23+ Pros And Cons Fiber Cement Siding (Explained)

The fiber cement siding is a sustainable product layer that affixes to the house’s outside. The product saves you from many natural calamities, such as catastrophic storms, deadly wind, dry suns, unhealthy dust, and poisonous emissions. When replacing the home’s exterior siding, the two most popular ways are fiber cement siding and wood siding.

Though fiber cement siding is costly and complex, the product’s popularity is rising daily as it has a solid shield to encounter threats. In addition to that, the solid variety of products, including rock, brick, stone, sand, and clay fiber, attracts people to lean toward the product. 

Pros Of The Fiber Cement Siding:

Maintenance worthy:

The fiber cement siding requires very simple maintenance. As per the experience of the people who already have furnished with the fiber cement, they say they can clean the house.

A simple spray with the help of simple labor once a year can help you to remove the stains and mess-up from the house. You can clean your house with a simple garden hose, soapy water, and a piece of sponge.

Unlike other sidings, the siding can strongly protect the outside flames, harmful gas, and dust, and as it has a strong material base stays intact for almost 70 to 80 years.


The Outlook of this particular side is flexible and moldable. We can change the color of the siding with our changing taste.

For example, if the siding is painted green, but the person does not like the green color as time passes. Then the owner can easily change the color of the siding according to their choice and preference. 

Eye-catchy and a durable product;

the siding is beyond the average because of the appeal and outlook. It has a vibrant variety of components, such as cement, wood, brick, and soil, which gives a classy look. If you do your exterior with low-cost products, your dream home loses its elegance. 

Meanwhile, these products add elegance to your home’s exterior while keeping the old exclusiveness of bricks or wood. Moreover, the product has very good longevity. Even people use the product as an entry-level exterior of offices and the workplace.

Most importantly, if you are a resident of the United States, you must apply the siding to your home as the product withstand strongly in front of gigantic disasters like hurricane and storms. Besides that, the product can counter the catastrophe of sea salt. Even it will not degrade by sun exposure to UVA/UVB rays.


Nature-friendly product neither creates toxins in nature nor produces any waste to nature. As the product has long-term durability, it cops with changing nature, and it remains a partial substitute for the HVAC system.

Fire resisting capacity:

According to fire experts in the United States, this type of siding protects the houses at a maximum level.

The décor experts say that the siding’s 90% b component is made of inflammable products. That reason it becomes the most desired exterior for houses. The product is entirely protected from high flame and high heat.

Protects the insects, mosquitoes, rot, and the harmful virus:

Inevitable products protect forms dangerous living species such as insects, mosquitoes, and viruses; as the product is made of concrete, no insect can chew the exterior. Mildew, rot, fungus, and mold cannot capture your decoration because it has the protection to cover all these harmful insects.

Cons of the fiber cement sidings:

High cost:

The biggest constraint for the product is that it is extremely costly. The other exterior products are more cost-effective and affordable than this product. No manufacturer sells the product directly to the end consumer. 

The reason is that the manufacturer doesn’t want to sell this highly-priced product in a smaller unit or amount. People cannot buy it directly from the market. Henceforth people have to bear it with the rate of the siding. 

Limited availability:

As the material is extremely heavy, no online service provider can sell you the product because it is difficult to deliver to your home. Similarly, no offline shop located far from your home will be unable to deliver the product because the delivery cost will touch the sky. 

Therefore, to purchase the material, you have to contact the local provider who trades the product near your place so that he or she can deliver the product. Consequently, while you buy the product, you become your options become limited, and you have to choose within the limitation.


The product is not suitable for all types of houses. Some houses cannot keep the burden of this product because the inner components of the siding are extremely heavy.

Comparatively older house or a low-cost house- base is not ironically strong and may get damaged with the appliance of the product.

Full of difficulties at the time of installation:

Installation is extensively tough for the furnishing of the product. Other furnishing products can be easily installed in the house with very low-cost labor. On the contrary, in the case of fiber cement siding, you have to hire more specialized siding installers. They demand more wages than the other types of the exterior laborer. 

Not only is high wage related to siding, but also the tenure of the siding period is lengthier than the others, which is another reason that makes the installation process maladroit.

In addition, if any exterior destruction, such as the siding breaking, it is impossible to install it in a smaller unit or repair it partly, which might be possible with many other exteriors.

Compulsory repainting after a certain period:

In other types of exteriors, people don’t need to repaint their structure after a definite time period. On the other hand, fiber siding cement entails repainting after almost 15 years. Otherwise, you will look like you fainted and paled.                                     

Recycle is not possible:

One of the worst long-term disadvantages of the product is that product is not recyclable at all. These days, any product that is not sustainable will ultimately harmful to our world’s precious ecosystem. In the future, the product may create more waste and garbage in the surroundings.

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