20+ Pros And Cons Of Menstrual Cup (Explained)

The menstrual cup has been around for a while, and there is a whole decision on whether it’s beneficial or not. 

Well, menstrual cups are basically flexible and small cups. They are made of silicone or rubber. It is interested in the vagina for catching the menstrual flow instead of absorbing as pads and tampons do. 

After eight to 12 hours, remove the cup, empty it and wash it with the soap to use it again. 

However, it is claimed that they are as safe as any pads or tampons. However, it takes time to get used to it. 

Understanding more about them might help. Here is the list of pros and cons of using a menstrual cup. 

Advantage Of Menstrual Cup Disadvantage Of Menstrual Cup 
Best for daily use You need to learn 
Less wastage It can be messy 
Better for the environmentIssues with finding the right fit 
It’s easy to useChanging in the public bathroom can be messy
It helps in saving money Discomfort if you are not inserted better 
Promote a healthier and happy vagina It needs maintenance 
Less chance of leakagesYou might have a problem removing the cup
No flaps or strings You might be allergic to silicone 
Collect more flow 
Easy for traveling 
Longer wear time 
Reduce the irritation 
Less shopping 
Has no bad smells 

Advantage Of Menstrual Cup 

Menstrual cups have their benefits. Using them gives much more assurance than a pad or tampons. Once it’s interested in the proper way, it has a firm opening and folds pop which creates a smooth seal. 

To check if it’s working properly, give a gentle tug on the stem as it should give some kind of resistance. 

However, to understand how it can be beneficial, here are the top listed advantages. 

More Ease To Your Day To Day Life 

When you are using the menstrual cup, it has around 2 or 3 times the capacity as compared to any large pad or super tampon. 

This means you have to spend less time on little trips to the bathroom. Once you get comfortable using it, you won’t even feel and it helps you in staying at ease the whole day. 

tips for choosing the right menstrual cup 

It gives you much more ease to do the daily activities that you usually avoid during this period. 

Less Wastage And More Suitable For the Environment 

Well, another huge benefit of using a menstrual cup is that it has a positive impact on the environment too. 

A period cup can last more than 10 years, it saves the planet from 2700 disposable products. 

Also, you get the plastic wrappers as well as applicators with the tampons or pads. Buying 1 or 2 cups can help you in using it throughout your period for the next ten years. 

It means, there is zero waste and contributes to saving the environment. 

Menstrual Cups Are Simple To Use 

To those who are just switching or using cups for the first time, there is no doubt that it might take some time to get used to it.

Also, it’s important to learn how to use it in the right way. When you do it,  using a menstrual cup becomes much easier and simple. 

There are certain basic steps that you need to follow, such as : 

  • Finding the right fit 
  • Inserting in the right way 
  • Removing the cup 
  • Cleaning and sterilizing in the proper way. 

It Is Cost-Effective 

Using the menstrual cup has its monetary benefits too. It can help you in saving money on buying tampons and pads. 

If you compare it to the 270 disposable tampons that an average person purchases per year, a menstrual cup will be even better. 

Not just for that, but it saves you from buying the product for the next ten years. 

You Never Run Out Of It 

Using tampons and pads have their use drawbacks, you need to make sure that you have stock ready for your periods. 

Not just tracking it but maintaining it beforehand so you don’t have to run it as soon as you get it. 

Choosing a menstrual cup means you will never run out of it. You can simply clean and use it whenever you need it. 

It’s much handier, and you can take it with you anywhere.

It Makes Vagina Healthy And Happy 

 Comparing menstrual cups with tampons, period cups are much healthier for the body. 

Well, the reason is quite simple, they don’t have any kind of harmful chemicals or bleaches that some of the tampons might have. 

The medical-grade silicone doesn’t also react to your natural flora of the vagina and maintains a healthy state down there. 

Another reason is that it is made using smooth material. It doesn’t contain fiber or shedding like tampons. Fiber shedding can be caused when you insert and remove tampons in the vagina, making the fibers lose left behind. 

This also leads to infection and vaginal dryness. 

The third reason is that the risk of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome is low when you are choosing to be menstrual. 

TSS is rare, but this is a life-threatening condition where the bacteria from the skin, mouth, or nose manage to go way deeper in your body. 

It Makes Lesser Chance Of Leaks 

To those who are tired of leaks, using a menstrual cup can be the solution. 

One of the major pros is that you get the larger capacity to deal with the heavier flow. 

When you are using it the right way, it can help in maintaining a leak-free situation for you. 

It creates a seal that keeps your flow locked down. It’s essential to know the insertion and removal process of the cup and decide the right fit. 

With these points, it ensures that there is a leak-free experience for you. 

There Is No Flaps Or Strings 

If you are using tampons or pads, you might be familiar with those flaps and strings that come along with those products. 

Sometimes the string in tampons can cause discomfort or chafing. Not just that,  if you don’t change your tampon for a long time, the blood might leak down to the string end and strain the clothes. 

With the pads, the issue with wings as they scrunch up around the underwear is not that uncommon.  Due to these, menstrual cups are much easier. 

It Collects More Flow Compared To Others 

Well, you might not be bedding that much as you believe during the periods. 

Once you empty the cup over a few periods,  you might notice the amount of blood you bleed during periods. 

Menstrual cups collect blood twice as compared to pads or tampons. 

Rgerales you bleed light or heavy, or something in between, a menstrual cup can handle the flow much better. 

It’s More Travel Friendly 

If you are going on vacation or traveling, and you get your period at the same time. This can be annoying and frustrating to get artillery. And finding the brand that you use in another country can be extra work. 

But having a menstrual cup means that you have more space and always peace of mind when you are going on vacation. 

It Has No Bad Smells 

If you are using tampons, pads, or period panties, you might recognize that someday it has some kind of smell and it’s inevitable.

Whether the flow you can see assimilating outside or inside, the material absorbs just it. And the longer period of time it is there, due to bacterial reaction, smells weirder and worse. 

One menstrual cup benefits that instead of absorbing, it collects. Also, it’s made with medical-grade silicone. 

This is designed to be natural and unreactive to the body. 

Disadvantage Of Menstrual Cup 

There are some downsides too that you might face when you are using the menstrual cup. 

But it’s important that you need to get the disadvantage so you know if it’s suitable for you or not. 

It Has Lot More Learning Curve 

For anyone who handles menarche, it’s the first very occurrence of menstruation. 

There is a big concept that requires the body to adjust to changes, blood or other bodily fluids along with hormones, painful cramps, and aches. 

Well, you need to adjust the learning, however, when you are going for a menstrual cup, this is important to learn. 

It Can Be Really Messy 

Well, the idea of a messier period can be one of the major cons of menstrual cups. 

If you are the someone who gets squeamish around the blood or with any other bodily fluids, seeing the collected flow in the menstrual cup which causes the problem. 

reasons why your menstrual cup is leaking 

It Is An Issue To Find The Right Fit 

It is important to find the right fit.  You need to find the right one, so it works for you.

If you have the wrong fit, it won’t work, and then you might get leaks, or it might not fit. 

So you need to find the right fit for yourself. It also needs to invest more if you are finding the best one. 

Changing In Cup In Public Bathroom Can Be Challenging 

One of the questions that always come with this is whether it is possible to change the cup in a public bathroom. 

Some people might not be so comfortable with this idea, imagining waiting to rinse the cup in the sink while the next person is washing hands. 

It Needs Maintenance 

Because the cups are for reuse, it is important that you are taking proper maintenance. 

If you are not cleaning up correctly, it might introduce bacteria and other pathogens into the vagina. 

So you need to make it clean and maintain, along with storing it the right way. 

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