20+ Pros And Cons Of Kombucha (Explained)

Regarding healthy and trendy drinks, Kombucha is one of the famous names. 

Kombucha is a type of beverage that is formulated through the process of fermentation. 

This lightly effervescent drink, or you can say fermenting tea, typically it’s like black or green, using the colony of bacteria and yeast which is called SCOBY. 

The hype around this beverage can be attributed to the oddly addicting taste, which might help you in attending to the soda craving. 

However, to understand if Kombucha is for you or not. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should consider. 

Advantages Of Kombucha Disadvantages Of Kombucha 
It has hepatoprotective priorities It upsets your stomach 
Protect your guts It leads to headaches
It’s better for digestion Contributes to lactic acidosis 
Helps in weight loss and detox Leads to poisoning 
It contains antioxidants Damages your teeth 
It has cardioprotective effects It gains weight 
Manage the inflammatory disease It triggers allergic 
Help combat cancer Excess calorie consumption 
It has an antibacterial agent Lead to digestive and bloating 
Promote longevity and wellness Too much sugar 

Advantage Of Kombucha 

There are different beneficial compounds that you should consider that make Kombucha famous. 

Here is the list of pros that you consider : 

tips when you are brewing kombucha at home 

It Has Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are basically something that combats free radicals, which are quite reactive molecules with the ability to cause damage to your cells.  

According to a different scientist, antioxidants from beverages and foods are better for your health instead of antioxidant supplements. 

Kombucha, which is made with green tea, has antioxidants that have an effect on the liver. 

Kombucha has glucuronic acid, which binds to toxins; this helps the kidney and liver to push those things out faster.

It Has Potential Source Of Probiotics 

Well, this drink is made by adding some specific strains of bacteria, sugar, yeast, and to black or green tea. This allows them to ferment the week and even more. 

When put in this particular process, one can see a film on the surface that is like a mushroom formed by yeast and bacteria. This block is considered a living symbiotic, which shows the bacteria and yeast colony or SCOBY. 

This also shows that the ferment is now ready to use as Kombucha. 

However, during the whole fermentation process which takes place in producing the kombucha, a large amount of bacteria which is probiotic, is produced. 

It also produces acetic acid along with several acidic compounds, tracing the levels of the gasses and alcohols. 

Kombucha Supports The Healthy Gut 

Kombucha benefits from having a higher level of acids, probiotics, and enzymes. These ingredients create an effective solution for eliminating health issues. It includes heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, and ulcers. 

Probiotics are the best friend to your stomach, as they provide healthy bacteria to your gut. 

This can help in improving your digestive system and making sure that good bacteria thrive. 

It Helps In Losing Weight 

It has good gut bugs, which is an aid for proper digestion; this can help as it has enzymes present in this drink. 

Thus, it gives the proper functioning digestive the healthy gut flora, which has a great impact on your overall health. 

This can help in losing weight too. This can help you rebalance your gut bacteria in the proper way and improve digestion, overall metabolism, and nutrient absorption. 

It Helps Burning Fat 

When your body is optimal, it works more efficiently at burning fat and works well for weight loss. 

With that, kombucha also has shown that it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol or LDL and triglycerides while it boosts the HDL or good cholesterol. 

It Can Help In Killing The Bacteria 

Well during the production of the drink, it ferments which produces acetic acid, which is abundant in vinegar. 

According to the studies, polyphenols in tea and acetic acid can help in killing microorganism which harms your body.

 Kombucha made from green or black tea has much more antibacterial properties, and they are stronger, especially in fighting against the bacteria that cause the infection. 

Kombucha Have Vitamins And Minerals 

One of the benefits that you get from drinking Kombucha is that it offers a lot of vitamins and minerals. 

Well, with this drink, you are getting B vitamins, B1, B2, B6, and B 12. 

This is needed for new and healthy cells as well as for maintaining them. In fact,  it contains approximately 100 times more vitamin B12 compared to lamb. 

Drink this can help in making your skin glow, making your strengthening hair and nails

It Might Provide The Benefit Of Energy Drink 

In today’s market, you get commercially produced energy drinks that contain large amounts of sugars and chemicals. This helps in giving the boost of energy. However, the faster it works, the immediate crash you get. 

During the fermentation, the black tea relaxes a small amount of caffeine along with iron and B vitamins which give energy to the body. 

However, as compared to commercially processed drinks. This is much more healthy, and this is why most people consider adding this to their staple diet. 

Helps In Protecting Against Cancer 

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death; this causes cell mutation and uncontrolled growth of cells. 

According to studies, Kombucha can help in preventing the growth of cancer and the spread of it as it contains high antioxidants and polyphenols 

The polyphenols block the mutation gene and the growth of cancer cells. This also kills the cells which get in contact. 

It Helps In Balancing Blood Sugar 

Having acid such as acetic acid can also help you in balancing the sugar and regulation too. 

Even though it includes 90% of sugar, which is added during the kombucha fermentation process well, the sugar is for yeast and bacteria, so they can eat. It is quite similar to the process of making wine, bread, beer, etc. 

So the organic and raw form can help you in replacing fruit juice and soda. 

With the component that is responsible for giving a pungent taste, this shows a positive impact on those who have insulin insensitivity. It helps in reducing blood sugar in a much faster way. 

It Helps In Making Your Immune System Strong 

One of the benefits that you get from this drink is that it can help in the making of the immune system. 

Your gut is responsible for 80% of the immune system, so the more good bacteria your body has, the better the immune system. 

Kombucha is fermented; this helps in giving what bacterias make your body healthy. With that, it helps in building and restoring gut health. 

It includes DSL and vitamin C; this helps in fending off inflammatory diseases, cell damage, tumors, and other issues. 

It has three times more vitamin C as compared to oranges.

 Cons Of Kombucha 

There are so many potential benefits for your health that you can get from Kombucha.  However, there are some drawbacks that you might have. 

Even though it has some strong benefits like detoxifying the body, reducing sugar, and inhibiting the cancer cells’ growth. 

Despite that, there are reasons why it’s not for everyone; here are some cons that you should consider. 

biggest mistakes to avoid in kombucha 

Drinking Too Much Of Tea Can Upset Your Stomach 

Even though it helps in promoting gut health and improving conditions such as hemorrhoids and constipation. 

However, there is a limitation to everything as if you drink more than it. It will do bad to your health. 

So drinking a large amount of tea can make you feel nausea and even cause diarrhea. 

Kombucha has acidic properties; this is possible to cause nausea, especially to those who are sensitive to acidic drinks. 

This can be your trigger. 

Also, it is important to remember that tea contains sugar. According to the study, eating anything that contains too much sugar or sweetener leads to watery diarrhea. 

It Can Lead To The Headaches 

Headaches are another reason that is why you should avoid or drink within the limit. 

The reason behind this is still unknown, but the caffeine contained in kombucha and alcohol might not be for them. 

Caffeine sometimes becomes the reason behind headaches. 

It Contains For Contributing To Lactic Acidosis 

The philosophy is that too many good things might also have some bad too. 

Though the people who drink this tea mostly, it might not be side effects. However, there is some fundamental stuff needed to avoid. 

Lactic acid is the kind of acid that is produced in your body, particularly in your muscles organically.  This leads to the pH becoming too acidic. This leads to liver and kidney function, even becoming life-threatening. 

Over Fermented Kombucha Might lead To Poisoning 

Be mindful when it comes to fermentation during its process; this leads to poisoning depending on the condition in which it has been processed. 

However,  when you home-brew it in a ceramic pot or clay vessel, it increases the risk of poisoning. 

The lead can dissolve into the beverage, leading to the build-up. 

It Can Cause Some Major Issues 

There are symptoms of lead poisoning which include increasing high blood pressure, abdominal pain, headache, mood disorders, difficulty concentrating, and lead to muscle pain. 

There are different things it affects your body. 

Drinking Every Day Can Damage The Teeth 

Drinks have high acid levels; it includes Kombucha, which can also make your teeth wear out. 

This can lead to cause tooth sensitivity, decay, and discoloration

Since it contains a high acidic level which leads to harmful effects on your teeth and gums.

It Can Lead To a Gain in Weight

If you have the choice between soda and kombucha, this is kombucha that can be a clear winner as compared to nutrient profile and adding the sugar. 

However, kombucha offers probiotics and only 8 g of sugar per 1 cup serving, it can lead to a perfect process. However, it’s not sugar-free. as compared to unsweetened sparkling and tap water. 

So you can gain weight. 

It Can Cause Allergic Reactions 

There are some people who are not comfortable when it comes to this drink. 

There are some people who are allergic and show reactions. 

It might include shortness of breath, nausea, throat, dizziness, etc. 

It leads To Excess Consumption Of Calorie

There are different types of kombucha that you will get in the market. However, some are low in calories, and some might give you more than 120 calories per bottle. 

Sipping on some occasions might not hurt the vaseline, but if you are drinking this on a daily basis, this can lead to excess calorie consumption, which will gain weight.

It can Lead To The Bloating

Kombucha is found to be good for digestive health since it contains probiotics. 

However, when you are consuming it more than you should, this can lead to side effects. 

This drink is carbonated, so if you take it too much, it can lead to bloating. 

Drinking such beverages, which are carbonated, delivers CO2 in your digestion; it causes bloating and excess gas. 

Additionally, it has the compound called FODMAP; this type of carbohydrate causes digestive distress, especially to those who have IBS. 

It Might Have Too Much Sugar 

Different drinks are too sweetened; this makes the drink delicious but also contains too much sugar. 

When you are drinking in excess amounts, this also adds sugar. This is because the sugar it contains impacts health in different ways. 

It risks diabetics, fatty liver, obesity, and heart disease. 

Depending on the brand, if you are taking one serving, it contains 28 grams of sugar which are equal to 7 teaspoon

It’s Not For Everyone 

While it’s safe for most, there are some side effects.  This drink is unpasteurized and has bacteria as well as yeasts. It can help you promote the bacteria, which lead to infections in some people. 

For example, it can lead to serious complications for those with weakened immune systems such as kidney disease, cancer, or HIV. 

Although rare, it can cause acidosis and liver complications and help in kombucha consumption. 

It Can Lead To Excess Consumption Of Caffeine 

Kombucha is made with green or black tea, which contains caffeine.  Even though it has less caffeine, if you are overdrinking this, it can make consumption of caffeine too much in your body which is not healthy. 

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