20+ Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting  (Explained)

Crocheting and Knitting have been in practice for many years. Earlier, these arts were considered a time pass for grandmoms, but not everyone seems to master them. If you are a beginner, then you must have come around the word ‘crocheting.’

Now how is Crocheting different from Knitting? Which one is easier? What should you begin with? To answer all these questions, read below!


Key points of Knitting:

  • Uses two needles and yarn
  • Machines are used as well 
  • Needles, yarns, and stitch holders are some of the main tools
  • Purl and knit stitches are basic knitting stitches 
  • Knitting can help you by reducing the chances of dementia
  • Works as a distraction
  • English, German and Level Knitting are the basic techniques

Key points of Crocheting:

  • Uses one needle and yarn
  • Machines are not used  
  • Crochet hooks and measuring tapes are some of the main tools
  • The garter is the basic crocheting stitch 
  • Crocheting can help you by relaxing your brain 
  • Works as a medium of socializing in a groups
  • Lace, colorwork, and alternative are the basic techniques

Comparison Between Knitting And Crocheting

ParametersKnitting Crochet 
Process It is done by using two needles and yarn. It is generally more time-consuming.It is carried out by only one long needle and yarn. This takes less time.
Recommended for Generally, for people at the advanced level Generally, for people at the beginner level
Tapestry tape 
Stitch markers
Stitch holders
Crotchet hooks
Scissors or yarn snippers
Tape measure
Darning needles
Time takenGenerally, much time consumingLess time consuming 
Stuffed toys
Crochet wash clothes
Finger gloves
Crochet unicorns and dragons
Crochet bags
Yarn basket
Machine usedKnitting can be done by a machine as wellCrocheting cannot be done by any type of machine

Major Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting

What Is Knitting?

Knitting is done by intersecting two yarns with the help of two needles until it they create a fabric. This textile craft is the most accessible and popular one since it only requires two needles and a ball of yarn.

The versatility of this craft makes it easier for us to produce a variety of products- socks, sweaters, mufflers, and so on. 

The process of knitting begins with Casting on and ends with casting off. Furthermore, there are basically four types of stitches done by the knitting method. They are Knit stitch, garter stitch, purl stitch, and stockinette stitch. 

What Is Crocheting?

Crocheting is another needlework craft that involves a crochet hook and yarns. The art of Crocheting can produce tote bags, purses, jewelry pieces, and even curtains. Also, Crocheting can help in creating other art pieces as well. 

Crochet trims and edging can be added or sewn to other ready-made or crocheted pieces. Even though Crochet looks like an art that requires precision, anyone can begin learning to Crochet.

Almost everyone in the world crochet- from poor to rich. From men to women. Everyone! On an end note, Crochet is pronounced as KRO- SHAY. 


The origin of knitting:

  • Originated in the Middle East
  • In the 5th century, this artform traveled to Europe 
  • The Egyptians started knitting with cotton
  • These knitting patterns included symbols to protect from evils
  • In the 14th century, fishermen started knitting for jumpers
  • The 16th century was the era of the knitting machine
  • Only hosiery for the elite class was prepared by machines

The origin of Crocheting:

  • It was invented much later than knitting 
  • Chinese discovered this art form as an ancient embroidery style 
  • In the 1700s, Europeans adopted this art as well
  • It was called ‘Tamboring’ by the Britishers 
  • It was the late 18th century when everyone started calling it ‘Crochet.’
  • Since then, the art of Crochet has also evolved

The Contrast Between Knitting And Crocheting


  • Knitting – It is carried out by putting two needles to work. The loops formed are then moved from one needle to another. Even though traditionally knitting is done by hand, there are various machines and techniques to knit faster.

    Different kinds of garments can be produced by using various types of yarns, needle sizes, and stitches. These differences in the tools affect the texture, color, and weight of your desired garment. 
  • Crotchet – Unlike knitting, crotchet requires crochet hooks to get the desired crotchet project. This process consists of a particular chain stitching pattern that resembles small knots.

    These small chains of knots should have an even gap or tension in between them. The hook and the fiber of yarn would again decide the texture and weight of your crotchet project.

    With the help of Crocheting, you can get small baby accessories like beanies or socks, or you can make comparatively larger Crochet such as rugs or curtains. 


Knitting- The essentials of knitting are as follows:

  • Needless
  • Yarn 
  • Tapestry tape 
  • Stitch markers
  • Stitch holders

Crotchet- The essentials of Crocheting are as follows:

  • Crotchet hooks
  • Yarn
  • Scissors or yarn snippers
  • Tape measure
  • Darning needles


Functions of tools used in knitting:

  • Needless- The three types of needles are:
  1. Straight needles which are used precisely for rectangular knitting projects such as scarfs or washcloths
  2. Circular needles are identified as two needles connected to the same cord. Used for comparatively larger and time-taking projects, these needles are capable of holding more stitches. They are generally used in round knitting projects.
  3. Double-point needles are included in shorter projects. You can also finish your half-knitted project with these double-point needles. 
  • Yarn- These are the main fabrics that will decide the look of your project. These yarns vary in weight, fibers, and colors.
  • Tapestry needle- It resembles and works just like a big stitching needle. It consists of a big hole that allows yarn to pass through for weaving the fabric.
  • Stitch markers- They help in making points on your knitting pattern by slipping on the knitting needle. Or you can slip these markers on your fabric directly.
  • Stitch holders- These huge safety pinks look-alike slip in the pattern of your knitting to hold the yarns when you go for a break

Functions of tools used in Crocheting:

  • Crotchet hooks- They are used for carrying out crocheting. A mid-sized hook can work for almost every pattern.
  • Yarn – For beginners, the project should include only simple and less complicated yarns to work with. You can use bright colors with soft fabrics if you have just begun crocheting.
  • Scissors – For cutting the extra yarn in the beginning and at the ending of your project, a scissor or any yarn snipper can be helpful.
  • Tape measure- If your project consists of a particular size or measurement, you can use a tape measure to get precision.
  • Darning needles- These are optional tools that will help you to stitch the different crocheted projects together


Knitting- The major types of knitting techniques are as follows:

  • English knitting- Popularly known as ‘throwing’ involves throwing the yarn from your right hand over the knitting needle to get a stitching pattern. It is a common knitting method in European countries. 
  • German/Continental knitting- It involves keeping the yarn in your left hand, and the index finger of your left-hand helps in moving the yarn to create a pattern. This method is widely used in some countries of Northern and Southern Europe. 
  • Lever knitting- This is the quite quickest way of knitting to get the desired pattern. It involves a great level of precision, and you would have to re-program your hands and brain to learn this method. This method does not allow unnecessary hand movements, which, in turn, gives a quick result.

Crocheting- There are several types of techniques that can help you to show your inner creativity. However, the basic ones are mentioned below:

  • Lace techniques- The lace techniques include little spaces in between the stitches to create a delicate pattern. Some of the methods are:
  1. Irish Crochet 
  2. Filet crochet
  3. Broomstick lace crotchet
  4. Beaded lace crotchet
  • Colorwork techniques- These techniques involve playing with different colors and getting your desired project after incorporating these colorful yarns. Some of the methods are:
  1. Mosaic
  2. Stripes 
  3. Tapestry
  4. Reversible
  • Alternatives techniques- If you want a break from traditional materials of Crocheting, you can use different materials for Crocheting. This method is generally used by artists. Some of the materials are:
  1. Wire or twine 
  2. Jute
  3. Beaded 
  4. Rags 

Stitch Types

Knitting- Every knitting pattern is simply based upon two types of stitches- Knit and Purl stitches. You can play with these stitches to create fun and new patterns. Some of them are listed below:

  • Garter stitch
  • Stockinette stitch 
  • Reverse stockinette stitch 
  • Rib stitch 
  • Cable stitch 
  • Seed stitch
  • Moss stitch 

Crocheting- The basic and popular stitches of Crocheting are mentioned below:

  • Chain stitch
  • Double crochet stitch
  • Slip stitch
  • Single crochet stitch
  • Treble crochet stitch
  • Half double crochet stitch


Knitting- The advantages of knitting are as follows;

  • Provides a great distraction from chronic aches
  • Gives you a sense of wellbeing
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Slows down the risk of dementia
  • Distracts you from loneliness
  • Reduces your anxiety 
  • It also allows you to socialize 

Crocheting- The advantages of Crocheting are as follows;

  • Crocheting helps channel your creativity inappropriate place
  • It makes your brain feel relaxed and calm 
  • A crocheting session can distract you from anxious thoughts 
  • It helps you in preventing depression 
  • Crocheting increases the level of your productivity 
  • Being productive will enhance your self-esteem
  • If you have excelled in the art of Crocheting, you can start your own small business


Knitting- The idea of knitting might seem boring and difficult for beginners, but once you dive into it, the end results will truly mesmerize you. Following is a list of both easy and difficult knitting projects that you can try:

  • Garter stitch scarf
  • Knit cap
  • Bows headband
  • Pillow cover
  • Beanie 
  • Earmuffs 
  • Cape 
  • Clutch 
  • Stuffed toys
  • Ribbed cowl
  • Wrist warmers
  • Afghan blankets

Crocheting- Some of the fun and adorable crochet projects are listed below. Try them out to fall in love with Crocheting:

  • Button boots for babies
  • Rag patterns
  • Blankets
  • Floor pouf
  • Crochet tote bag
  • Colorful nesting baskets 
  • Headwrap and hats
  • Crochet wash clothes
  • Finger gloves
  • Crochet unicorns and dragons
  • Crochet bags 
  • Yarn basket 


Knitting- Even these cute-looking handmade crafts have some disadvantages as well. Some of the cons of knitting are listed below:

  • It is not easy to fix mistakes mid-way in your project. You have to either pull the strings again or start from scratch.
  • It is much more time-consuming and probably takes longer to finish than Crocheting.
  • While Crocheting needs only a needle and yarn, knitting might need more stuff to complete the project.
  • To get your desired result, you need to keep making mental notes to keep track of your next step.
  • Knitting can simply be quite confusing sometimes.

Crocheting- The major disadvantages of Crocheting are mentioned below:

  • Crocheting would require you to use more yarns than knitting
  • The projects made by Crocheting would be only thicker in fabric as compared to knitting 
  • Crocheting allows you with limited options to make
  • Crocheting might make you addicted

Who Should Try Them

  • Knitting – If you have time and desire to play with a wide range of tools and master them, then you can learn knitting. People who have started knitting in their childhood can further learn more about complex knitting styles and designs. 
  • Crocheting – Even though both of these textile crafts can be learned by anyone. But Crocheting should be specifically learned by beginners. The convenience and versatility of this craft make it a well-loved art form.

    Furthermore, Crocheting lies more on the self-taught hobby and allows you room to invent new styles and projects by joining it with knitting projects as well. 


Some of the knitting stitches explained:

  • Rib stitch- This is done by making columns of knit and purl stitches one after another
  • Garter stitch- This basic way of knitting involves creating similar consistent stitches on both sides
  • Cable stitch- Creates a vertical row with the help of two basic stitches until a pattern is ready.
  • Moss stitch- It starts with switching between the two basic stitching patterns and then reversing this sequence after every row.
  • Stockinette stitch- Involves alternating purl and knit stitch from one side of your project to another. 

Some of the crocheting stitches explained:

  • Chain stitch- This method resembles a pattern of a chain 
  • Double crochet stitch- This method includes a yarn crossing over another yarn 
  • Slip stitch- This method refers to stitching the hems.
  • Half double crochet stitch- This method is the same as a double crochet method, but at the end of your project, you would have to pass the yarn from three loops
  • Treble stitch- Includes two yarns sewn over another yarn. 
  • Single crochet stitch- The traditional stitching method which involves crossing one yarn over another

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Which knitting stitch is most basic or common?

The garter stitch is the basic stitch for every beginner who is learning or planning to learn knitting. 

Q2. Which craft is easier, Crochet or Knitting?

Crochet is generally considered to be easier. As it only involves just a needle and yarns. It is also less time-consuming as Crochet does not need many hand movements.

Q3. Which of them seems adorable or fancy?

Crochet won’t give you many fancy results or projects as compared to knitting. The thickness of the Crochet is generally more than knitting.

You can create many accessories or clothes with Crocheting, but they won’t have the flattering or drapey effect you are looking for. Hence, knitting will give you more fancy results. 

Q3. Which method will give a better blanket- knitting or Crochet?

It is better to crochet a blanket instead of knitting it. As mentioned before, knitting does not create thick fabrics. 

Q4. Can Crochet be done with any machine?

No, Crocheting cannot be done by machine. It is purely and entirely a handmade craft. You can use machines for knitting, but there are no such machines for Crocheting. 

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