20+ Difference between TED and TEDx

Increased interest in TED and TEDx Talks may be traced back to the founding of the TED Organization more than four decades ago.

So whether you’re in a room full of corporate executives, high school and university students, or professional presenters (like us), you’re certain to hear at least one Talk recommended, either for its fresh take on a familiar subject or its inspiring takeaways.

Regardless, you may choose from tens of thousands of slideshows.

Comparison Between TED And TEDx

OriginThe company had its first formal meeting on February 23, 1984, which coincided with the beginning of its existence as a functioning entity. Not only the directors but also the shareholders were present at this meeting.2009 was the beginning of the year that marked the beginning of that year and the beginning of the year that humans first used it.
ProductionIt is necessary to give credit for it to the TED team since they were the ones who were in charge of developing it in the first place.If you have the required permits to participate in the trip, you are more than welcome to do so and will not be prevented from doing so under any circumstances. We will not turn anyone away. Undoubtedly, participation in the trip is open and available to everyone who wants it.
ExpertsThese individuals have consciously decided to focus their entire lives on becoming the most knowledgeable authorities in their respective fields. They intend to accomplish this goal by developing their skills to the fullest extent possible and establishing themselves as the most skilled professionals in their industry.Even if they do not have a considerable amount of past experience in a certain field of study or employment, they can be hired for the position because of their qualifications.
ApproachAttendees of the TED Conference will be reminded on several occasions to keep their attention directed on problems that have a greater bearing on the state of the world as a whole as the event progresses.At TEDx events, the local community that is serving as the host is treated with a greater degree of care and concern than at other events produced by TEDx. This is the case since TEDx events are independently organized and run by communities worldwide.

Major Difference Between Ted And Te Dx

What exactly is TED?

TED is a non-profit group with the stated mission of “Sharing Ideas, One Talk at a Time.” The presentations are brief but pack a lot of emotional punch and inspirational inspiration.

They often last little more than 18 minutes. In 1984, the group’s founders set out to fulfill their mission of spreading knowledge in the fields of technology, entertainment, and design.

However, at the present time, the corporation is concerned with practically everything, including international business. In addition, it has translations into more than a hundred other tongues.

Key Difference: TED

  • For the purposes of the TED conference, the year 1984 serves as the point of departure.
  • The idea that propels TED can be applied to everybody.
  • Members of the TED team are the only individuals responsible for organizing TED events, including talks.
  • TED does not need any approvals in order to arrange a presentation since the organization is self-governed and makes its own decisions.
  • Speakers at TED events often have a plethora of knowledge and experience in their respective fields of specialization.
  • The focus that TED puts on the use of global advertising contributes to the organization’s ability to attract a sizable audience.

What exactly is TEDx?

Like TED presentations, TEDx events concentrate on the local community rather than the world. TEDx lectures are not officially associated with the TED conference, but they must still seek a license from TED to demonstrate that they will adhere to TED’s core values.

Speakers at TEDx events also have fewer than 18 minutes to present their thoughts to the audience.

They’ve racked up a combined total of 80 million views thanks to their prominence on Ted.com and YouTube’s 42 million users.

Key Difference: TEDx

  • Since the program’s inception in 2009, TEDx has been responsible for the planning and execution of tens of thousands of events in locations worldwide.
  • In 2009, the very first TEDx conference was organized for attendees.
  • On the other hand, anybody or any organization that has a TED license is able to put on a TEDx event. This includes both individuals and groups.
  • You won’t be able to organize any TEDx event at all unless you first get the required license.
  • At TEDx events, anybody qualified to talk and has significant competence in their field or substantial influence in their community is welcome to do so.
  • The fact that TEDx is held in a specific location means that its influence is limited to that area.

Contrast Between TED And TEDx


  • TED- The ideas that are broken down and discussed in TED talks are relevant not just on a local but also on a global scale.

    As a direct result of this, the conversations that take place at TED events are becoming more focused on global challenges and the potential solutions to those difficulties.
  • TEDx- Each TEDx event is specially created to meet the specific needs of the community hosting the event. TEDx events are hosted in over 100 countries across the world.

    TEDx events are organized to shed light on the perspectives of regular people who live in the city or town that hosts the event about significant concerns and possible solutions to such difficulties.


  • TED- The Economist Intelligence Unit, which is also sometimes referred to as TED, is an organization that is completely self-sufficient and does not need authorization from any other entity except media organizations.

    It is also known as TED from time to time. There are times when TED is also referred to as The Economist.
  • TEDx- Even though independent organizers of TEDx events are the ones who are responsible for the organization of the event, TED must still gain authorization for the event to take place before the event is allowed to take place in the real world.

    This is the case even though the independent organizers of TEDx events are the ones who are responsible for the organization of the event. 


  • TED- Those speakers participating in TED events that have been officially sanctioned are the only ones permitted to have their TED Talks recorded. You may access the TED Talks archive on the website ted.com.
  • TEDx- To put it another way, TEDx events are essentially simply public lectures that are arranged and administered by community members who are volunteers from the region surrounding the venue where the event is being placed.

    TED is a non-profit organization that promotes ideas worth spreading. The format is expected to be similar to that of TED lectures.


  • TED- The calls for lectures that are sent out to renowned persons at TED are often directed toward those who have already established themselves as experts in their industry.

    Speakers are often considered to be the foremost authorities on the fields of study pertaining to the topics they are charged with delivering.
  • TEDx- Because doing so goes against the restrictions, presenters at TEDx events are not permitted to have authoritative positions in relevant fields to the subjects they speak about.

    Because the role of host of the show is one that may be filled by anybody who is enthusiastic about doing so, anyone who is interested in hosting the program is welcome to do so, provided that they are enthusiastic about doing so.


  • TED- Compared to TEDx events, TED performances stand out as being of a better caliber due to the greater amount of attention they get and the greater number of notable figures included in them.

    This is because TED acts as a host for TED performances. This is the circumstance that has emerged as a result of the fact that the non-profit organization TED owns and is responsible for maintaining TED.
  • TEDx- Unlike official TED events, TEDx meetings do not include nearly as many celebrities or well-known personalities in their speaker lineups.

    This is because TEDx conferences are organized independently by local communities. Because TEDx events are typically held in more intimate settings such as private locations, the audiences who attend these gatherings are frequently smaller and more attentive than those who attend traditional TED events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What do you feel is the single most essential thing that you learned from a TED talk?

We aim to ensure that individuals from every corner of the globe have access to information and educational opportunities. Professionals from all over the world discuss “Ideas Worth Spreading” on the TED stage.

These “Ideas Worth Spreading” often include crucial new knowledge and groundbreaking research in their respective fields.

These professionals include corporate executives, artists, designers, researchers, technicians, scientists, and researchers.

Q2. Is there a cost associated with attending TEDx events?

You may find a TEDx event that will be hosted in your area by going to the website of TEDx and looking at the page that is dedicated to events.

After you have identified an event that piques your interest, the only thing left to do is purchase a ticket for it. Depending on the event, the price of a ticket might range anywhere from $75 to $100 dollars.

Q3. TED Talks may be seen online, but what are the benefits of doing so?

By viewing TED Talks, you may acquire the ability to think critically about new information or knowledge that is difficult to grasp. This is a talent that will help you almost immediately.

Listening to experts who are currently in the field may help you grow as a leader since they can provide you with advice on how to lead others as well as yourself confidently. You may develop more as a leader as a result of this.

Q4. Given the number of applicants, who is the most deserving of the opportunity to deliver a TED Talk?

Whoever owns a very brilliant idea, it is not owing to the notoriety of the persons who will be speaking at these sessions that such a large number of people are going to attend these sessions; rather, it is due to the subject matter that will be covered at these sessions. The major appeal lies in the content of the ideas themselves.

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