15+ Instant Locs Pros And Cons (Explained)

As the name suggests, immediate locs are a form of dreadlocks that are made quickly. The hair is braided together by hairstylists using a special, sophisticated crocheting technique, instantly giving the appearance of dreadlocks.

While the procedure for making quick locs may differ slightly from hairdresser to stylist, hair knitting is frequently aided by the use of a crochet hook. This is the reason why locs are also referred to as the crochet method.

Pros Of Instant LocsCons Of Instant Locs
Low maintenanceHarder to achieve sleek look
Suitable for all types of hairSome ladies feel less feminine
Tight and constantCan be damaging
Length retentionMinimum length required
Natural wayRequires professional guidance
No string requiredRequire special aftercare
No products requiredLint problems
Easy to shampooTime-consuming
Less shrinkageCan be expensive
Boon for athletesHard to find a good stylist


Ways to start locs

  • Starting locs with comb coils will be amazing
  • Starting locs with plaits is great
  • Starting locs with two-strand twists is an amazing idea
  • Backcombing is known to provide instant locs and is an amazing idea
  • Sisterlocks are perfect for people looking for microlocs
  • Loc extensions, though include frizzing of the hair, but is a great idea

Advantages Of Instant Locs

Low Maintenance

Instant locs are low maintenance. It requires no undoing, untangling, or combing. It can even be let to air dry. 

Suitable For All Hair Types

Instant locs are suitable for all hair types.

Tight And Constant

Instant locs are sturdier and tighter than other traditional styles of locs.

Length Retention 

This is due to the fact that mechanical manipulation isn’t breaking off the ends of your hair. You aren’t really shedding any hair at all.

Natural Way To Wear Hair

The most natural way to wear your hair is in locs. Your hair is not only not straightened or chemically treated, but the basic process of loc development depends on your hair’s propensity to fall into its natural curl pattern.

Each loc’s body is formed by the natural curls and kinks that connect to one another. Your hair is therefore doing what it naturally wants to do with a little help.

No String Required

Instant locs do not require strings to add hair extensions.

Easy to Shampoo

Because instant locs is less delicate, you can wash them as necessary. You can wash your hair without causing the parting to fall out or disrupting it.

Less Shrinkage

Typically, the hair shrinks during the locking process, making it difficult to see growth. Instant locs don’t shrink much, and you’ll be able to tell when your hair is changing as it grows.

Boon For Athletes

Instant locs may be the best hairstyle for persons who frequently sweat, participate in sports, or work out. They won’t lose their fresh appearance after washing.

Convenient For Long Hair

When getting quick locs, lengthy hair is advantageous. They work best for creating dreadlocks that are sturdy and completely developed.

Disadvantages Of Instant Locs

Harder To Achieve Sleek Look

The laid, sleek look is hard to achieve. Before you lay that style, tie it down, and let it set, you might want to give you locs a little time to grow out.

Some Ladies Feel Less Feminine

Some women with locs have admitted that they had to work harder to seem feminine after they started.

Can Be Damaging

If it is not done with proper care and guidance, it can damage hair.

Minimum Length Required

When pulled straight, hair should be at least three inches long; any shorter might affect installation.

Requires Professional Guidance

It is a very difficult procedure to learn. Therefore, professional guidance is required.

Requires Special Aftercare

If one wants to achieve the desired look, one has to be very cautious and pay attention to aftercare.


How to maintain instant locs

  • Moisturize the hair
  • Washing the hair as frequently as possible
  • Condition your hair to ensure it looks natural and tamed
  • Cover your head while sleeping
  • Don’t twist the loca unnecessarily
  • Don’t comb freshly locked hair

Lint Problems

Lint, puff, and fiber are the biggest enemies of instant locs. It is quite difficult to get them out of the locs.


Creating instant locs is quite a task and time-consuming. People with long hair can expect to be seated in the stylist’s chair for 10 hours. 

Can Be Expensive

Depending on the salon you visit and the length of your hair, the cost of having quick locs might vary significantly. Prices often range from $300 to $750 or more.

Hard To Find A Good Stylist

It can be difficult to find a good stylist who would put effort into perfecting you’re locs.

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