19+ Pros and Cons of Eyeliner Tattoo (Explained)

Permanent makeup is one of the trending things; it can be ideal or maybe puzzling depending on how you are taking it and what is in your consideration. 

Having on-point eyeliner is something that everyone wants to achieve daily. But it can be a hassle, especially when you don’t have enough time. 

Makeup lovers started to seek permanent makeup, which is less tiresome.  However, getting an eyeliner tattoo is not an easy decision, so it’s important to learn the pros and cons, so you choose the right option for yourself. 

To help you in making the decisions, here is the list of eyeliner tattoo pros and cons. 

Advantage Of Eyeliner TattooDisadvantage Of Eyeliner Tattoo
Get on-point eyeliner It is expensive 
No need for waterproof eyeliner Pigment can migrate 
Different styles to choose It’s not a comfortable process
Its semi-permanent Recovery takes time
No smudge or raccoon eyes It is painful 
Perfect eyeliner every morning It is a commitment 
Helps in saving time Trends change faster 
Helps in decreasing load of makeup 
Save your money 
Avoid the mess
You can go back to normal one

Advantage Of Eyeliner Tattoo

To understand why an eyeliner tattoo can be a beneficial option for you, here are the advantages that you should consider. 

Always Have Eyeliner On Point 

There is no doubt that getting the perfect wing is not easy. To make it happen, you need to draw it over and over, practice and learn. 

So when you are in a rush, applying eyeliner can be a big hassle. Or you need to give it extra time to get the eyeliner you wish you had. 

However, eyeliner tattooing can help in solving the issue. Every day, you are getting the perfect wing. So even when you wake up late, you can still save time and effort. 

So save yourself from stressful moments but also get eyeliner on point every morning. 

Save Money On Waterproof Makeup 

Those who wear makeup, especially eyeliners, are very well aware of the raccoon eye situation. 

There are chances that you might end up forgetting your umbrella and get caught in a downpour. Or maybe you jump into the pool during a pool party, forgetting about your eyeliner. 

Unless you have waterproof eyeliner, you can’t avoid dark eyes. But on the other hand, it can be time-consuming and difficult to remove your eyeliner. 

 reasons to have eyeliner tattoo 

With the eyeliner tattoo, you can solve such a situation. So spend your day at the beach or going out in the ocean while making sure you have the perfect cat eyes. 

With this, you can avoid the uncomfortable process of scrubbing it off. 

You Have Various Styles To Choose From 

The right eyeliner can depend on your personality.  On some faces, thin lines look best, but for some people, it looks better if the line is bold and bigger. 

Your eyeliner artist can help you in getting the eyeliner that suits your face. 

When you go for the appointment, you can pick the design which suits you the best. 

types of eyeliner to choose for eyes

It Means it It’s Semi-Permanent 

Because of the nature of the permanent eyeliner and the location. The dye used in it will not last forever. 

However, it still stays longer, depending on the quality of your tattoo.  For this reason, you need to understand different factors that you should consider. 

It’s Gonna Be There 

Eyeliner is one of the staple makeup styles. Thus, having permanent makeup can help you in keeping it more attractive. 

Consider the following situation where having permanent eyeliner can be convenient for you. 

  • Well, if you are going for the long shift, it requires you to re-apply it through the day. 
  • You sleep over at the place of your partner and have to bring the makeup as well as makeup remover every time. 
  • You are going to the beach or pool party. Still, you must keep looking great and want to swim. 
  • If you have an overnight flight to take
  • You wear the same eyeliner every single day. 

It Will Help In Saving A Lot Of Time 

Anyone who draws eyeliner daily will know how painful and hard it is to do in the morning. 

If you are going for an eyeliner tattoo, it can help keep you from the trauma of drawing the perfect wing on one side and another that is mushy, misplaced, or asymmetrical. 

Even with most of the skill and experience, it takes time and trouble to get the thick and long eyeliner. 

It can help you in saving the time you spend on getting it. Also, you don’t have to schedule extra minutes. Avoiding the stress and mess it creates. 

Eventually It Will Fade 

However, it does sound like a con, but actually, it’s one of the best parts if you are going for permanent eyeliner. This will fade over time, giving you time to modify the look. Not just that, if you are tired of it, you can choose some other style or go back to the old one. 

It Helps In Avoiding Mess 

People who wear eyeliner know the tension of creating the wings. Even if you get the perfect one on one side, the other will take forever to get it done. 

Imagine if you have an important meeting to attend, an event, class, or function.  This can be nerve-wracking to get both sides of eyeliner perfect. 

With the Eyeliner tattoo, you don’t have to worry about the mess. Simply get the perfect eyeliner for everything and anything. 

It Helps You In Saving Money 

Buying eyeliners can be costly, and makeup is not cheap. So it can help you in saving money on at least one thing. 

With that, you don’t have to spend money on buying make-up products, removals, and spending time on finding the best one for you. 

Lessen The Load 

Carrying makeup yourself everywhere can be daunting. When you have an eyeliner tattoo,  you don’t have to carry eyeliner for touch-ups or reapplying. 

It will help in lessening the load of carrying makeup with you. Not just that, you don’t have to worry about if you are carrying eyeliner or not with you. 

Disadvantage Of Eyeliner Tattoo

Well where you get different benefits of having the eyeliner tattoo, there are some drawbacks too that you require to consider. 

Pigments Can Migrate Sometimes

Pigment migration can happen when you are going for permanent makeup. It can even be possible with regular small body art tattoos. 

Sometimes, it can happen when no great technique is used. Or the properties of the skin, which can be too oily and large pores. 

PMU pigments can leak out, which can be the original outline and blur the borders. 

Since the eyelids are thin, this tends to happen when you are going for eyeliner more than using permanent makeup treatment. 

The Treatment And Recovery Are Not Comfortable

Permanent eyeliner can be done using an electric cosmetic device for tattooing to open the skin and implement the pigments. So you are taunting your eyelids. 

The treatment can be done using the topical anesthetic, which numbs the area. Well, it is for not making your experiences painless. 

But having the needle get pierced, which is dedicated to the eyelid to the skin over and over, can help you in entailing some kind of discomfort. 

This makes you feel much more pressured and pricked; having something poked around the eyes for a long time makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s Not Easy To Get Rid Of it 

Using the permanent eyeliner fades after the years 2 – 3. But sometimes, it doesn’t take that long to get rid of it. 

If pigment migrates as well permanently, then it can be smudged. You need to remove the part which is affected, which can be done very fast. 

If you notice the turn in color, this might be an issue that you have to face if you are choosing an eyeliner tattoo. 

PMU removal can be done, but it takes time.  Whatever you choose can be laser, saline or using glycolic acid for removal.  It might take more than 8 to 10 sessions to completely eliminate it. 

Makeup Never Stays Same For Long 

The beauty world is highly dynamic, and it changes trends too often. If you are getting a more dramatic permanent look that can be trendy now, it can change anytime.  So there are chances of getting it out of the month. But it can be an issue to keep the issue to stay with it. 

So it’s essential to choose something subtle; this can help you keep regular makeup instead of choosing something that can’t stick. 

It Can Be Pricey 

There is no doubt that an eyeliner tattoo can be expensive; it’s not cheap at all.

However, the price depends on the place you are going for also if you are going for a winged or thick line which is thought simple or eyelash, which might be different. 

The Whole Process Can Be Uncomfortable 

One of the cons that you get from eyeliner tattoos is the process is not comfortable. 

The skin around your eyes is sensitive, so it can be uncomfortable and cause numbness too. 

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