20+ Pros And Cons Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Explained)

Wondering what this gastric sleeve surgery is? This is a kind of weight loss surgery that comes under bariatric surgery.

Everyone wants to enhance their body shape, but unfortunately, not everyone can achieve this. So many people opt for different weight loss treatments, and one such treatment is gastric sleeve surgery; today, in this blog, we will discern its pros and cons.

Advantages Of Gastric Sleeve SurgeryDisadvantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
It resets and enhances the metabolism in your bodyIt leads to nutrition deficiency, and one might have to take vitamin capsules
It balances your hunger hormones It causes bleeding  
It comparatively reduces your overall food intakeOne can witness restrictive weight loss in comparison with gastric bypass surgery.
It increases the promptness concerning your digestion After the surgery, one requires to follow a strict diet, and there is no looking back 
It improves the mental health It can lead to acid reflux disease
One can achieve a longer lifespanIt can cause dumping syndrome
It helps in improving cardiovascular healthIt can cause a reaction due to anesthesia 
It enhances the gut healthIt can lead to bacterial infection during surgery
It helps in curtailing diabeticsIt can also lead to gastric leakage
It enhances the liver functioning Chances of poor absorption of nutrients 
It helps in curbing severe asthma attacksIt might lead to sagging of skin in some people 

Advantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery has indeed got your back for losing weight, and it has got enormous advantages that you achieve after the surgery. So here we are, enabling you to understand better with a few advantages right below.


The benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery are:

  • It enhances metabolism in the body
  • It balances the hunger hormones according to the body
  • It reduces the overall food intake
  • It helps in better digestion
  • It improves mental health
  • It increases the lifespan
  • It helps in curtailing diabetics

It Helps in Enhancing Metabolism in The Body

People who are overweight or obese have relatively less metabolism than those with the right body mass index.

And when an individual undergoes the gastric sleeve treatment, which is a weight loss treatment, they tend to witness an effective enhancement of their body metabolism that is indeed beyond the weight loss.

It Balances the Hunger Hormones

The ghrelin levels are crucially curbed when an individual undergoes gastric sleeve surgery. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone, and when that is curbed, it ensures that your hunger is balanced according to your body post-surgery.

This also enables carving a new appetite amongst those who undergo this surgery. Hence it balances the hunger hormones.

It Helps in Reducing the Food Intake

One can witness a significant decline in the quantity of food intake as the appetite is curbed and ensures that one eats only when required and not unnecessarily.

Gastric sleeve surgery also ensures that one is indulging in healthy eating rather than eating just for the sake of fulfilling hunger. Also, post-surgery, one needs to eat precisely, and therefore, it reduces the quantity of overall food intake.

It Helps with Better Digestion

Gastric Sleeve Surgery helps with better eating habits and curbs the food intake amongst individuals who are required to follow a precise diet that incorporates foods that are easy to digest and healthy for the gut. In this case, it improves digestion as the food intake is pretty light and healthy.

It Improves the Mental Health

Being overweight and obese will always lead to a negative mindset which results in depression and anxiety as a lot of people do not carry themselves better with whatever weight they have; they tend to fear the judgments and comments that they get to hear all the time. 

But once they get into shape, they are free from all the societal norms, and their mental health will improve effortlessly.

It Enhances the Cardiovascular Health

One prime reason for the risk of cardiovascular diseases is that they are overweight or obese. Being overweight influences serious problems for everyone, like cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular problems, which can sometimes lead to death.

So losing weight and achieving the right weight is crucial, which improves heart health as well as overall health. And Gastric Sleeve Surgery does the job.

It Enhances the Gut Health of Individuals

The only way to improve gut health is by eating healthy foods and ensuring that one digests everything that one eats.

If you are getting the Gastric Sleeve Surgery done, then you will surely witness improved gut health as your post-diet regime will thoroughly be healthy such that you digest everything and maintain a good gut.

It Helps in Increasing the Lifespan

Studies show that people who are extremely overweight are less likely to have short lifespans than those who have normal weights.

So when a person undergoes bariatric surgery, it helps with cutting down weight as well as regulating the diet or food intake. This helps in better eating habits and promotes lifespan.

It Helps in Curtailing Diabetics

Gastric Sleeve Surgery enables individuals to curb lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and ensures the regulation of these lifestyle diseases. This surgery helps in caloric restriction, which helps in the regulation of diabetes.

It Enhances the Quality of Life

The disruption to our quality of lifestyle is unhealthy eating habits and zero body mobility due to being overweight.

This can be curtailed by bariatric surgery as it helps promote healthy eating habits and gets you in the right shape, enabling you to move and groove just the way you always wanted.

It Enhances Liver Functioning

Gastric Sleeve Surgery helps with curtailing liver enzymes and reduces the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Therefore this surgery helps in better liver functioning.

It Helps in Curbing Severe Asthma Attacks

Yes, the studies show that a bunch of folks have witnessed a gradual decrease in asthma attacks. Hence Gastric Sleeve Surgery helps in curbing asthma attacks.

Disadvantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Just like every surgery, Gastric Sleeve Surgery also has some disadvantages, which lead to both minor and major complications, so one needs to realize them before opting for surgery. So we are listing out a few disadvantages that you can have a look at.


The complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery are:

  • It leads to nutrition deficiency
  • It causes bleeding
  • It can lead to acid reflux disease
  • It can cause dumping syndrome
  • It can lead to gastric leakage
  • There is a chance of poor nutrient absorption
  • It can cause a reaction due to anesthesia

It leads to nutritional deficiency

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can lead to nutrient deficiency in individuals. One can lack vitamins such as vitamin B12, thiamine, folic acid, and vitamin A, D, and K deficiency due to a strict diet regime post-surgery. And one needs to rely upon supplements to achieve the required amount of nutrients.

It Causes Bleeding 

During Gastric Sleeve Surgery and sometimes after the surgery, the bleeding can be excessive; however, in most cases, the bleeding is self-limited.

It Can Lead to Acid Reflux

Yes, this is undoubtedly the truth. The studies and the survey says that nearly 35% of individuals have experienced acid reflux disease post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery. And there is no clear study if this is going to worsen for everyone; however, it entirely depends upon the individuals.

It Might Cause Dumping Syndrome

It can cause dumping syndrome in a few people who undergo Gastric Sleeve Surgery which is caused due the flow of the food that leads to the middle of the small intestine, limiting calorie absorption, which certainly increases the risk of dumping syndrome.

It Can Lead to Gastric Leakage

According to the studies and survey, there is a 2% chance of Gastric leakage after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is done. This is either because of a lack of self-care post-surgery or could be the negligence of the surgeon who operated on the individuals.

It Leads to Poor Nutrient Absorption

Due to the disruption of food flow from the stomach to the small intestine after the performance of Gastric Sleeve Surgery, one can witness the poor absorption of nutrients. 

It Can Cause a Reaction Due to Anesthesia

During the start of bariatric surgery, a person will initially go through anesthesia, and this step might cause a reaction in some folks; however, this can be curbed with proper medication.

It Involves Risk for A Few People

Though the success rate is pretty decent concerning bariatric surgery for weight loss yet, it might involve risks for a few people, such as infection, leakage, and even death in some cases.

However, with adequate medication and diet, one can combat infections, and with a good surgeon and adequate surgery process, the risk of death can be reduced.

There Is a Chance of Weight Regain

Yes, there is a chance of weight regain even after bariatric surgery, and this can happen due to the consumption of high-calorie food, fatty foods, fried foods, processed food, and more.

So it is necessary for individuals who underwent bariatric surgery to inculcate a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet and medication as per the requirement of the patient. 

It Can Lead to Bacterial Infection During the Surgery

There is a less than 1.7% chance that one can experience a bacterial infection before or after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This is due to fluids which also cause abscesses.

It Involves Risk for A Few People

Though the success rate is pretty decent concerning bariatric surgery for weight loss yet, it might involve risks for a few people, such as infection, leakage, and even death in some cases.

However, with adequate medication and diet, one can combat infections, and with a good surgeon and adequate surgery process, the risk of death can be reduced.

It Might Lead to Sagging of The Skin

Once post-surgery, the weight is cut down to the maximum, resulting in skin sagging and stretch marks. When people gain weight, their skin tends to stretch, and when they put it down, it comes all together, leading to skin sagging and stretch marks.

All in all, we have discerned both the advantages and disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery. However, the sole decision is in the hands of the individual who wants to go for it. But it is always recommended to consult several experts and understand the entire procedure.

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