20+ Difference Between Soccer Cleats And Baseball Cleats (Explained)

There is no doubt that a good amount of practice, guidance, and dedication improves a sportsman’s skill greatly. However, if you are looking to test your mettle on professional grounds, you will, at some point, require proper gear that allows you to stay even with the other players.

Proper footwear cannot be ignored for a lot of reasons. They are mandatory at the professional level. Moreover, wearing the right footwear improves and sharpens your play incredibly. You will be able to see how you will perform in an actual game.

Key Differences Between Soccer Cleats And Baseball Cleats

Comparison Between Soccer Cleats And Baseball Cleats

ParametersSoccer CleatsBaseball Cleats
MaterialSynthetic lightweight material is used for soccer cleats.Leather is used for baseball cleats.
MidsoleThere is no midsole, so the shoe becomes lighter and thinner.The midsole is present in the baseball cleats so the shoes are heavier.
Material of the SpikesSoccer cleats has rubber or plastic spikes underneath the sole.Baseball cleats have metal or plastic spikes underneath the sole.
Shape of the SpikesThe spikes are round in shape and are not sharp.The spikes are thin blade-like shaped with sharp edges at the bottom.
Toe SpikeThere is no spike at the toe.There is a spike at the toe.
Ankle SupportSoccer cleats have less ankle support because they are low-cut.Baseball cleats have more ankle support because they are available in mid-cut and high-cut variants.
WeightThe overall weight of the cleat is less than a baseball cleat.A baseball cleat weighs more than a soccer cleat.
PurposeSoccer cleats focus on protecting the player’s foot and allowing free movement.Baseball cleats focus on keeping the foot stable while running and providing comfort to the feet.

Major Differences Between Soccer Cleats and Baseball Cleats

What Is Soccer Cleats?

Soccer cleats cater to all those who want to improve their soccer game. These shoes have blunt spike-like projections made of rubber/plastic.

Not only do these provide the requisite grip against the grass, but the material and the shape also ensure no one gets hurt.

The shoes are quite light in weight, with the midsole removed from the shoe. Overall, these shoes look thin but are flexible enough for easy movement of the feet as the player jogs around the field. Because of the low cut, the ankle is also exposed for easier foot movement.

What Is Baseball Cleats?

You will need proper baseball cleats if you are playing baseball outdoors and looking to enter the bigger leagues. In baseball cleats, the spikes underneath are thin and blade-shaped.

This is because the baseball diamond is uneven, with grass on the outfield and soil on the infield. So the spikes allow greater stability on both types.

Baseball cleats have more mass because the midsole is present. The toe part of the shoe is thicker for safety as well as comfort.

Mostly leather is used as the primary material because it is less flexible. The shoes have a higher cut to provide support to the ankle whenever the player runs.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats All You Need To Know

Contrast Between Soccer Cleats and Baseball Cleats

The Overall Material

  • Soccer Cleats- Soccer cleats use materials that are more flexible than leather. The flexibility allows the player to move their feet with ease as they jog or run around the field.
  • Baseball Cleats- Baseball cleats use leather which is less flexible than what a soccer cleat uses. The purpose of using leather is to provide more comfort and stability at all times. Since the players do not run or jog around the field, extra flexible material is not required.

The Midsole

  • Soccer Cleats- The shoes do not have a midsole, and the feet become closer to the ground. However, this is to reduce the mass of the shoe, and the outsole does all the work of cushioning the impact.
  • Baseball Cleats- Baseball shoes have a proper midsole like regular shoes, and it cushions the impact on the foot along with the outsole. The feet stay elevated because of the thicker sole.

The Material Of The Spikes

  • Soccer Cleats- The soles have plastic or rubber spikes underneath. The rubber and plastic provide the necessary grip to the players on the grass fields.
  • Baseball Cleats- Baseball cleats use rubber or plastic materials as well, but mostly metal is used. The hardness of the metal helps the players to maintain their footing on the dirt and grip the ground better when they run from one base to another.

The Shape Of The Spikes

  • Soccer Cleats- In soccer cleats, the spikes are round and do not have edges. Because the shoe is thin, the spikes vary slightly in length depending on where they are placed. This provides support to the feet.
  • Baseball Cleats- The metal spikes in baseball cleats are even in length but longer than the ones underneath the soccer cleats. As for the shape, they are thin and have edges at the end. The blade-shaped metal spikes assist baseball players in changing their direction easily without losing their balance.
The Structure Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats

The Toe Spike

  • Soccer Cleats- Soccer shoes do not have a spike at the front. This is primarily for safety reasons because the front part of the foot can hit the other players while tackling.
  • Baseball Cleats- Baseball cleats have a toe spike at the front. This allows the players to spring forward quickly for running and better footing on the ground. Baseball has less physical contact, so toe spikes are not as dangerous in baseball cleats.

The Ankle Support

  • Soccer cleats- The shoes in the soccer cleats have less ankle support. This exposes the ankles enough for the foot to move freely. For this, the shoes generally have a low cut.
  • Baseball cleats- Baseball cleats have more ankle support and provide more protection to the ankles. Baseball cleats are easily available in mid-cut or high-cut variants, which provide more protection.


  • Soccer Cleats- Soccer shoes are lighter and thinner because the material used is light and bendable. The lack of a midsole reduces the overall mass, which helps the players since they have to keep running on the field.
  • Baseball Cleats- These shoes are heavier as they have more cushion at the sole. This improves the comfort of baseball players who have to stand and run only when taking a run.


  • Soccer Cleats- The shoes are manufactured with the motive of protecting the foot. The front is relatively thicker because this part comes first in contact while kicking. The other purpose is maneuverability, i.e., the players should be able to move effortlessly.
  • Baseball Cleats- These shoes are designed while keeping the footing and comfort in priority. Because the player will be playing on both grass and dirt, the shoes need to provide the player with proper stability on both grounds.
The Purpose Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What if I wear soccer shoes for a baseball game?

Soccer shoes are quite usable in a baseball game. In case you are a younger player around the age of 10, soccer cleats would do equally well as baseball cleats because of their lightness. For players older than that, baseball cleats would be a better option.

Q2. Is it possible to use baseball cleats in soccer?

Absolutely not. In fact, using baseball cleats is dangerous in a soccer game. The toe spike can injure other players badly when lifting your foot or tackling.

Moreover, you won’t be able to play because your shoes are checked on the field.

Q3. How many types of baseball cleats are there?

Baseball cleats can vary from materials to spikes. In materials, you can choose between synthetic and leather, from which leather is more durable and breathable.

The spike material varies from plastic to metal. Metal ones provide a better grip, but plastic ones can also work for both grounds.

Q4. How to choose between different soccer cleats?

There are three variants among soccer cleats. Indoor shoes have no spikes and will only help indoors.

The turf version is good for both indoors and outdoors, but if you play mostly outdoors on grass, outdoor shoes would be the best. 

Q5. How to pick the correct fit in a shoe?

A general rule is to first wear sports socks. Then the shoe must hold your foot like a light grip but not too firm. The shoe will adapt to the foot over time.

As for the size, do not go for size more than half the size of your sneaker. To test, only your index finger should get in from behind the ankle.

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