of sugar, this can help.

It Makes Your Skin Healthy 

Lack of hydration can make your skin look flaky, tight, or dry. So drinking coconut water can help you in getting enough hydration that you need daily and also promote circulation and radiant skin. 

list of who should drink coconut water 

Disadvantages Of Coconut Water 

Well, there is no doubt that coconut water is considered a magic drink due to having tons of health benefits. 

However, there are a few disadvantages that you should know. It can make you reconsider if you should be taking it or not. 

Here are the pointers that you need to know : 

The Coconut Water Is Not For Athletes 

This is an ideal post-workout drink. However, if you rely on this for rehydration immediately, then it’s better to stick with plain water. 

Because it contains sodium which is much more than coconut water, also, sodium is what aids the rehydration. 

Coconut water has low carbohydrates but ten times more potassium than certain energy drinks for sports. 

So it doesn’t make a good option for the athletes. 

It’s Not For People Who Are Vulnerable To Allergies 

Some people have allergies; they might be allergic to certain food or ingredients. This is also why it becomes important that you be careful when considering coconut water. 

It might have allergic reactions in certain people, so make sure if you are one of them or not. 

It’s a tree nut. So those who are drinking this might be allergic to tree nuts. 

It Content Diuretic Properties 

This is another con that you need to consider. When you’re consuming too much water, it has diuretic properties. 

This means that if you consume too much of it, you might need to take a trip to the toilet more. 

With a mild amount, it contains hydrating properties but consuming too much is not good for your health. 

It Can Cause an Imbalance Of Electrolyte 

The high potassium in the coconut can make wonder. But at the same time, it can be fatal if you are drinking in excess. 

If you are drinking too much of it, it leads to an imbalance of electrolytes. 

It Might Act As Laxative 

Too much of this can also be not healthy. It has a laxative effect which damages your digestive system. 

Since it’s a natural laxative, it’s not for those with bowel movement issues. 

So you need to be sure if you are okay taking it. 

It Might Increase Sugar Levels 

Coconut water might not be a sugary drink but contains calories and carbohydrates. 

People with high blood sugar should not take more than one glass of coconut water daily. 

It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure 

Well, it’s a good thing; however, not taking in the proper amount can lower your blood pressure too much. 

This is why you need to consult the healthcare before you are taken it 

It Should Be Consumed After It Cut Open 

To get the benefits, you need to consume it fresh. it should be drunk after it’s freshly cut open. If you leave it for some time, it might lose some of its nutrients. 

So you need to find the fresh ones that you can drink as soon as they are cut open. 

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