25+ Pros and Cons of Facebook (Explained)

Bringing revolution to the world where people now can easily get connected and share with others, Facebook has become the most popular social media platform that was launched back in 2004 in the month of February.

This social media platform now has made more than a billion users that are active. Eventually, it is three times more than the US population.

While it has witnessed some ups and downs in every passing year due to the rise and fall of other social media sites, it still holds to be a prominent name in the world of social media. Whether it is good or bad, it can be observed while diving into some of its pros and cons:

Pros of Facebook:

Breaking the boundaries:

Facebook has broken the physical boundaries by connecting users with others nowhere where they are. It is helped many people in staying connected with their loved ones.

Facebook is the first of all the platforms that can provide such ease in delivering a non-stop and handy solution. 

Know how your folks are doing:

People can easily get to know them and share what is happening in their lives with the physically distant ones.

Hence, Facebook has won the heart of a billion people with features that keep upgrading through major software updates.

Easy to use:

Well, getting started with making your profile to handling your profile is way easier. You will not be facing any issues regarding its use of it.

Willing to navigate easily? Facebook offers an impressive UI that you can easily get acquainted with. 

All you require is a device with an internet connection for connecting with your peers, friends, and family. Moreover, the use is handy; with a smartphone in your hand, you can update your status on the go. 

Helps you enhance your social skills:

Not every people are good at making new friends and sharing with them. Low self-esteem makes them feel isolated, resulting in depression and social anxiety.

Facebook has helped them become more open to others so that they feel free to share their ideas with the world. 


Facebook is not limited to a platform where you can connect with your loved ones. It has been more than sharing humorous videos and memes. Yes, it is a good platform where you can expect to grasp some educational content.

Hence, it has evolved from just a social media site to a platform where you can get live seminars and details regarding educational opportunities and scholarships.

An ideal place to share your opinion and thoughts:

Your thoughts are meant to be conveyed to the world. If you have some unique ideas and thoughts about something, you can share them with the world on this huge social media platform.

Moreover, numerous groups on Facebook from which you can find such include users with similar interests and thoughts. 

Can fulfill your business needs:

You might have heard of social media marketing. Yes, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies every business uses nowadays. It can have a significant impact on the business in a positive manner. So, apart from other purposes, it delivers a unique platform to promote your business and grow it on a large scale. 

Cons of Facebook-


Bullying does not limit to the physical world. In fact, it has come abroad to the social media platform. There can be kids who misuse this platform to bully other kids.

Cyberbullying is one of the issues due to which some kids have been suffering from social anxiety and are forced to take such steps that are not appropriate.

Privacy issues:

Privacy is one of the major issues faced by Facebook users. The privacy settings for this are quite complicated. Moreover, these complications lead to hassles, so many users might not share posts due to privacy risks.

However, Facebook has been upgrading its security and strengthening its security to make this social media platform more trustworthy. 

Overuse can kill your time:

It is often seen that many people are found to be addictive to social media platforms. One of the issues they face is popularly known as the fear of missing out. In this, the user is anxious about missing out on anything significant from the social media platform.

FOMO is one of the issues that are faced by a significant number of users who are addicted to the use of social media sites and posting each of the events happening in their lives. Moreover, users have been wasting much time on Facebook without any purpose. 

Misusing the freedom of expression:

There is no doubt that this social media platform allows you to express your thoughts. It does not mean you should be misusing when you have such opportunities.

Moreover, many of the kids use it in the wrong way. There is the posting of several contents on Facebook that are found to be inappropriate and offensive that can hurt somebody’s sentiments. 

It can spoil the future:

Everything is good at a certain limit. Whether you use it for refreshments or some other purposes, there are other important works too.

Wasting your time doing such things on social media sites that will not benefit you is useless. Moreover, the future is harmed by what you do wrong today. 

Updates are unwantedly frequent:

Facebook is so active in providing updates that it loses the user experience. Moreover, the nature of the people shows resistance to change. People do not easily get acquainted with the changes provided in the update.

This results in decreasing the user experience. So, people are getting away from the familiarity of being aware of all the features provided by Facebook. In addition, learning every new thing is hard.

So, from this, you must have figured out whether good things dominate the bad things or not. Eventually, it can be said that it solely depends upon the use of Facebook. Using it correctly can be beneficial for fun, education, or business. Otherwise, misuse can lead to harming someone’s sentiments.

Overall, it is up to you for what purpose you are using it. It is preferred to be on the bright side of life and spread joy rather than hatred and offensive content. 

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