20+ Differences Between Eau De Toilette And Eau De Cologne (Explained)

Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne are part of the perfume industry and serve the same purpose of giving fragrance.

Only a few people know the main difference between both of these fragrance products is the intensity and quantity of the perfume content present in them.

The content of alcohol and essential oils used in the making of these products also differ. To read the details of the difference in these products, read below. 


The critical points of Eau de toilette:

  • Stronger and intense than Eau de cologne 
  • Usually consists of floral notes 
  • Stands at 3rd rank in the perfumery chart 
  • Comes in a spray bottle 
  • Lasts up to 4-5 hours 
  • It consists of 5-15% of essential oils 
  • Unisex but usually preferred by women 
  • Expensive than Eau de cologne

The critical points of Eau de cologne:

  • Lighter than Eau de toilette 
  • Usually consists of citrus or herbal notes 
  • Stands at 4th rank in the perfumery chart 
  • It comes in a cologne bottle usually but also comes in a spray bottle 
  • Lasts up to 2-3 hours 
  • It consists of 2-4% of essential oils 
  • Unisex but traditionally preferred by men 
  • Cheaper than Eau de cologne

Comparison Between Eau De Toilette And Cologne

Parameters Eau De Toilette Eau De Cologne
PurposeFor having a fruity and slightly stronger fragrance for wearing in office or daily usageA fresh fragrance with a subtle and comparatively lighter note that often include herbs or citrus
NotesUsually, floral scents or sometimes citrus Woody scent, spicy aroma, or citrus scent
Longevity 4-5 hours per day because of the high oil concentration2-3 hours per day because of the lower essential oil concentration 
How to apply them Do not rub the sprayed points of your skin. Avoid applying it to your hair. Always spray on the pulse points. Use petroleum jelly to make it last longerAfter drying your body completely, use a cologne, do not overdo it, and do not wash it away. Cologne is for body and NOT for your clothes 
The concentration of oils that decide the aroma5-15% of essential oils 2-4% of essential oils 
Recommended for Unisex product but often used by womenAnyone can wear it but generally popular among men. 

Major Difference Between Eau De Toilette And Eau De Cologne

What Is Eau De Toilette?

It is a fragrance product that is best effective after a bath. The essential fragrance of Eau de toilette is supposed to be of very light intensity, but the natural heat of human bodies increases the intensity.

The concentrated oils used in Eau de toilette are between 5-15%. This quantity of concentrated oil decides the longevity of the fragrance. 

Eau de toilette is meant for use on the skin directly. If you spray them on your clothes, they may stain your clothes. Eau de toilette is sold in spray bottles.

The quantity of these bottles is generally large as compared to colognes. Eau de toilette is adopted from French, which translates to getting ready.  

Eau de toilette is unisex. It means both men and women can use it. The perfume industry has marked cologne for men and perfumes for women. The ingredients and the fragrance notes of the spray also decide whether it would suit a woman or a man. 

What Is Eau De Cologne?

The perfume essence present in Eau de Cologne is generally of lower concentration. Only 2-4% of perfume essence can be found in cologne. A good cologne can stay up to around 3 hours. 

The affordability and the choice of fragrance make cologne well-adorned in the perfume industry. Usually, a cologne consists of herbs and citrus notes and some basic notes. Cologne is considered a safer option in the whole perfume industry. 

It can be challenging to find the ‘right’ cologne for yourself. However, you can try four different colognes at the same time during the process of selection. Then apply two of them on your wrists and the remaining two on the inside of your elbows. 


The origin of Eau de toilette- 

  • The origin of Eau de toilette all the way back to the 14th century 
  • It was discovered by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary 
  • She mixed a fragrant oil with alcohol and tested it on her skin 
  • The aromatic mix slowly faded away, leaving the aroma on her skin 
  • This first toilet water was named ‘eau de la reine de hongrie’
  • It literally translated to ‘water of the queen of Hungary’
  • It was later renamed Eau de toilette which is popular even in today’s date

The origin of Eau de cologne- 

  • An Italian perfumer discovered Eau de cologne 
  • Giovanni Maria Farina produced the original Eau de cologne in 1709
  • The fragrance reminded him of Italian spring, daffodils, and mountains 
  • The scent was based on his birthplace- Santa Maria Maggiore Valle Vigezzo 
  • Initially, this cologne was a fragranced meant for only rich
  • Giovanni made tons of money by packing this cologne for the elite class
  • His Obenmarspforten perfume factory, which is located in Europe is the oldest perfume factory 

Contrast Between Eau De Toilette And Eau De Cologne


  • Eau De Toilette – Eau de toilette will give you a comparatively more robust and long-lasting fragrance.

    Eau de toilette is usually preferred for everyday usage and office wear. Eau de toilette is typical of a higher grade than a cologne.

    Usually, Eau de toilette can last for hours without the need for re-applying. You can wear the spray on your pulse points for a better effect.
  • Eau De Cologne – If you need freshness and purity, you can opt for cologne. Cologne was traditionally made for hygiene and cleaning purposes.

    Cologne usually consists of floral or citrus notes in lighter quantities. If you want a faint or very light fragrance, cologne should be your choice. 

Who Should Use Them

  • Eau De Toilette – Even though Eau de toilette is a unisex product, its light fragrance of it makes it popular among women. 
  • Eau De Cologne – A cologne can be worn by both men and women. But it is usually preferred by men. 

How to wear them

Eau De Toilette – For wearing your Eau de toilette properly, go through the following steps:

  • You can directly spray the perfume on your naked skin. It won’t cause you any damage 
  • Do NOT spray it on your clothes, as it will fade away quickly 
  • Avoid your Eau de toilette coming in touch with your hair as it can be proved fatal to your hair
  • Spray mostly on your pulse points 
  • Avoid rubbing your wrists together if you have applied the spray on your wrists
  • Rubbing the sprayed point will cause the top note to fade away quickly, so your fragrance will not last long
  • Make sure you don’t accidentally inhale the fragrance of your Eau de toilette 

Eau De Cologne – The following steps can be taken to apply your cologne in the right way:

  • Once you step out of the shower and dry your body, you can spray the cologne 
  • It is advised to apply the cologne to your pulse points, especially on the wrists 
  • Do not go overboard with the spraying 
  • Applying cologne only 2-3 times is more than enough 
  • Do not rub your skin or wash it with water after applying cologne 


  • Eau De Toilette- It contains 5-15% of the oil concentration. This makes Eau de toilette last long and easily affordable. 
  • Eau De Cologne – Cologne has 2-4% of essential oil concentration. This concentration of essential oil decides the fragrance of your cologne or Eau de toilette. 


  • Eau De Toilette – The longevity of the fragrance of your cologne or EDT will mostly depend on the essential oils. Generally, Eau de toilette will last up to 4-5 hours in a day. 
  • Eau De Cologne – As mentioned before, cologne has a very low concentration of oil that makes cologne last lesser than Eau de toilette. A cologne can generally last up to 2-3 hours in a day. 


  • Eau De Toilette – The notes are usually of lighter scents. EDT usually gives off floral scents. Sometimes it can be a citrus fragrance as well. 
  • Eau De Cologne – Along with a little base note, cologne can provide you with a woody, spicy, or citrus fragrance.

    Generally, wood notes have an earthy smell. Spice notes can give you a great fragrance if mixed with a floral scent. Sometimes it can be a sweet fragrance as well. 


  • Eau De Toilette – A spray bottle is used as the main package for using a lighter amount of spray. 
  • Eau De Cologne – Generally, it comes in a cologne bottle that can be dabbed directly on your skin. But sometimes, it can come in a spray bottle as well. 

Rank On Perfume Chart

  • Eau De Toilette – According to the perfumery chart, Eau de toilette comes in the 3rd position. This rank is based on the concentration of essential oils. 
  • Eau De Cologne – The position of cologne is 4th based on the level of oil concentration it possesses. 


  • Eau De Toilette – Ou-de-twa-let
  • Eau De Cologne – Ou-de-ke-loun


Areas to apply Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne:

  • Before applying EDT or EDC, you can use petroleum jelly or any lotion to lock the scent 
  • You can apply them to your neck 
  • You can wear them on the pulse points at your wrists
  • On the elbow 
  • Spraying on the forearm will work as well
  • You can apply them to your shoulder blades 
  • On your chest 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is Eau de cologne stronger than Eau de toilette?

No, Eau de cologne is weaker than Eau de toilette. Apparently, EDC consists of lower concentrations.

On the other hand, the concentration of Eau de toilette is much higher. The longevity of EDC is hence lesser than Eau de toilette. 

Q2. Are toilet water and cologne the same?

Yes, cologne is also called toilet water. This is because of the traditional main ingredient of cologne.

It can be lilac water, violet water, or even the spirit of myrcia. Hence, cologne is sometimes called ‘toilet water.’ But it is not a common name. 

Q3. How can my cologne last longer?

Do not store or keep your cologne in the bathroom. Instead of spraying the cologne directly on your clothes, you should spray it only on the skin.

Before applying the cologne, apply moisturizer on the appropriate spots. 

Q4. Is it safe to store the cologne in a fridge?

Yes, you can safely store the cologne in your fridge. The longevity of your cologne can be affected by the change in temperature, heat radiators, or direct sunlight.

In such cases, you can store the cologne in a dark and cold place like a fridge. This will make your cologne last longer. 

Q5. Why should I use Eau de toilette?

If you need a less intense fragrance for daily usage, you can use Eau de toilette. The intensity of Eau de toilette is very light.

If you accidentally over-spray it, the intensity of the fragrance will automatically lighten down. 

Q6. How many times should I use Eau de toilette?

If your spray is very light in intensity and you prefer a stronger one, then you can spray it 3-4 times a day until you get your desired result.

If your fragrance is already very strong, your desired result can be achieved within 1-2 sprays only. 

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