15+ Pros And Cons Of Google (Explained)

Google is a web search tool. It employs a unique algorithm to extract and arrange search results to deliver the most pertinent and reliable sources of information.

As a research endeavor at Stanford University to locate data on the Internet, Sergey Brin and Larry Page began work on the Google search engine in 1996. Later, after deciding that the name of their search engine needed to change, Larry and Sergey settled on Google.

Pros Of GoogleCons Of Google
AccurateBlind Trust
Google ScholarLess usage of our minds
Easy to searchSells information
Easy to learnNo rewards
Saves timePoor image search facility
No discrimination Tailored Information
Has no separate chargesPrivacy issues
Global ReachReduces real-life interaction


Fun facts about Google

  • The name “Google” was a misspelling.
  • Google is the most visited website in the world
  • In 1998, Google’s homepage had an exclamation mark(!).
  • Google added Klingon as a language interface in 2002.
  • The first tweet from Google said, “I’m feeling lucky,” in binary.
  • The headquarters of Google is known as GooglePlex.
  • Google offered free meals to all its employees and was the first tech company to do it.
  • Despite having six birthdays, Google celebrates its birthday on 27th September. 

Advantages Of Google


You will get answers to your questions when you search for a word or phrase on Google.

Even if there isn’t a precise keyword match, Google will present you with material exploring your topic of interest using latent semantic indexing. Google, out of other search engines, is in the greatest position to optimize the search results based on user behavior.

Google facilitates finding the solutions you seek by providing improved search results like the answer box and “People Also Ask” area.

Easy To Learn

All it takes to learn anything is enough determination, patience, and effort. One-click will complete the remaining steps of the learning process.

Virtually everything can now be learned for free using Google’s text and video tutorials. Having the slightest doubt is not an issue anymore. 

Saves Time

We can never have enough time. With its effectiveness, Google saves us a ton of time and hassle that we would otherwise have to spend making a few more calls or connections only to search for trustworthy information.

No Discrimination

Without fear of criticism, anyone may learn anything in the privacy of their own home. If they had to attend actual lessons, it would not have been very handy for an elderly or a differently-abled person to begin learning a new skill. Instead, they may do it by using Google.

Has No Separate Charges

The fact that Google is available for free is the key factor in its immense popularity throughout the whole world.

Not only has Google made life simpler, but it has also made many services accessible to us without charge. Nowadays, every household has access to google and its services, making lives easier. 

Global Reach

We can now easily implement other people’s ideas into our works and post our opinions on a platform for the entire world to see, thanks to Google.

Without Google, it would not have been feasible for so many students to be aware of universities and schools, let alone apply to them. It has made it possible for students to take online courses from universities abroad. 

Google Scholar

Google operates a second search engine called Google Scholar that solely displays academic publications or legal precedents.

From scholarly publications and other academic sources, you’ll acquire papers and studies. You may store articles and view the number of citations for each one. This proves to be a great tool for university students.


If you want to receive specific search results from certain websites, you may get a variety of filtering choices when utilizing the Google search engine.

All you have to do to access these filtering options on the Google desktop version is click on tools. From there, you can choose the time, location, language, etc.

Wide Range Of In-Built Tools

Google includes several built-in features in addition to the response box that may make your life simpler. For instance, to access an online calculator, put “calculator” into the search box. To save time, you can simply type a question into the search box to get an immediate result.

Simple calculations like monetary conversions and temperature conversions can be made directly by typing into the search box. You can also look for weather forecasts as well as the time for sunrise and sunset. 

Provides Answers On The Search Page

On the search results page itself, you can learn and obtain information about the majority of common topics, such as the distance between two cities, the average temperature, annual rainfall, the height or net worth of a celebrity, and keywords associated with these.

These outcomes, referred to as feature snippets, are obtained from Google’s top search results and shown directly on the search results page.

Lifesaver In Emergencies

Google would be at our side at odd hours, like midnight, when we are not able to get hold of our friends as they are sound asleep.

Google will be helpful in this situation whether we need to order a cab or contact an ambulance to be at a location where it is urgent. At times like these, we can rely on Google.

Doesn’t Let Us Die Of Boredom

Google handles everything, from our favorite books to fascinating films to intensely absorbing games.

When you’re bored to death and have no one to hang out with, you can talk to Google Assistant. You can ask the assistant to tell you jokes, sing you a song, or even play games with you. 

Google Books

You may read books and periodicals on Google Books, download them, quote them, and translate them. The user experience for Google Books has been enhanced, and you can now preview books.

You may give an e-book a review, add it to your library, or even identify local libraries where you can borrow a physical copy of the book. You can also find free books under the “Books” tab.

Flight Bookings

You may use Google Flights to look for affordable flights, both domestic and international. You can get the least costly and greatest alternatives thanks to the tool’s ability to gather information from several websites. Price results may be filtered by price, luggage allowance, and more.

You can also set up price alerts to receive information when fare prices decrease. In addition to this, you can take a look at the monthly calendar and select dates that suit your budget.


On Google Shopping, you may browse for items and learn about their costs, brands, promotions, and many other facts.

You have the option to filter for items that you can purchase directly from Google or those that are offered on external websites. Additionally, a filter for discounted products is available.

Google News And Finance

The top news items from the most well-known online news sources are brought to you by Google News. Additionally, you can use Google News to locate the most recent news from reputable news sources like the New York Times.

You can find news in particular areas like business or entertainment. The most recent data on stock and ETF prices are available through Google Finance.

You may explore markets worldwide, view the newest financial news, and look at the earnings schedule for the best stocks.

Disadvantages Of Google

Blind Trust

Most of the time, we don’t click past the first few search results or bother to check the accuracy of the material since we have such a high level of faith in Google.

Google continues to significantly affect our understanding since it determines which search results should appear at the top of the list. Sometimes, the information might be old and obsolete too.

Less Usage Of Our Minds

Google, indeed is a blessing, but it has reduced our intellect to a supporting role. Given that information is easily accessible with just a click, we don’t bother to remember it and instead rely only on Google. We even tend to argue when someone points out something we do not know.

Sells Information

Google certainly appears to be something free and generous, but that is undoubtedly not the case. It stores the information we search for and sells it to businesses so that when we are looking for a certain item, an ad for it will appear and connect us to the seller.

No Rewards

You may earn points on several other search engines just by surfing the web. For instance, Bing, the second-largest search engine in the world, offers Microsoft Rewards, which lets users earn points just for using the internet. These points may be used to redeem gift cards.

Poor Image Search Facility

When compared to Google’s text and standard search engine, its picture or video search function is less accurate and user-friendly.

Tailored Information

The algorithm used by Google to rank its search results heavily weights and filters them based on past search results that may have indicated our preferences and intents. 

Privacy Issues

Google has access to a big user data repository. It makes use of the information to enhance both the user experience and its algorithms.

It also utilizes that information to deliver advertisements to you. You must have noticed that when you search for something, Google starts showing related ads to you. 

Reduces Real-Life Interaction

Everything is virtual now. As Google is free and reliable, it has made people detach from the outside world. It has made us glued to our screens and withdraw from social interactions. This could lead to mental health issues.

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