26+ Pros and Cons Hair Growth Medicines (Explained)

Should you be trusting Hair Growth supplements? Things you need to know first

Undoubtedly, your hair plays an important role in your whole appearance. It is one of the keys to your confidence as well as personality.

Moreover, its presence is what adds more positive elements to your self-esteem. While some truths cannot be avoided easily, some of them are regarding the hair fall problems that knock on your door.

Moreover, it is found to happen before that age resulting in premature hair fall. In fact, styling your hair is beyond the trend. Have you been thinking of buying a hair growth supplement for yourself?

Pros of Hair Growth medicines:


Hair growth supplements do not cost too much. Well, if you have been medicating, you have to take pills for a significant amount of time for noticeable results. As these supplements come at an affordable price, you won’t hesitate to use them for a long period of time.

People who have got hair issues can be broke to buy the supplements. Yet, they can get the appropriate treatment for the health of their hair. 


You won’t be struggling to find the right supplement. All hair growth supplements can be easily accessible. Moreover, you can easily get your supplement from any drugstore or retailer.

While if you like to buy it online, many online stores sell these kinds of supplements. So, you can have no issues ordering the pills you have been prescribed. 

Improving blood circulation:

With the use of these hair growth supplements, the transfer of carbon dioxide is found to be way easier.

So, it will help bring improvements in blood circulation. The generation of new cells is found to be quite faster. 


Using hair growth supplements can help in improving the metabolism rate. Moreover, the basal metabolic rate is found to be more enhanced.

With the metabolism rates being improved, you will be able to eat more without facing obesity. 

Scalp regeneration:

With hair fall issues, the scalp is found to be damaged, and its fertility to grow hair decreases with time. Hair growth supplements are like Lazarus pit to your scalp.

It makes it healthier and clearer than before due to new cell generation in the affected areas. 

Strengthen your hair as well as your nails:

Consuming the pills not only helps grow your hair but also makes the hair stronger and nourished.

Moreover, your nails will be stronger and healthier due to the improvement in the follicles and cuticles. Even the locks won’t be losing their strength to the roots anymore. 

Cons of hair growth Medicines:

Does not work if not taken consistently:

The supplements used for hair growth work effectively only if the pills are taken in a consistent manner. Moreover, you have to be setting a well-maintained routine for your daily dosage. You won’t notice any positive outcomes if you do not have it regularly.

Hence, it would be like wasting your money as well as time. Even in the case of biotin, you must be patient to observe the desired results. 

Side effects:

There are chances of many side effects if you have been taking pills without a doctor’s prescription. Seeking and consulting a doctor is critically important.

Moreover, if you have been taking other medications simultaneously, there can also be a high chance of a negative reaction. Well, most of the side effects are not permanent. But, for this, you need to stop the medication as soon as possible. 

Not for women who are pregnant:

Pregnant women are needed to be kept away from such kinds of pills. Even if the hair fall issues are found to be severe, consulting a doctor is highly recommended. It should be noted that you must be aware of the consequences before thinking of using pills in the first place.

So, if you are conceiving a child, you must consider this fact. It should be safe and the mother as well as the child. 

Skin issues:

There are several skin issues faced by patients while taking hair-boosting supplements. One of the terrible yet normal is acne. Pimples are one of the reasons for decreasing your self-esteem as well as confidence. Undoubtedly, nobody likes to have so many pimples on their face.

Hence, consuming the right drug and a lot of water is highly recommended. The good news for you is that you won’t be treating such issues in the long term. 

Risks of allergies:

Some individuals can be experiencing allergies. Many people are found to be allergic to biotin.

We highly recommend not further using those pills in case of such allergic issues. Cares like chest pain, nausea, swelling, and rashes can be avoided only if the medication is immediately stopped. Moreover, it is also suggested that you must consult a doctor about it. 

Interaction with other drugs:

If you are starting with your hair growth supplements, you should not avoid your existing medications. Moreover, the interaction of these two medications can result in some negative reactions.

While you must consider all of your medications, you should consult these things with your doctor. Some of the medications are responsible for lessening the amount of biotin needed for the effectiveness of hair growth supplements. 

These hair growth supplements can make your hair thicker and fully grown. At the same time, there are other aspects that are needed to be taken into consideration. You must be paying attention to the type of dosage you are about to take.

While taking the dosage, you might be experiencing the side effects mentioned above. Besides this, taking care of the locks is critically important. Styling can be done with a relatively lesser number of products.

Using natural products can be helpful for healthy hair. So, we hope this article helps you while understand how the right supplement can be effective and how we can trust these pills. 

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