22+ Differences Between Boxer Briefs And Trunks (Explained)

The typical loincloth of men has come along with new and advanced looks and patterns. As a result, there are many options that a man can choose from for his comfort.

Although boxer briefs and trunks are common household names, some men are unaware of the primary difference between the two articles. This article discusses the significant differences that boxer briefs and trunks share.


Key points of Boxer briefs:

  • Boxer briefs are meant for athletic activities.
  •  If you have thick legs, boxer briefs can be your choice. 
  • Appropriate for winters. 
  • They offer great fitting. 
  • They provide more coverage than trunks. 
  • You can wear them to the gym. 
  • They come in breathable fabrics.

Key points of Trunks:

  • Trunks are meant for normal day-to-day activities.
  •  If you have thin legs, trunks can be your choice. 
  • Appropriate for summers. 
  • They offer medium to loose fitting. 
  • They provide less coverage than boxer briefs. 
  • You cannot wear them to the gym. 
  • They do not offer a tight waistline. 

Comparison Between Boxer Briefs And Trunks

ParametersBoxer BriefsTrunks 
Length:Longer than trunksShorter than boxer briefs
FittingThey are well-fitting with breathable fabricThey offer loose fitting.
Recommended forTaller guys with thick legs. Guys with rectangular posterior. Short guys with thin legs.Thick or round rear. 
Suitable for which weatherBoxer briefs for cold winters.A pair of trunks for hot summer times.
Coverage They offer more coverage due to their length. They offer shorter coverage. 
AdvantagesVarious fabrics
Different colors and designs
Excellent protection 
Enhances your body shape
Breathable fabric
No itchy waistband

Major Difference Between Boxer Briefs And Trunks

What Are Boxer Briefs?

Boxer briefs give you the comfort of boxers and the look of briefs. They are shorts that make your legs appear muscular or slim. If you have extra fat on the top of your thighs, boxer briefs will help you in hiding that. 

But surprisingly, if you naturally possess thinner legs, boxer briefs can also enhance your appearance. Boxer briefs do not highlight your slim legs. As mentioned before, boxer briefs will provide you best of both worlds.

Hence, they will similarly cover your skin to a boxer. And for the support, they will play the role of the briefs. Even if you jog in boxer briefs, you would not feel uncomfortable. 

The best thing about boxer briefs is their well-fitting. The fitting will not appear too tight on your legs. So, you will not sweat down there. But at the same time, it’s not too loose that you would have to worry about it. 

What Are Trunks?

Trunks deliver a snug fit. They are comparatively shorter in size than boxer briefs. They start from below the waist, all the way down to the thighs.

They are flexible and comfortable. Got a short height or slim thighs? Trunks can help you enhance your appearance. 

Trunks reveal more of your skin. They won’t get bunched up or ride up regardless of how you sit.

Trunks will be the most comfortable option for you if you are into sports. They give your legs room to breathe. You can wear them under shorts easily. This will decrease your fear of your underpants peeking out of your shorts. 


Seven qualities that your underpants must possess:

  • They should avoid any burning sensation. 
  • They should not cause you any discomfort. 
  • They should be breathable. 
  • They should not make you sweat. 
  • They should be impeccable. 
  • They should secure your manhood. 
  • They should provide you with the normal temperature. 

Contrast Between Boxer Briefs And Trunks


  • Boxer Briefs – The inseam of your boxer briefs is generally 3-4 inches. It is often recommended to wear a pair of boxer brief that covers at least 1/3rd of your thigh. This recommended measurement will give your legs free moments. 
  • Trunks – Trunks offer a little less coverage than boxer briefs. Due to their much shorter coverage, your thighs would be on display. They also have a small but stretchable waistline. 


  • Boxer Briefs – Boxer briefs provide you with a tight-fitting. This will give your package more support. 
  • Trunks – Trunks lie on the looser fitting side. While they give you immense comfort, their support is not as efficient as boxer briefs. 


Boxer Briefs – The advantages of wearing a pair of boxer briefs are as follows:

  • As mentioned before, they are the best of both worlds!
  • Boxer briefs can sit perfectly on your skin. 
  • They can adjust well with your pants. 
  • They come in various designs and colors. 
  • They offer good coverage and excellent support. 
  • You are offered a variety of different fabrics to choose your boxer briefs from. 

Trunks – The major advantages of wearing trunks are:

  • Trunks enhance your natural shape. 
  • They provide you protection from rashes and skin irritations. 
  • Along with keeping your private parts intact, they are comfortable. 
  • Your private area is well ventilated in trunks. 
  • The waistbands are not so itchy or sticky. 
  • They are made from fabric that generally remains free from sweat. 

Common Use

  • Boxer Briefs – As boxer briefs give you both comfort and support, boxer briefs are highly often referred to for multi-purposes.

    If your job is to simply sit and work in your office, a boxer brief can be your choice. Similarly, if you are required to work out for hours in the gym, boxer briefs will give you support without being bunched up. 
  • Trunks – Trunks are more lenient and stretchable than boxer briefs. They are preferred when you are carrying out your normal day-to-day routine. 

Which One To Wear In Different Weather

  • Boxer Briefs – In winter, you don’t need your legs to get cold from the chilly air. The basic function of your clothes is to protect you from heat and cold.

    For the same reason, you should buy boxer briefs to keep yourself warm in winter. The slim fit of this garment will prevent the cool air from getting in. 
  • Trunks – In summers, you would want your legs to be all free from sweat and moisture. In such a case, the loose-fitting trunks should be your go-to. Your skin will remain fresh and free from all the sweat due to the comfortable fabric. 


  • Boxer Briefs – They cover much more than your trunks. If you don’t want to reveal much of your legs but still need them to feel free, boxer briefs are made just for you. 
  • Trunks – If you are feeling risky and want to opt for flashier clothing, you should definitely opt for trunks. This will give you less coverage but average support. 

Recommended For

  • Boxer Briefs – If you are of athletic build or simply possess a rectangular body type, you should, without a doubt, go with boxer briefs. They will compliment your legs if you have thick legs. 
  • Trunks – Trunks can work well for you if you have a thicker rear end. Your height can play an important role in deciding the type of undergarment you should wear. For instance, if you have short height with thin thighs, you should try trunks. 


  • Boxer Briefs – Boxer briefs are generally produced from cotton or cotton blend. For adding stretch to these boxer briefs, they often come in various synthetic. 
  • Trunks – Trunks are stitched out from cotton. This makes them very comfortable and spacious. 


Disadvantages of wearing boxer briefs:

  • They might lead to skin irritation. 
  • They can cause you discomfort. 
  • They might appear tight on the skin. 
  • If the correct size is not worn, they might leave no room for your skin to breathe. 
  • They may chafe. 
  • The tightness might cause you problems with your private parts. 

Disadvantages of wearing trunks:

  • They might form a noticeable mass between your legs. 
  • They are at risk of chafing. 
  • They cannot fit on a muscular build. 
  • They do not look much pleasant. 
  • It is not much supportive. 
  • They might not be a great choice to wear under your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which one is better trunks or boxer briefs?

The answer depends on your needs. If your daily activity requires you to go to the gym, your choice should be boxer briefs.

On the other hand, if you prioritize your comfort and do not have to play sports as part of your routine, trunks should suit you. 

Q2. Are trunks any different from shorts?

Yes, trunks are much shorter than shorts. They are looser on the waist and droopier. 

Q3. Are boxer briefs any better than briefs?

A boxer brief will basically provide you with the comfort of the boxers and the coverage of briefs. They will give you space to breathe, and they will avoid clinging to your skin.

On the other hand, briefs generally appear tighter on your skin. So, boxer briefs are proven to be your best option.  

Q4. Which one of them is attractive?

The answer has to be boxer briefs! Besides giving you comfort, boxer briefs highlight your natural shape.

Most men like to wear boxer briefs instead of any other underpants if the weather or climate allows them.

Boxer briefs are much more stylish than trunks. But, if you prefer comfort over fashion, then trunks can be your good-to-go. 

Q5. What makes boxer briefs so popular?

If you are an athlete, boxer briefs should be your rescue option. They not only support your package but also offer much-needed coverage.

They are airy, but at the same time, they hug your body at the required. Hence, boxer-briefs, which are often considered the best of both worlds, are so in demand. 

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