20+ Differences Between Jeans And Pants (Explained)

Jeans and pants are garments that are used to cover our legs. Unfortunately, these terms have been used so interchangeably that it won’t be a surprise if you refer to jeans as pants and vice versa.

However, it’s time to put an end to this error. This article will discuss every aspect of the differences between Jeans and Pants. How are they different? Which of them is formal? Which one of them can give you a rough look? Read to find out. 


Key points of Jeans:

  • Relaxed and rough type of bottom wear
  • Costlier than pants 
  • More durable than the pants 
  • They are made of denim 
  • They mostly come in blue color 
  • They are made for both men and women 
  • Jeans do not require much washing 

Key points of Pants:

  • A formal and sophisticated type of bottom wear
  • Cheaper than jeans 
  • Less durable than the jeans
  • They are made of linen, cotton, wool, etc. 
  • They come in many colors 
  • Traditionally for men, now women wear them as well
  • Pants require daily washing 

Comparison Between Jeans And Pants

Parameters Jeans Pants 
Purpose A relaxed type of fashion that is best for flaunting your casualnessEasy and comfortable approach h to a work uniform 
Durability The rough and tough nature of jeans makes them more durable than any other pants.Since pants deliver a formal look, they are not so heavy and durable as compared to jeans.
Types Jeans have a variety of ranges. It can be slim-fit, skinny, relaxed, regular, loose-fit, etc. Pants include different types of bottom wear- cargo pants, chinos
Advantages Variety and versatility Not climate exclusive, Not required to wash daily, Durability and affordability Everyday comfort Looks presentable for a formal occasion, Easy to breathe through the material Fashion statement. 
Fabric Made of durable and hard twill cotton fabric known as denim For having a formal appeal, the fabrics used can be linen, wool, silk, nylon, fleece, rayon, etc.
Disadvantages Costly Tight Contains toxic chemicals Harmful to the environment Limited to formal wears can cause yeast infection and Requires frequent washing 

Major Difference Between Jeans And Pants

What Are Jeans?

The rough and tough look of jeans gives a rugged appeal to your outfit. Jeans have been very popular among both men and women across the universe.

Jeans were originally called ‘work pants’ in the late 19th century. Jeans were a discovery of Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. The present-time status of jeans has practically started its cult. 

What Are Pants?

You might know it by the name of pantaloons or trousers. Yes, they mean the same thing. Pants, which only men wore traditionally, have evolved rapidly.

Pants are adorned to cover oneself from the waist to the ankle. In the present times, even women can be seen carrying pants effortlessly. 

Contrast Between Jeans And Pants


Types of Jeans:

  • Slim fit
  • Skinny fit 
  • Tapered 
  • Relaxed
  • Regular 
  • Loose fit 
  • Bootcut 
  • Flared 

Types of pants:

  • Cords
  • Chinos 
  • Corduroys 
  • Pajamas 
  • Cargo pants 
  • Track pants 
  • Khakis 
  • Slacks 
  • Joggers 

Main Purpose 

  • Jeans – If you are at some casual workplace, going for weekend getaways, or simply relaxing, jeans can be of great use to you. From sitting comfortably to trekking for hours, jeans will serve the purpose of casualness.  
  • Pants – Practical and comfortable approach to work attire. Generally considered a formal garment, you can wear pants in any work-related meetings or even wedding ceremonies. 


Jeans- The variety of jeans and their characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Slim fit- Snug-fit jeans that highlight the curve of your legs
  • Skinny fit- Just like slim-fit jeans, they hug your legs as well. But the openings of the legs are small 
  • Tapered- The fitting of these jeans narrows at the top of the ankle 
  • Relaxed- A loose fit but not exactly baggy look 
  • Regular- These jeans hug your legs straight from hip to thigh
  • Loose fit- The thigh and knees area of these jeans are loose
  • Bootcut- The top of the jeans is well fitted, but the ankle of the jeans gets flared
  • Flared- Also known as bell-bottom, flared jeans are wide from the knee area and below 

Pants- The variety of pants and their characteristics are as below:

  •  Cords: These pants are made of soft but rigid fabric
  • Chinos- Pants made up of cotton and synthetic fiber
  • Corduroys- The fabric includes the weaving of thread in diagonal lines
  • Pajamas- Loose garments that are most suitable for loungewear
  • Cargo pants- The main attraction of these cotton trousers are the huge pockets on either side of the legs
  • Track pants- Joggers made up of polyester
  • Khakis- Contains flat front design or pleated design
  • Slacks- Dressy garments that are appropriate for a formal or semi-formal outfit 
  • Joggers- Traditionally, sportswear that gives an athletic approach to dressing 


  • Jeans – Jeans are made up of denim that is very rough. The main features of denim include durability and adaptability. You can expect your jeans to last for many years. 
  • Pants – Pants come in soft and sophisticated fabrics. You can’t expect much durability from pants. 


  • Jeans – Jeans give you a casual yet stylish look.  
  • Pants – Pants have a sophisticated and classy approach to them. 


Jeans- The main reasons why you should wear jeans are listed below:

  • Jeans come in endless colors and fit to fill up your wardrobe. 
  • Even though jeans were initially for being work attire. But nowadays they have become a stylish outfit part. 
  • You don’t have to worry about wasting your time washing it every day. Yes! You read that right. Jeans can go days or weeks without being required to be washed. 
  • You can experiment with your jeans by yourself. You can add charms or rip them partly. Experimenting with your jeans is a great way to channel your inner fashion designer.
  • Jeans are very durable and require low maintenance. 
  • Be it a casual function or an office meeting that requires low dressing efforts; jeans can help you to look presentable. 

Pants- The major advantages of wearing a pair of pants are as follows:

  • Well-fitted pants have become a style statement.
  • The delicate and good-looking fabrics give you style without taking away your comfort.
  • Be it a necessity or just for fashion, the usage of pants will never go out of style. You can pair them with any shirt to look classy.
  • Slimming pants or any fitting trousers will boost your confidence about your future. 
  • Pants can fit on any body shape. Regardless of your gender, you can easily rock pants. 
  • Pants are easily affordable and a bit durable.
  • They are not much tight as jeans. You won’t have to worry about excessive sweating while wearing pants. 


  • Jeans – While a pair of pants would require different types of fabrics for different looks, a pair of jeans is made of only denim. Denim is durable and hard twill cotton. 
  • Pants – As mentioned before, pants would require a different type of fabric for a different type of pants.

The artificial type of fibers used for trousers or pants are:

  • Nylon 
  • Polyester 
  • Rayon 
  • Fleece 
  • Acrylic 

The natural fibers used in the making of pants are as follows:

  • Cotton 
  • Linen 
  • Wool 
  • Silk 

Recommended For

  • Jeans – Meant for a casual look, jeans are well adorned by both men and women.
  • Pants – Pants are mostly used as a part of work attire. Traditionally pants were only worn by men. But now, women are seen wearing pants as well. 


Disadvantages of wearing Jeans:

  • The natural dye or color of your new jeans can gradually fade away
  • Denim production is harmful to the environment 
  • Jeans can be pricey because of the top-quality fabric used 
  • Wearing jeans for a long time can cause you genital infections
  • No matter how good you look in tight or skinny jeans, at some point, they can become uncomfortable to wear
  • Toxic chemicals are present in skinny jeans 
  • Tight jeans may lead your nerves to get damaged 
  • Jeans can cause heartburn as well 

Disadvantages of wearing pants:

  • Wearing leggings can make you feel uncomfortable 
  • Tight pants can cause you yeast infection 
  • Wearing pants that are tight on your waist can disturb the blood circulation 
  • Tight pants can create a barrier to the circulation of blood in the lower limbs
  • You cannot match your pants with every casual outfit 
  • Cargo pants are not well-suitable for every shirt 
  • Pants require frequent trips to the laundry 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can I differentiate jeans from pants?

Jeans are themselves a type of pants. You can say that jeans are an informal version of pants. The typical features of jeans would include zipper loops, button clasp, front and back pockets, and copper rivets.  

Q2. Are jeans and khaki pants similar?

Jeans and khaki pants are types of pants. However, they are not the same. The major difference is the fabric used. Jeans are made up of denim fabric which is hard and durable.

They generally come in blue color. On the other hand, khaki pants are made up of fine linen or cotton. They generally come in khaki color, which is a combination of yellow and pale brown. 

Q3. Is there any difference between jeans and denim?

Yes, you cannot use jeans and denim interchangeably. For starters, denim refers simply to the fabric that makes up the jeans. Denim is not only limited to jeans.

It can make skirts or shorts as well. Hence, denim and jeans are NOT the same things. 

Q4. Which one is expensive, between pants and jeans?

Jeans are indeed more costly than pants. The reason is simple. The fabric used in the making of jeans is of higher quality.

The fine design and stitching also add up to the rising cost of jeans. Hence, it might surprise you, but yes, jeans are costlier than pants. 

Q5. So, which one is better between pants and jeans?

Before asking the question, you must know about your needs. For example, if you want a formal look to look presentable in your office, pants can be an appropriate option for you.

However, if you want a casual look and don’t have time to wash your garments daily, you can use jeans as your rescue option. 

Q6. Are pants more comfortable than jeans?

Yes, the loose fit of pants will give you comfort and allow your skin to breathe properly.

On the other hand, well-fitted jeans might give you a good look or make your casual attire more spice, but they won’t give you much comfort.

Q7. Can jeans be worn every day?

You must take intervals after a few days of wearing your jeans. Research shows that wearing jeans can cause blood clotting.

No matter how much relief jeans can give you in terms of wearing them without being required washed.

But your health should not be compromised by skipping the washing routine.

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