20+ Difference Between UPS And FedEx

FedEx is most renowned for its worldwide air express freight services, whereas UPS is well-known for its domestic ground package delivery services.

Additionally, the two businesses have distinct customer service philosophies, experiences in the online retail sector, and organizational structures. These two firms have built their reputations in the marketplace via their express and package delivery services.

Because of the overlapping nature of these companies’ respective delivery services, it might be difficult to tell which is which.

Comparison Between UPS And FedEx

OriginThe United Parcel Service, more often referred to as UPS, was formed on August 28th, 1907. This day marks the company’s birthday. Today marks the anniversary of when the company was first established.On May 5, 1971, when it first started doing business, FedEx opened its doors for the first time. Many people consider this day to be the first day of everything. This day also serves as the beginning of FedEx Express’s operations. There are a lot of individuals that consider today to be the beginning of everything.
FounderIt is well known that James E. Casey was the one who conceived and was ultimately responsible for the establishment of UPS. This claim may be substantiated by a variety of pieces of supporting evidence.It is generally known that Frederick W. Smith was the pioneering man who began the process of creating the Federal Express Corporation. Smith is credited with being the one who commenced the process.
HeadquartersThe global shipping and logistics corporation known as UPS has its headquarters in the city of Atlanta, which is located in the state of Georgia. The city of Atlanta is Georgia’s most populous and important urban center.FedEx’s main administrative offices may be found in Memphis, Tennessee, which is found in the state of Tennessee in the United States of America. Memphis is the largest city in the state of Tennessee.
MottoThe business known as United Parcel Service (UPS) is sometimes referred to by the marketing slogan that reads “United Problem Solvers,” which can be seen on the company’s website.FedEx has arrived at the opinion that the slogan “We Live To Deliver” ought to be used as the guiding principle that directs the operations of the company as a whole.

Major Differences Between UPS and FedEx

What exactly is UPS?

Delivery services provided by United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) are available Monday through Saturday (except Sundays) across the globe. According to UPS’s 2020 annual report, the company delivered an unprecedented 24.7 million parcels and documents daily, for a grand total of 6.3 billion, in 2019.

To attract individual shipping orders for their separate package delivery and expedited services, UPS and FedEx both operate retail shops known as The UPS Store and FedEx Office.

UPS Key Differences

  • UPS is the undisputed king of the highways because of its massive fleet of 25,000 vehicles.
  • Shipping and receiving items through UPS is not a very appealing choice.
  • This is due to the company’s rising pricing and generally poor level of customer support.

What exactly is FedEx?

As of FY20, FedEx Corp. (FDX) transports over 18 million packages to more than 220 nations and territories throughout the globe.

UPS specializes in small package delivery, while FedEx provides time-sensitive express service; both firms have succeeded by concentrating on certain market areas. FedEx Offices are corporate-owned retail locations that often have enormous floor plans that are reminiscent of conventional offices.

FedEx Office is able to provide high-tech resources, including digital picture kiosks, laser printers, and desktop access with an image scanner and Adobe design tools.

FedEx Key Differences

  • FedEx is the undisputed king of the skies because of its massive fleet of 672 aircraft.
  • One of FedEx’s shortcomings is that it must assess an additional fee for the shipment of packages that weigh more than 70 pounds. 
  • Another issue is that the logo of the firm does not inspire confidence in its customers.

Contrast Between UPS and FedEx


  • UPS- UPS, which is an acronym for United Parcel Service, Inc., is the name of a business that specializes in the shipping and delivery of packages and is also the name of the firm.

    UPS has 6.1 million clients and delivers over 15 million products to them every single business day. The company’s headquarters can be found in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in the state of Georgia, in the United States.
  • FedEx- The FedEx Corporation is the most successful corporation in the supply chain management market. Its stock, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker name FDX, is one of the most liquid investments in the world.

    The company goes by the name FedEx, which is an acronym for the term “Federal Express.” FedEx is the official name of the company.

Delivery Services

  • UPS- There are two UPS-guaranteed delivery options. The US Domestic Package service and the International Package service both provide guaranteed arrival times for letters, documents, and parcels sent inside the United States and to more than 220 countries, respectively.

    UPS Next Day Air and UPS Express Critical (same-day delivery) are part of the domestic shipping package (two-day delivery). Freight distribution, customs brokerage, and supply chain planning and management are just some of the Supply Chain & Freight services provided by UPS.
  • FedEx- If you need a package delivered the following day inside the United States or on time abroad, look no further than FedEx Express. Within the United States and Canada, FedEx Ground offers day-definite delivery utilizing trucks at a discounted rate.

    FedEx International Next Flight is FedEx’s international delivery service, whereas FedEx SameDay is FedEx’s domestic delivery service. Freight services are available from FedEx as well.


  • UPS- The UPS Shop, which is another service that UPS gives, is a one-stop shop that can satisfy all of your needs for delivering things in addition to offering products for your organization.

    This means that you do not need to go to many locations to get everything you need. All of these goods may be purchased at the UPS Store, so that should be your first stop.
  • FedEx- Customers have access to a wide variety of additional business services that are made available by the FedEx Office. Some examples of these services include copying, digital printing, access to the internet, computer rentals, and signage and graphics, to mention just a few of the available options.

    Following the completion of FedEx’s purchase of Kinko’s, the printing services section of FedEx has risen to become greater than those provided by UPS.


  • UPS- In 2011, UPS brought in $53.105 billion in sales, which translated to an operating profit of $5.784 billion and a net profit of $3.804 billion for the year.

    The firm known as United Parcel Service, or UPS for short, is the one that completes the most number of deliveries of low-value packages all over the globe.

    Overall, it controls between 46% and 50% of the residential market in the United States. This is a significant share of the market.
  • FedEx- FedEx reported revenue of $39.3 billion in 2011, which translated to an operating profit of $2.37 billion and a net profit of $1.42 billion for the year. FedEx has a market share that is equivalent to more than four-ninths of the total for express delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of utilizing United Parcel Service, and why should someone do so?

The customer is free to choose the distribution method (or modes) that, considering their specific requirements, is the most satisfactory to them.

UPS also provides several other services related to the supply chain, such as transporting goods, truckload broker, customs clearance, order processing, and returns management. You may learn about these offerings by visiting their website.

What are some of the things that are well-known about the delivery company UPS?

The United Parcel Business, more often referred to as UPS, is the most extensive and well-known parcel delivery service in the whole globe. The headquarters of the company may be found in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

At the location of the business that sells UPS services, patrons are able to pack and send their mail. In addition to that, they provide printing services and mailboxes that can be collected whenever it is convenient for the customer.

What kinds of services are offered to UPS’s clients by the company?

In-Store Services provides a comprehensive range of in-store services, such as computer access, notary services, photo services for identification documents such as passports and driver’s licenses, shredder services, design services, and office and postal supply services.

Offer assistance and support services to the regional businesses in your area by way of the Small Business Services program run by your organization.

How long does it take FedEx to deliver packages?

FedEx Home Delivery requires one business day up to five business days to deliver packages inside the 48 contiguous states of the United States and three business days up to seven business days to deliver packages to residential addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.

The location where the cargo originated and the travel distance to its final destination both play a role in determining the precise delivery time for FedEx Home Delivery packages.

Is FedEx able to facilitate the transfer of monetary funds?

According to the information that is provided on its website for FedEx, the company does not allow its customers to send money in the form of coins, cash, paper currency, or any other method that is equivalent to cash, such as bonds or cash letters.

This policy is in place because the company does not want its customers to be subject to the risk of theft or loss. This policy is applicable to all different ways that money may be sent.

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