25+ Pros And Cons Of Knee Replacement (Explained)

Nowadays, even before reaching forty years, a lot of people are struggling with knee pain. The prime reasons for this are obesity, unhealthy eating habits, zero body mobility, and so on.

A survey shows that among 18 countries with a population of 755 million population, 1,324,000 people undergo knee replacement every year. Now, this clearly says how pathetic the condition is.

Advantages Of Knee ReplacementDisadvantages Of Knee Replacement
Instantaneous relaxation from chronic and debilitating knee pain.Swelling of the knee might not lessen for 2 to 3 months after surgery
Considerably short recovery period.Blemishing across the front of the knee
Full range of motion is recovered.Numbness on the surface of the knee.
Restored ability to perform routine tasks.It might affect natural walking motion.
Resumed ability to exercise and thereby enhance overall health.Feasible to replace after 10 – 15 years.
It brings back one’s confidence. It can cause knee stiffness.

Advantages Of Knee Replacement

People enduring knee pain will require knee replacement surgery after a certain point in time; however, due to various factors, a lot of people do not opt for this option, but if you are someone who is looking to get operated then consider understanding the advantages of knee replacement.


The benefits of Knee Replacement are:

  • It gives instant relaxation after several years of enduring the pain
  • It considerably requires a short period to completely recover
  • One can recover an entire motion range
  • One can restore the same routine that they followed earlier
  • It enables one to perform daily workouts and enhances mobility
  • It helps in not relying upon someone else any longer
  • It brings back your self-confidence 

It gives instant relaxation

It is pretty difficult for someone to constantly withstand the pain and this pain indeed lasts for years if one does not give a thought to getting a replacement done, so if the surgery of knee replacement is performed, then one can forever cherish the fact of instantaneous relaxation rather than resisting discomfort for ages.

It considerably requires a short period to completely recover

Any surgery, considering the joints or bones, will require quite some months to recover and perform activities like before completely.

Still, you all have good news to hear concerning knee replacement, and that is the fact that whoever undergoes a knee replacement surgery will considerably recover in a pretty short period with adequate medication, a suitable diet, and enhanced care.

One can recover an entire motion Range

Once a person starts to feel discomfort in the knee or in any joint for that matter will start to suffer and survive the pain and can not have regular movement like usual.

However, knee replacement surgery will help one to recover their entire motion range as earlier. Is that not great? Yes, right.

One can restore the same routine that they followed earlier

Having the same routine as earlier with extreme pain in the knee is certainly the toughest task for anyone suffering from knee pain, but with knee replacement surgery, individuals can rebuild and follow the routine that they did earlier with complete ease.

It enables one to perform daily workouts and enhances mobility

Performing the regular physical task with knee pain is just another big deal for a lot of folks, but not any longer. Considering the knee replacement survey will relieve all the pain and discomfort enabling one to perform their daily workouts and enhancing their mobility like before.

It helps in not relying upon someone else any longer

The dependency on some other person increases as your bone health starts deteriorating.

If you are someone already dependent on someone for every minute thing that has to be accomplished, then it’s high time that you get a knee replacement surgery done for zero dependencies on others and be completely dependent on yourself.

It brings back your Self-Confidence 

Not being able to walk briskly, stand straight, and not engage in physical tasks ruins one’s self-confidence, and this does not stop here; one will undergo a lot of pain for not being able to do what one loves.

In such circumstances, knee replacement surgery comes into the picture, it brings back your self-confidence, and you can begin doing the things that you always loved and enjoyed.

Disadvantages Of Knee Replacement

So far, we have discerned the advantages of knee replacement surgery, but one needs to understand its disadvantages. So here we are presenting to you a list of disadvantages that you can comprehend.


The complications of Knee Replacement are:

  • One can experience swelling for about two to three months after the surgery
  • It causes blemishes across the front knee
  • It can cause numbness in the knee
  • It might affect natural walking motion
  • Feasible to replace after ten to fifteen years
  • Other alternatives are more popular than knee replacement surgery.
  • It can cause knee stiffness 

One can experience the swelling 

Swelling is pretty natural after any provided surgery, and the same goes with knee replacement surgery as well; however, the swelling caused after other surgeries comparatively lasts for fewer weeks than the knee replacement surgery; here, one can experience swelling for at least two to three months, sometimes longer in a few people.

It causes blemishes across the front Knee

As we already know that surgery will be done with cuts in the required area, but the drawback is es or the scarring that It leaves for months or even years. However, follow the doctor’s prescription once to get rid of the blemishes and scars.

It can cause numbness in the Knee

The numbness is caused due to the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve, which is often injured during Total Knee Arthroplasty, directing to numbness. This outcome is experienced by a lot of folks who undergo knee replacement surgery.

It might affect natural walking Motion

Once the knee replacement surgery is done, your walk might slightly differ; however, this is seen in just a few people, but one can walk the right way with practice.

Feasible to replace after ten to fifteen years

Yes, you heard it right. You might require knee replacement surgery once again after ten to fifteen years of the first surgery. This is due to the infection that is caused due to the artificial joint. It also causes stiffness and becomes very painful. 

Other alternatives are more popular than knee replacement surgery

There are other famous alternatives that one can opt for rather than knee replacement surgery which have better outcomes than knee replacement surgery. 

It can cause knee Stiffness 

The prime drawback that is faced by people after knee replacement surgery is the stiffness in the knee leading to lesser movement accompanied by some amount of pain and discomfort.

All in all, the above-mentioned points describe the advantages and disadvantages one can witness with knee replacement surgery; however, it is recommended to consult an experienced orthopedic surgeon for a better realization of the privileges and the consequences of the surgery.

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