20+ Pros And Cons Of Face Waxing (Explained)

Living in the 21st century and comprehending the standards that we set for ourselves is pretty crucial.

And with the ongoing trend, people tend to fit in the criteria set by others which is okay, but sometimes things can get toxic by trying to be in a place where you don’t belong. With that note, we are going to realize the traits of Face Waxing.

Pros Of Face WaxingCons Of Face Waxing
Nourishes the skinCauses hyperpigmentation
Removes unwanted hairCan burn the skin
Gives a clean look Causes wrinkles
Prevents ingrown hairLong-term damage to the skin cells 
Prevents extreme hair growthContains artificial chemicals

Advantages Of Face Waxing

Face Waxing has multiple advantages to your skin, and here we are listing out a few for you to understand.


Benefits of Face Waxing

  • Gives a smooth skin
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Clears the skin
  • Makes your skin look fresh
  • Intensifies your skin texture
  • Rejuvenates your skin from within
  • Eliminated unwanted hair and dirt particles.
  • Results in nicer makeup.

Elimination Of Dirt

Face Waxing eliminates the accumulated dirt over days or weeks and gives a neat finish once done Waxing. Elimination of dirt will further help in the prevention of acne and boils, which are usually caused by dust particles.

Removes Unwanted Hair

Removal of facial hair is one of the prime advantages of Face Waxing, unwanted hair that is grown on the face can collect a lot of dirt which makes a face look uneven and tanned. This is merely one reason why a lot of people opt for Face Waxing. 

Gives A Clean Look

Face Waxing indeed gives a clean and clear look to your face, which is certainly a dream of a lot of young adults. Who does not look for a clean and clear look? Opting for Face Waxing does the thing for you. 

Enhances the Skin Texture 

Face Waxing elevates the real skin underneath and gives a more elaborate look to your skin which indeed enhances the skin texture. When the skin texture is enhanced, it leads to fresh-looking skin, which is something everyone looks for.

Exfoliates the Skin

Face Waxing not just helps in the removal of unwanted hair and dirt, but it aids in the exfoliation of the skin, which in return gives silky skin. 

Results in Nicer Makeup 

When hair is eliminated through Face Waxing, it results in a smooth texture which leads to a nicer finish when makeup is done. A lot of people get rid of their facial hair before applying makeup to attain nicer makeup.

Thins out The Hair

The major benefit of Face Waxing is that it does not allow thicker and darker hair to grow back, as it removes the hair from the roots and it only allows the thin hair follicles to grow back.

Less Discomfort

Face Waxing is less discomfort compared with epilators and creams, which is another reason why a bunch of people opts for Face Waxing.

Disadvantages of Face Waxing

So far, we have learned a bunch of advantages concerning Face Waxing; however, there are disadvantages too. Here are a few which we mentioned for you to know.


Complications of Face Waxing

  • Darkens your skin when exposed to extreme sunlight
  • The ultimate heat of the wax can burn your skin
  • Contains harsh chemicals which the skin cannot tolerate 
  • Damages skin cells
  • It can cause wrinkles with the pulling procedure. 
  • Can be painful
  • Causes allergies to the skin
  • This leads to premature aging

Causes Hyperpigmentation

Once done with Face Waxing, the exposure of skin to the sun rays can cause extreme damage to the skin and promotes hyperpigmentation. To prevent hyperpigmentation, one needs to use sunblock lotion and avert exposure to sun rays as much as possible.

Contains Artificial Chemicals

Face waxing gel contains artificial and harmful chemicals which certainly might not suit all skin types. If you are going for Face Waxing, then make sure to do a patch test before waxing your face.

Long-Term Damage to Your Skin Cells

Face Waxing can cause major damage to your skin in the long term as it contains a lot of harsh chemicals, and extreme heat can cause problems to your skin cells. Damage to skin cells can make you look older, so one has to ensure that the wax contains minimal chemicals.

Can Cause Wrinkles 

Face Waxing will cause wrinkles to your face as it goes through the pulling procedure; when the skin is extremely pulled, it loosens the skin texture and causes wrinkles, so a lot of dermatologists suggest not going for face waxing.

Sensitivity Towards the Sun

The clean and clear skin that we get after Face Waxing can draw your skin towards sensitivity when exposed to the sun. As facial hair protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun when exposed. 

Causes Redness and Bumps

Face Waxing may lead your skin to redness and tiny bumps due to the extreme force which is put in while pulling out the hair follicles.

Can Be Painful 

When compared with shaving and creams, Face Waxing can be painful because the wax gel that is used is clearly a glue that sticks to the face and causes pain while peeling it off with the wax stripes. 

Causes Bleeding

Yes, Face Waxing sometimes causes bleeding, but it is totally normal. However, if the bleeding is extreme, then it is suggested to consult a dermatologist.

Leads to Infection

Waxing can certainly lead to infection if the cuts or wounds on the face are not addressed. So it is instructed to address the cuts and wounds before waxing your face.

Can Cause Allergies 

Everyone has a different type of skin, and some skin types do not get along with artificial chemicals as well as natural products, which cause allergies to the skin, so it is necessary to ensure this aspect before getting Face Wax done.

Premature Ageing 

Face Waxing can cause premature aging with the different kinds of chemicals used in the wax gel along with the pulling procedure. However, this will only show up after frequent usage.

Does Not Last More than Six Weeks 

After waxing the face, the results will only last up to 3 – 6 weeks, and one should again go through the pain while getting rid of the grown-back hair and accumulated dirt. 

All in all comprehended face waxing and so far discerned if it is significant for a person to go through immense pain to achieve clear and glowing skin or to settle down with the natural texture of skin that they already possess.

Like a coin has two sides, every single aspect around us has its pros and cons, and so is Face Waxing. However, it is entirely up to the individuals as to how they want their skin to appear for themselves as well as to the crowd. 

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