25+ Pros And Cons Of Gastric Bypass Surgery (Explained)

Weight Loss these days has become a tough task, not everyone is blessed to get away with everything they eat, and not everyone can lose weight with regular workouts, and sometimes diet treatments do not work for everybody.

So for such individuals, Gastric Bypass Surgery got their back. It helps with extreme weight loss than Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Advantages Of Gastric Bypass SurgeryDisadvantages Of Gastric Bypass Surgery
It helps with overall weight loss One has to follow a strict diet regime 
It helps individuals in making healthier food choices The body’s anatomy changes forever
It curbs the health risks caused by obesityIt can cause dumping syndrome 
It helps in faster weight loss than the gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a 2 step surgery that has more complications
It improves the quality of life It results in vitamin and nutrient deficiency.
It helps in improving mental health.It increases the chances of sensitivity toward alcohol 
The absorption of calories is also pretty less than the gastric sleeve surgery It might cause stomach ulcers

Advantages Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are looking for extreme weight loss through surgery, then Gastric Bypass Surgery is the one that is suggested; this surgery has some advantages, which we are summarizing below for your understanding.


The benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery are:

  • It helps with 80% of weight loss
  • It improves the quality of life
  • It enhances healthier food choices
  • It improves mental health
  • It cures 90% of diseases related to obesity
  • The calorie absorption is minimum

It Helps with 80% of Weight Loss

Gastric Bypass Surgery helps in cutting down almost 80% of the unwanted body weight giving you the perfect body and shape, which certainly can not be achieved by a few people through medication, diet, and workouts.

It Improves the Quality of The Life

The disruption to our quality of lifestyle is unhealthy eating habits and zero body mobility due to being overweight.

This can be curtailed by bariatric surgery as it helps in promoting teaching eating habits and gets you in the right shape, which enables you to move and groove just the way you always wanted.

It Enhances Healthier Food Choices

Once you are done with the Gastric Bypass surgery, there is no way you can eat the food of your choice, or there is no way that you can cheat on your meals. One has to abide by the diet regime that has been recommended by doctors or dieticians. 

Also, when you get done with the surgery, your body will only accept the right food.

It Improves the Mental Health

Being overweight and obese will always lead to a negative mindset which results in depression and anxiety as a lot of people do not carry themselves better with whatever weight they have; they tend to fear the judgments and comments that they get to hear all the time. 

But once they get into shape, they are free from all the societal norms, and their mental health will improve effortlessly.

It Cures 90% of Diseases Related to Obesity 

Obesity or being overweight leads to a bunch of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, and more. But once you put down that weight, everything will be cured for about 90%. Curing obesity will help one in leading a healthy life.

The Calorie Absorption Is Minimum

After the Gastric Bypass Surgery, your body will only accept the right food, and you can not intake foods that are high in fats, alcohol, and more. So whenever you eat food, there is less calorie absorption. 

It Helps in Losing More Weight than Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery will only help you in losing 50 to 60 percent of your body weight, but Gastric Bypass Surgery helps in losing approximately 80% of the overall body weight, which is higher than that of Gastric Sleeve surgery. 

Well, these were a few advantages that we mentioned for you to understand and realize if you want Gastric Bypass Surgery done and how it is going to benefit you.

Disadvantages Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Disadvantages are like another side of the coin; the advantages we discerned were pretty exciting for one to get the surgery done; however one needs to understand what the other looks like, so with that note, we are listing out some disadvantages for you to understand before you opt for the Gastric Bypass Surgery.


The complications of Gastric Bypass Surgery are:

  • The body’s anatomy changes
  • One needs to stick to the same diet forever
  • It causes dumping syndrome
  • It has 2 step surgery, unlike Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • It has more complications
  • It results in vitamin and nutrient deficiency
  • It might cause stomach ulcers
  • It increases the sensitivity toward alcohol

The Body’s Anatomy Changes

The body’s anatomy indeed changes; the ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone, tends to come down after Gastric Bypass Surgery; also, your body can not accept food like before; it will only accept a restricted quantity of food.

One Needs to Stick to The Same Diet Forever

One requires to follow a strict diet till the end, and there is no looking back; you can not take your diet easily; it has to be adhered to and accepted as it is.

People who undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery must not include alcohol, fatty foods, processed food, and more. This will enable one to have a stable weight and can maintain for the long run and will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It Causes Dumping Syndrome

It can cause dumping syndrome in a few people who undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery, which is caused due the flow of food that leads to the middle of the small intestine, limiting calorie absorption, which certainly increases the risk of dumping syndrome.

It Is Expensive

Gastric Bypass Surgery is indeed pretty expensive and might cost an arm and a leg for a certain class of people.

The cost of this surgery also depends upon the city, medical institution, and surgeon. So it usually differs from one city to another. However, it is termed an expensive procedure.

It has a 2-step surgery, unlike Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Unlike Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery has a 2 step procedure for weight loss, increasing the chances of bacterial infection, leakage, and other complications.

It Can Cause Adverse Reactions Due to Anesthesia

During the start of bariatric surgery, a person will initially go through anesthesia, and this step might cause a reaction in some folks; however, this can be curbed with proper medication.

It Results in Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiency

Due to the disruption of food flow from the stomach to the small intestine after the performance of Gastric Bypass Surgery, one can witness the poor absorption of nutrients leading to vitamin and nutrient deficiency.

It Might Cause Stomach Ulcers

As Gastric Bypass Surgery undergoes a 2 step procedure, it can lead to increased stomach ulcers; however, this can be curtailed with proper medication and care.

It Increases the Sensitivity Toward Alcohol

Once you are done with your Gastric Bypass Surgery, your body will turn sensitive toward alcohol, as your body’s anatomy will never be the same, and it will only accept certain foods and drinks, and alcohol will be a big NO.

All in all, we concluded by discerning both advantages and disadvantages of the Gastric Bypass Survey. I hope you all got a clear gist of the surgery; if you still would want to go for the surgery, try consulting more than one doctor or hospital for better knowledge.

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