20+ Differences Between Share Point and One Drive

All of your files, whether created by you or shared with you by others either directly or through the teams you’re a part of, can be found in OneDrive, the files experience for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server*.

With OneDrive, you can access and sync your files from any device, whether using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer running Windows or macOS. In the background, SharePoint serviced files used in Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Yammer, and Outlook.

Comparison Between Share Point And One Drive

DefinitionAs a component of Microsoft 365, SharePoint is a cloud-based platform for exchanging files. The program allows users to create, save, and sync electronic files using various devices to facilitate collaboration inside an enterprise.Within Microsoft Office 365, there is a cloud-based file-sharing program called OneDrive. The app serves as a repository for knowledge and a conduit for its dissemination to other gadgets. OneDrive facilitates productive teamwork by providing secure, shared access to data for several individuals.
StorageSharePoint serves as your team’s shared online repository. If you want many coworkers to work together on a document, you may save it here. To illustrate, imagine you are part of a group effort on a project that would benefit from the input of more than one person.Your own personal cloud storage is OneDrive. Put papers and paperwork here that you don’t want others in the office to see. For example, you may be composing a paper that is still in its infancy and not ready to be shown to your coworkers. The cloud storage service OneDrive is ideal for this purpose.
Website and appSharePoint is the finest intranet platform because it facilitates communication and collaboration across teams and departments and streamlines many business procedures. Although SharePoint has many useful capabilities, it isn’t easy to manage. Inadequate user training and the platform’s complexity are cited as the primary reasons for SharePoint’s poor adoption rate, according to research issued by AIIM.Specifically, with regards to OneDrive, they do not provide this option. Emailing anything to the group will make it immediately available to everyone who can access the sheet, but publishing is not an option.
RightsThe only people with the power to deal with the present situation are those with administrator access to Azure Active Directory. Only these users have access to Azure Active Directory.For file sharing to function properly and for you to be able to access any file at all, the Azure Active Directory system requires that you have the relevant rights. If you do not have these permissions, file sharing will not work. The file-sharing process will not function correctly if you do not have the necessary permissions.
DrawbacksSharePoint is the finest intranet platform because it facilitates communication and collaboration across teams and departments and streamlines many business procedures. Although SharePoint has many useful capabilities, it isn’t easy to manage. Inadequate user training and the platform’s complexity are cited as the primary reasons for SharePoint’s poor adoption rate, according to research issued by AIIM.While your data in OneDrive has been encrypted with military-grade security thanks to Microsoft, concerns remain regarding the level of privacy it provides. Since Microsoft is the one carrying out the encryption, they also have access to the key to decoding the information.

What Is The Difference Between Share Point And One Drive?

What exactly is SharePoint?

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a platform for internal communication and collaboration that can be accessed from any device. SharePoint may store, manage, and share files among users with varying permission sets.

SharePoint’s flexibility means that it can be adapted to fit your needs. It includes web design tools to make websites, the ability to tailor each site to individual users, and an app store with tools for integration outside of Microsoft.

🔑 Key Difference: SharePoint

  • Microsoft SharePoint is a website allowing real-time collaboration and file sharing across online teams. 
  • SharePoint has a vast array of functions, and while it can be put to several different uses, its major objective is to simplify the process of managing documents.
  • Users may construct an internal network using SharePoint that functions in a manner somewhat dissimilar to that of a regular website. 
  • Any group or department can establish its own subsite. Internal publishing should use a content management system, also known as a CMS.
  • Users may access their files, the SharePoint library, customer data, and other personal storage options using SharePoint’s centralized and secure area. 
  • Some SharePoint administrators may access granular control settings and user permissions. SharePoint provides administrators with this ability. 
  • SharePoint may be used independently or as a platform for developing new applications. It also functions in both capacities simultaneously. 
  • Most companies also shoulder the cost of software updates and are willing to take responsibility for potential vulnerabilities. 
Features Of Share Point

What exactly is OneDrive?

Use OneDrive to save your data and pictures, then retrieve them from any device, anywhere. Easily view, manage, and distribute your files from any electronic device. Your photographs and documents stored in OneDrive will remain safe even if you misplace your smartphone.

Share your files and photographs with loved ones while keeping in touch with them. Easily collaborate with others by uploading and sharing your files, folders, and photographs. Send a link instead of a huge file or USB disk through text or email.

🔑 Key Difference: OneDrive

  • You will always have access to your files from any device, regardless of where you are, if you use the cloud service offered by Microsoft called OneDrive. 
  • It is included in the Office 365 package as well. It is possible to transfer files, encrypt them, keep them in sync, and store them. 
  • You can use it on any device, regardless of where you are. OneDrive is the one that decides how much storage space each user has available. 
  • There is no risk of damage to any of the data you save in OneDrive so long as you do not choose to share them. 
  • OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft, and the company provides both a personal and a commercial version of the service. 
  • Even though the primary focus of OneDrive is on document storage and sharing, it does use certain SharePoint technology in the background. 
  • OneDrive is a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that allows storing and synchronizing information, sharing those files, and collaborating on projects. 
  • When a group of people logs into OneDrive, they immediately have access to many different files. It is compatible with desktop computers, mobiles, and Android.
Features Of Onedrive

Contrast Between SharePoint And One Drive


  • SharePoint – SharePoint’s primary function is that of a platform for teamwork. Since it’s a component of Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365), it allows for simultaneous document editing between team members.

    You may create a customized intranet for each department or add them all to SharePoint and let them collaborate. With the advent of the remote work paradigm, many businesses have come to depend solely on SharePoint.
  • OneDrive – Microsoft 365 includes OneDrive as a standard feature. Microsoft classifies this product as a cloud-based data storage service. OneDrive may be considered a repository for data that is not yet ready to be shared with the rest of the team.

    There’s a consumer version and a commercial one. For obvious reasons, the latter provides additional functions useful to a firm. There are a lot more restrictions on the personal version.


  • SharePoint – SharePoint is a solution for cloud-based file storage that also functions as a platform for the collaborative editing and sharing of documents. It makes it possible for users to work together and share information.

    By using SharePoint, you can automate processes, build dashboards, and generate web forms. Microsoft’s initial effort at developing a collaborative working environment was given the moniker SharePoint, referred to as such.
  • OneDrive – On the other side, OneDrive is a cloud storage and synchronization service that Microsoft offers. OneDrive was first introduced in 2012.

    It stores all your information in a single spot, synchronizes it across all your devices, enables you to share it with others, and gives you access from almost anywhere in the world.

👤 Owner:

  • SharePoint – Since site owners have complete control over their very own SharePoint sites, they can save documents and other material locally on the business’s servers.

    Access to a SharePoint site is only granted if the site owner adds you to a group with the required permissions.
  • OneDrive – Because you are the only owner of the files stored in OneDrive, you are free to use it to store confidential copies of any documents you aren’t quite ready to share with the rest of the world.

    Since you are the only owner of the files stored in OneDrive, you can use it to store confidential copies of any files. The only person allowed to see the material, make changes to it, or distribute it is the content’s owner.


  • SharePoint was Microsoft’s first attempt at creating a communal online environment where users could collaborate on documents, manage tasks and projects, discuss and debate various ideas, etc.

    SharePoint was released in 2003. In 2003, SharePoint was made available to the public. It has been shown that the SharePoint platform is particularly successful in promoting cooperation and increasing the quality of communication.
  • OneDrive – OneDrive is the name of the cloud storage service available to users who have purchased a subscription to Office 365. Because of this, they can share files with anybody and cooperate on projects with that person, regardless of whether or not the other person works for the same firm.

    It is also feasible for users to work together while they are moving about since the software can facilitate mobile collaboration.

💲 Price:

  • SharePoint – The pricing for SharePoint is rather easy, with the most basic Online Plan 1 costing $5 per month per user and the most advanced Enterprise Ready Plan 10 costing $10 per month per user (Online Plan 2).

    OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online is included in the Office 365 E3 package, which has a monthly subscription of $20 per user and includes SharePoint Online as one of its components.
  • OneDrive – Microsoft gives you immediate access to a free, basic storage space with a capacity of 5 gigabytes when you sign up for OneDrive and delivers it at no further cost (GB).

    Customers who sign up for OneDrive for Business can select from two pricing tiers: Plan 1, which costs $5 per month per user, and Plan 2, which costs $10 per month per user.
Comparison Between Share Point And One Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it easy to become proficient at using SharePoint?

As one further explores SharePoint’s various features and nuances, the platform’s user interface becomes progressively more complicated, much like many other software and cloud platforms.

Anyone familiar with the operation of similar systems will find understanding document management and storage foundations quite straightforward. This is because the fundamentals are the same for both systems.

Q2. Is prior knowledge or expertise in coding required to make use of SharePoint?

A person needs to possess this foundational ability for them to be able to operate as a SharePoint developer.

When creating professional solutions for SharePoint, knowing other programming languages, such as C#, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery, amongst others, may be incredibly advantageous. In addition, knowing these languages can help you design better solutions.

Q3. Does SharePoint function as a database server similar to SQL?

The application that will be running on SharePoint Server 2016 is based on the database engine that is found in SQL Server.

Most of the information and settings for SQL Server 2014 (SP1), SQL Server 2016, and SQL Server 2017 RTM are stored in relational databases, which serve as the main storage method for this data.

The tables provide an overview of the databases that SharePoint Servers 2016 and 2019 use.

Q4. Is it a clever move to take advantage of OneDrive?

Those who do not want to utilize the OneDrive desktop version can use the OneDrive web app instead. Users familiar with Microsoft products should not be surprised by the online user interface since it is straightforward and easy to browse.

You can upload files by dragging them into the website, and you can download files by right-clicking on the file you want to download.

Q5. Is there a copy of everything saved on OneDrive somewhere?

Regardless of whether you save your files by default to your local machine or OneDrive, you will still be able to access all of your files on your personal computer.

Because the OneDrive software is integrated into Windows 10, your information will be backed up, encrypted, and accessible from any device. This software will synchronize your files on OneDrive with those on your local computer.

Differences Between hare Point And One Drive

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