10+ Gestalt Therapy Pros And Cons (Explained)

Gestalt therapy has taken the approach of practicality to another level. Psychologists and therapists use Gestalt therapy to make their emotional life better. People often need help understanding their dynamic behavior towards other people.

We require a change, a new perspective to look at things. Gestalt therapy can bring the necessary change in your life. It was developed in the 1940s by Fritz Perls and his wife, Laura Perls. An alternative method to psychotherapy methods.

Still, now Gestalt therapy is used by a lot of people to have a better interpretation of the world around them. It emphasizes more on the present rather than bringing up the past. Therapies are provided in online sessions as well.

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Advantages Of Gestalt TherapyDisadvantages Of Gestalt Therapy
A better understanding of emotions It evokes intense reactions 
Helps you to express yourselves Not suitable for certain problems 
Helps in managing PTSD, DepressionTime-consuming

Advantages of Gestalt Therapy:

Gestalt therapy has numerous benefits. It will teach you how to be a better person and will also help you strengthen your emotions. Our past experiences affect our present, and gestalt therapy will teach you how to focus effectively on your present. 

Better Understanding of Emotions

Human emotions are complex, and processing your feelings can sometimes be challenging. For example, we often suppress the painful memories of the past. It can take a severe toll on your mental health.

Gestalt therapy will provide a space free of judgments where you don’t need to shut down your emotions. Instead, treatment will help you understand your feelings better, and you won’t struggle to open up. 

It Helps You to Express Yourself Better 

Various experiential exercises are used in gestalt therapy so that a patient can heal and be vulnerable. The experiential activities include releasing your emotions through art such as painting, drawing, and using ceramics.

It has helped patients in processing their feelings in a better way. Therapists will raise your awareness by discussing your feelings during the therapy sessions. This integrative approach has a lot of benefits.

It will help you take responsibility rather than blame someone else for your emotions. You will also feel an increased sense of self-regulation. You will be able to pay close attention to your emotional needs.  

Helps in Managing Ptsd and Depression 

You can efficiently manage your mental health issues with the help of gestalt therapy. Unhealed trauma can affect your mental health badly. Gestalt therapy will work in your favor if you wish to live a life free from mental discomfort.

Gestalt therapy intensely affects many mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Trauma that remains unresolved can harm your overall personality.

Gestalt therapy will remove all the emotional blocks from your life so that you can focus more on your present. You can let go of your traumatic experiences. 

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Disadvantages of Gestalt Therapy:

Every method comes with a set of disadvantages that one must go through before going for gestalt therapy. For example, clients may get defensive and uncomfortable during the sessions because of the exercises involved in gestalt therapy. 

It Evokes Intense Reactions 

Gestalt therapy primarily focuses on the present rather than returning to the past and addressing memories of the past.

Exercise can evoke intense client reactions and might even get defensive during the procedure. It also makes them feel uncomfortable and completely vulnerable. 

Not Suitable for Certain Problems 

It may not be an option for some people with specific problems. Gestalt therapy has various benefits but is unsuitable for individuals with schizophrenia or any major personality disorder.

The needs of clients can be unmet. Specific difficulties are involved as gestalt therapy is based on the ‘here and now approach. 


Gestalt therapy can be time-consuming as it requires building a relationship between the therapist and the client. Developing mutual understanding and a trustworthy relationship involves a lot of effort and time. 

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