20+ Differences Between Engagement And Wedding Ring (Explained)

There is so much confusion regarding the difference between a wedding and an engagement ring. Even you would have any queries about it.

Does your wedding and engagement band have to match? Do you have to wear both at the same time? And whatnot. But you have landed at a safe place. Scroll below to know the difference between both rings. 

The Major Difference Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring

What exactly is an engagement ring?

The existence of Engagement rings in the world took place years after the wedding bands. It was first used by Archduke Maximilian.

However, the rings were later popularized by Shakespeare’s poetry, where he described how the tradition of engagement and wedding bands has become common. 

And looking at the popularity of engagement rings today, it’s not wrong to say that an engagement ring has become a primary element of every wedding. 

The engagement rings are exchanged on the day of the proposal or when the couple has decided to get engaged. Traditionally the ring consisted of one dominant stone. But today’s customized rings allow you to either wear cluster rings or a simple band. 

What Exactly Is A Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring is presented to each other on the wedding day. These wedding rings are simpler rings than traditional engagement rings. They do not have any diamond in the center or any stone, for that matter. 

Besides referring to the traditional meaning of the wedding ring, it also depicts a symbolic expression. The roundness of the ring stands for eternity or forever.

The hole in the ring signifies the pathway to future married life. This tiny and simple ring defines the commitment of the immortal and sincere love of the couple. 

The wedding rings of men are usually thicker than the wedding bands of brides. Typically made of one metal, these rings for the groom have space to customize according to one’s preference. 


Primary differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring

Key points of engagement ring:

Your engagement ring should be worn on the finger between your middle finger and pinky finger. 

  • Consists of big diamonds or stones 
  • Usually preferred for women
  • Presented during proposal 
  • Mainly consists of a gemstone
  • Costlier than wedding bands
  • Three types 
  • Symbolizes the intention of marrying your significant other

Key points of wedding ring:

While your engagement ring is worn on the left hand, you can wear the wedding ring on the same finger as well. 

  • It is characterized by a plain band
  • Both men and women wear it
  • Exchanged on the wedding day
  • Consists of a plain band 
  • Cheaper than the engagement ring
  • Four types
  • Symbolizes both bond and unity forever 

Parameters Engagement Ring Wedding Ring 
Aim Used as a proposal to get married The final ring which is exchanged between the couple
Time During proposalOne the marriage day
Gender Mostly women Both men and women 
CostDepends on the stone used. Generally costlier than the wedding bands.Traditional rings are comparatively cheaper. If stones are used, the cost increases.
Design Mainly focuses on the central stone, which can be any gemstone or a diamond.Primarily consists of a simple band. You can opt for diamond bands as well.
Types Solitaire ring, Pave Ring, Halo ringPlain wedding band, sapphire ring, eternity ring, classic diamond ring

The Contrast Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring


  • Engagement ring – An engagement ring is to depict that your partner is taken. It is generally gifted by the groom-to-be after proposing to the lady. The engagement ring is usually fancy as it also depicts the wealth of the man. 
  • Wedding ring – This ring is exchanged on the wedding day itself as the couple finally ties the knot. It does not have to be as fancy as the engagement ring itself. 


  • Engagement ring – The engagement ring is worn after the proposal. Women have to wear this ring until the marriage and even after the marriage as well if they want to. 
  • Wedding ring – The couple wears the wedding bands or the rings on the wedding day itself. 


How to choose the one ring:

  • Make your budget 
  • It’s better to go for the ring selection together
  • Keep your options open by looking in the other stores as well
  • Focus on the ring design which is preferred by both of you
  • Select the best metal which fits your ring
  • Search for a professional who can customize your ring

The Meaning Behind The Ring

  • Engagement ring – The conventional meaning of the engagement ring is to seek the approval of the lady’s father and then exchange ownership of her. Later on, the style and customization of these rings enhanced as they started to represent the wealth of the man. 
  • Wedding ring – The wedding ring, as mentioned above, simply represents never-ending love and unity. It also signifies infinity and unconditional love in the future. 


Engagement ring – The engagement ring mainly consists of three types:

  • Pave engagement ring- It includes tiny diamonds spread over the face. They can either cover the whole ring or just a particular part of the ring.
  • Solitaire engagement ring- It is basically a standard frame with a stone at the center. The reason it is one of the bestsellers is because of its elegant and classy design. 
  • Halo engagement ring- It is surrounded by small stones or diamonds all over the frame. 

Wedding ring – Wedding rings are major of four types as follows:

  • A plain wedding band which can be of any material like white, gold and platinum.
  • Eternity rings
  • Classic diamond rings
  • Sapphire rings 


  • Engagement ring – These rings are meant to show off the gorgeous stones. Hence the design is usually very elegant and extravagant. Along with the small diamonds covering the frame, you can also customize the ring with a particularly bigger diamond or any gem in the center. 
  • Wedding ring – Wedding rings are comparatively less complex in design and follow a typical and simple structure. You can still add some gems or small diamonds to your band if you want. But the traditional style of these wedding rings does not include any particularly large stones. 


Few ways to present an engagement ring to your partner:

  • The classic proposal method- Bending on one knee and presenting the ring.
  • Present the ring after singing your partner’s favorite song under the stars. 
  • Propose to your partner by giving them a shiny diamond ring in the darkness of the theatre. 
  • Giving a cute little speech and ending it with a sweet proposal.
  • Give your partner a ring on top of the Ferris Wheel
  • Throw a surprise party and confess your feelings in front of everyone
  • Visit someplace which holds memories for both of you, say a park. And then propose to your partner. 


  • Engagement ring- Classic, modern or vintage- an engagement provides you with these basic styles and looks. A traditional engagement ring is marked with a center stone. The prongs surround the diamond to reflect it- this is the basic design of a traditional engagement ring. 

    Now your engagement ring can also include a layer of stones around the central stone. Modern rings can be a subtle choice who need a more elegant-looking ring. Vintage rings are decorated with stones other than the diamond itself. 
  • Wedding ring- A class wedding band is generally marked with a plain round ring without any additional stone, except diamonds. But the evolving trend of wedding rings now features entwined rings and so on.

    You can also customize the border of your rings. The eternity ring- is a type of wedding ring which includes diamonds all over the frame. A wedding ring also comes in classic, vintage, and modern styles. 


  • Engagement ring – An engagement ring comes in yellow, white, and rose gold. Since the engagement rings also include a center stone. Traditionally, a white diamond would be the right choice. But if you want to experiment, you can also go for yellow or pink diamonds. You can also opt for pearls as the main stone. 
  • Wedding ring – The wedding rings also comes in various designs in yellow, white, and rose gold. You can also opt for a platinum ring. A white gold wedding ring is considered very popular, but a platinum ring will stay with you longer in terms of durability and shine. 


  • Engagement ring – The gemstones and the elegance of engagement rings obviously make them costlier than wedding rings. Platinum is the costliest in an engagement ring as well as in a wedding ring. The price of an engagement ring is based on the central stone of the ring. 
  • Wedding ring – The traditional wedding rings are cheaper than engagement for obvious reasons. But if you add diamonds to the simple wedding band, then these bands can affect your wallet more than engagement rings. As mentioned before, if you go with a platinum band, it will be comparatively expensive. 


Reasons for which you can’t wear both the rings:

  • You want comfort and a light-weighted ring on your hand
  • You are afraid of losing at least one of the rings
  • You can’t decide which ring you should wear or which two rings you should buy
  • Instead of buying two expensive rings, you can buy a single stand-out ring
  • You can go for a considerably larger ring instead of wearing two rings on the same finger 
  • A single ring is more comfortable than two rings 
  • Your stress of losing the rings decreases if you wear one ring

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Where should one wear their engagement and wedding rings?

It depends on your preference. The engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger, as mentioned above. The wedding ring is placed on the same finger.

You can either wear them on the same finger or move your engagement ring to the middle finger. 

Q2. Why are engagement rings costlier than wedding rings?

For having elegant and gorgeous gemstones on the ring, engagement rings are more expensive than conventional wedding bands.

But the cost of your engagement ring will depend precisely on the type of stone you choose. 

Q3. What are the advantages of an eternity ring?

The reason that makes an eternity ring so loveable is the fact that you can wear it with or without your engagement ring. This ring consists of a diamond band that gives a lustrous appeal from every angle. 

Q4. Do you need your engagement ring on the marriage day?

Usually, women prefer switching the rings from the left to the right hand before the ring exchange ceremony so that the wedding ring can be slid easily.

You can swap the ring back to the place once you are done with the ring exchange. 

Q5. Is it necessary that only men should buy an engagement ring, or only women should wear the ring?

As per the tradition, yes. Only men buy the engagement ring to propose to their better half.

As the conventional meaning of an engagement ring represented ownership, most men didn’t like the idea of wearing an engagement ring.

However, since the times are changing, men do not hesitate anymore to wear an engagement ring. In simpler words, it depends on your and your partner’s preference. 

Q6. Are promise rings and engagement rings supposedly the same things?

No, they are not. Promise rings are not used as engagement rings. Promise rings also indicate a deep friendship.

So, promise rings are not limited to only your partner. However, engagement rings indicate only pure commitment and love. 

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