30+ Pros and Cons of iOS (Explained)

Do you love Apple products or don’t know much about them or just don’t like them right away. 

iOS, the Apple operating system, has become the most well-known mobile operating system combating Androids.

iOS is what Apple named by Apple for their mobile operating system, which they use for their iPhones and other Apple devices. 

It was originally developed for iPhone devices but now supports Mac computers too. The OS has its pros and cons, so it will be best to know them before you opt to shift.

Here we will be going through the pros and cons of iOs.

Pros Of iOsCons of iOS
Easy and Simple to use with an accessible user interface even after an updateVery costly
Hardware and SoftwareSame look even after multiple updates
SecurityCompatibility issues with non-Mac computers
High-Quality Hardware and Software EcosystemNo free widget support option
Simple InterfaceCostly iOs apps 
Better Application Of Google maps Not Available In other OSNot open source
Document-friendlyMinimal customization 
Better Resale Value
App Store 
Efficient and long-lasting battery

Pros Of iOS 

Apple has become synonymous with quality and innovation. The company’s iPhone is the world’s best-selling smartphone, and its apps are some of the most downloaded on the App Store. 

Apple’s iOS operating system also powers other devices such as the iPad and Mac computers.

iOS is the most successful mobile OS in terms of both usage and revenue. In addition to being a great tool for productivity, iOS offers a number of features that make it easier to manage your life. 

For example, iOS makes it easy to find lost phones by sending out an SOS signal.

Easy And Simple To Use With High-accessibility Interface even Postupdates

iOS has the tremendous benefit of being very easy to use and compatible with every subsequent update.

Ones who use the iPhone religiously consider this as one of the best features of this operating system because all those features and applications still work great on other or the latest devices.

This ensures consistency of user experience without any major changes in the interface design.

High-Quality Hardware and Software Ecosystem

Apple is one of just a handful of large companies that design their products from the ground up with both hardware and software in mind.

Google manufactures the hardware for most of the smartphones that runs on Android, but someone else makes the hardware for some smartphones running Android. 

Microsoft collaborated with other partners to make the software for their windows mobile operating system. 


iOS appliances are considered safer than Android appliances. There are hardly any instances of security breaches in this operating system. 

Since the iPhone doesn’t allow third-party websites or applications to download other apps, the risk of viruses infecting your device and corrupting and stealing your valuable data is reduced.

iPhones provide better protection against malware than Android devices. Because Apple vets every app that appears on its App Store, it is less likely to get infected by malware than Android. 

Google CEO Sundar has previously admitted that the Android operating system isn’t completely secure. That’s settled the case.

Better Applications Of Google maps That You Won’t Find in Other OS systems

Apple users can navigate through Google maps using all that it offers beyond other platforms.

Very often it happens that many Google Maps users across various platforms including Androids complain that they are not able to use all the features but that doesn’t happen with iOs users.

Simple Interface

iOS devices feel very easy and user-friendly to use. 

The iPhone ensures that every application and feature works exactly as it was designed to work by Apple, making an easy user experience. 

Mobile users think that this feature is apparently one of the most useful ones you find on iPhones.

Unlike Android devices, iOS devices remain consistent. It has not changed significantly in terms of its interface or design, since the same company produced it at the time.


People who own iPhones have a lot of experience playing video games. Top-class companies develop games and all games must be approved by teams before they’re released. 

Only those games that don’t have any problems with their code and can run smoothly on the computer are accepted.

Seamless updates

Updates are essential. Samsung has started giving three-year software updates in the last year. Apple whereas began doing this so five years now. 

Furthermore, Android updates take longer than iOS. First of all, most manufacturers make Android phones, which means there are no guarantees when they release an upgrade. On the other hand, Android users receive Android updates on day one.

 Document-friendly User-Interface System

iOS enables the working of the company’s Office 365 app which is a suite that includes cloud-based applications that let users create, share, and manage data, as well as manage their sites and much more like they would do on a computer.

These apps let iOS devices intelligently manage business work using Microsoft Excel, and Word while carrying on real-time collaboration.

Users have the option to store their crucial documents very easily on their iOS devices where they can further edit them or view them remotely.

Multitasking Is More Efficient

Multi-tasking is certainly one of the biggest draws that iOS has compared to any other operating system.

If you want to listen to music while working on your iPhone or iPad, you can continue doing so without any interruptions.

It’s similar to working from an office and carrying out work while using a smartphone, but without having to sacrifice anything.


iOS is the easiest-to-use operating system. Even though Android phone manufacturers streamline their skins, there is still no comparison between them and iOS.

Despite people disliking that iOS looks the same since its first release, it gets the job done. All you have to do is do some very basic setup initially and that’s pretty much it, whereas android needs to be heavily customized.

 The App Store

There is roughly the same number of apps available for both Apple and Google’s app stores. According to the VentureBeat website, Apple has nearly one million apps in the App Store at the time of release.

There are currently over 1.2 million apps available through Google Play. As of this writing, Microsoft has just under 160,000 apps available for download from its Windows Store. Apple’s strict guidelines for app development are far stricter than those of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Developers must meet those criteria before their applications are available through the App Store. The strict regulations include a safe area known for its security and safety.

 Display Quality

Nobody can deny that nobody beats Apple when it comes to smartphone cameras.

Megapixels are just numbers because the iPhone certainly exceeds your expectations for the number of megapixels specified.

Regarding color saturation, most smartphones saturate the colors while Apple’s iPhones present your images as real as possible.

Efficient Battery use with less heat generation

iPhone fans will tell you that these devices don’t generate any heat when they’re used for long hours, even if they’re plugged into an outlet.

One of the reasons why iPhones are so popular is because they use batteries that are far more efficient and generate much less heat than those that operate on other operating systems.

Many users prefer the operating system because it allows them to play games uninterrupted for extended periods of time without overheating.

Apple Ecosystem 

Ask iPhone users why they think Apple is better than Android, and one of the reasons you’ll hear is the ecosystem.

Apple’s products include iPhones, iPads, Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, and so on, which work well together.

One of the best features or examples for the Apple Ecosystem has to be their AirDrop feature which makes transferring data across your iOS devices faster and so much easier.

Having multiple Apple iOS devices clearly gets a huge advantage here.

Better Resale Value 

New smartphone releases often result in people upgrading their smartphones. You might be able to sell your old phone in exchange for the new phone, which would certainly save you some cash.

Regardless of how old an iPhone is, it will still be worth more than an Android phone when it comes time for a replacement.

iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. have much more resale value than Android products, so, even after heavy use, they can get back a certain percentage of their cost after years. It will help you to upgrade or buy another product as well.

Furthermore, Apple products are popular so they usually sell much faster than Android devices.

Supports Multi-language and Smooth Multitasking

You can select any language on your device from the list of languages available. For your device, you have plenty of language support for the iPhone. Currently, 21 languages are supported by iOS, including Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), and Portuguese.

With iOS, you can do several things at once without having the trouble of app crashes or bugs like they tend to happen more often than not in Android.

Impenetrable Security

Mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones use strict security measures because they employ easy-to-use functions.

Before apps and features are loaded onto devices, they’re tested for their compatibility with operating systems.

Both fingerprint and face-recognition sensors are supported by the application ensuring double security checks.

Cons of iOS   


We found a minimal built-in battery capacity for iPhones and we don’t find Apple chargers very often.

We usually run out of battery, and it becomes even harder to use this phone without an external power supply.

The main drawback I have seen on the iPhone is its charger, which is not universal like most of the world’s phones have.

Same Look Even After Upgrades 

With only limited changes and variations in the user interface and design, you won’t find much to be looking toward when it comes to upgrades. 

Your home screen on iOS devices will remain the same even when you get higher upgrades or pricier models.

Those who want an exciting new look have to be satisfied with the old look and feel of the site.

Very Costly

The expensive cost of the iOs devices is definitely one of the main drawbacks of iOS that doesn’t help in beating the Android.

iOS gadgets are very expensive and if you spend too much money on them, you could end up with a big hole in your pocket.

This is why it isn’t used widely among the economically poorer sectors of society.

Too simple In Performance and Compatibility Issues with Non-Mac Computers And Systems

iOS has some limitations when it comes to providing you with a personal computer experience compatible with all kinds of devices.

Unlike other operating systems, iOS offers simpler performance options compared to all the features and customization you can do with other computers.

They have trouble finding compatibility with non-iOS devices.

Identical Screen / Same Icons

On the home screen of an iPhone, there are identical icons and they look just like the ones from previous iPhones.

Even if you upgrade your earlier iOS version to a new one, the home screen will appear the same as the icons are the same. 

There isn’t any widget support for iOS apps which is also costly.

Apple doesn’t allow third-party widgets to be used in its mobile operating system.

Furthermore, with so many restrictions imposed by Apple, apps made for the iPhone have to meet certain requirements that naturally increase their development costs, making them expensive for the consumer.


You can’t extend memory on an iOS device. You’ve got to handle your memories before buying your cell phone.

If you’re running low on space on your iPhone and want to increase its storage, you can’t just purchase an external hard drive. 

You need to use some other method. There is no way for you to increase the capacity of your iPhone.

 Running on limited devices as a platform only works on Apple devices.

The platform works only for devices made by Google and therefore has a limitation when it comes to using smartphones running on iOS.

As a user, regardless of how good the additional features offered by other devices may be, you’re simply not in a position to use them because they only run on hardware manufactured by Apple (or another company).

no NFC and the radio With IOS devices

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that allows two devices to communicate when they’re within six inches of each other.

However, the sad part is that Apple doesn’t support NFC. Unlike usual android devices, iOS devices don’t come with in-built radios or pre-installed radio apps.

Users wanting to listen on their iPhones must download an app for listening to the radio.

Not Open Source

You can’t customize iOS on computers other than Apple devices, and you can’t support it. If you are going for  Android phones, then any phone manufacturer such as Xiaomi, OnePlus Samsung, or Oppo can customize them with no issue. 

Apple devices support only one mobile SIM card. If you have multiple mobile phone numbers, you’ll need to swap them out repeatedly.

App sizes are usually Large Consuming lot of Space 

Apps made for iOS take up a lot of space on the device because they’re made specifically for the iOS.

Those who want to play games on the tablet using this platform must make room for apps that come in multiple gigabytes.

On balance, the advantages that the iPhone offers far outweigh the few minor drawbacks that it has.

No Customization

There is no customizability. One of the fun things to do in the phone is to change your wallpapers. Keep something that is as per your personality or mood. 

Then there are many other things you can change, such as icons, layouts, lock screen, shortcuts, widgets, and so much more. You can change almost everything on Android, including your app’s look. 

The logo of the application, the name of the application, the folder icon, and if you ever need to use it, you’ll get a file system.

You can even flash custom ROMs if you’re into flashing custom ROMs.

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