17+ Pros and Cons of Using Google Trends (Explained)

Google trends is a website launched by Google on May 11, 2006, which analyzes the famous or trending top search queries in Google Search according to the various languages and regions across the world. The website mainly uses graphs to measure and compare the search volume data collected from different queries over a period of time.  

Google Trends also allows its users to compare and measure their relative search volume data of searches only between two or more terms. Google Trends is available in English, Hindi, Chinese, Czech, Portuguese, and in many other different languages.

Recently, Google claimed that it is updating the information provided by Google Trends regularly, nearly updating the Hot Trends hourly. 

Benefits of using Google TrendsThe Drawbacks of using Google Trends
Convenient to use.Provides only relative numbers and not exact figures.
Easily available.Needs internet access.
Easy transportation of data.No presence of validated content.
Useful in finding balance in the data collection.Low search quota.
Ability to collect global data.The search context is vaguely present.

Advantages of Using Google Trends

  • Contains trending keywords

Keywords or short phrases are one of the most important elements of the search. When we type into our search engines, these keywords or phrases trip the ads and listings in front of us.

Mainly the first page or the link of the initial first 5 websites are the ones that have been clicked by most of the users according to the data. This is the place where keywords are very important and the SEO experts can list your website containing relevant keywords or not. 

  • Record of Trendy Keywords

Google Trends keeps a record of all the keywords and contains all the queries or searched keywords along with this the trending keywords too are stored that help you in getting the easiest and most preferred website by the other users. 

  • Containing information about the hottest trends

As content is known to be the backbone of SEO, if your article is declared to be low quality it will be directly ignored if not clicked at all. Thus, your content should be attractive and relatable which can be declared as trendy.

Google Trends collects its data and discovers the trending online topics across a given place and time providing you with your needed information.   

  • Availability of backlinking articles and websites

When you are inbounding links you will need to connect with trusted people and websites to have an air of authority. As from more places your website will be linked from, the greater will be your chances to achieve a higher ranking in the top search engines such as Google or Bing.

Therefore, Google Trends surely pick the appropriate article or link which is relevant to you, avoiding unnecessary spam and saving your time. 

  • Conduct competitor checks

Google Trends help conduct competitor checks where you will be able to compare your strategies with your competitors, their rankings, public recall of their brand, etc. It is also observed that a high volume of traffic does not always mean a bracket of success.

There can be some negative aspects or issues which are not attracted by the users. You can observe these issues and can rectify them on your platform to achieve success. 

  • Identifying the keywords relevant across your region 

Google Trends provides you with data that is based on specific regions that are relevant to you. It observes and collects the keywords which are reliably interesting, they also study the factors based on your searches and then form a pattern in which you can collect any information related to that region quickly.

  • Data collection distribution

Data that is collected from Google Trends is not distributed on the basis of language, date, time, or depending on any geographical area. This is solid and important because of its continuity. 

  • Observes your performance

Google Trends tools allow you to discover the amount of interest or latest activity that has been shown towards your product or brand.

The search volume index available helps you to discover the time spans in which for your brand, users have looked upon using certain keywords, enabling you to see the popularity of your product, which particular product was liked by your users, and more of relevant information.

It also helps you to understand your level of interaction with that particular product and improve its generation, and much more. 

Disadvantages of Using Google Trends

  • Minimum traffic requirement

One of the major drawbacks of Google Trends is that minimum traffic should be required to be featured on the website. Lack of traffic websites is not even ranked and also not considered to be visible to the users. It fairly requires high quality and high traffic.

  • Provides False Information Sometimes

If your website does not have enough traffic, Google Trends will help you with just an estimated figure for your visits to your website. This information at times may be false or inaccurate.

The data which is generated by trends can include false numbers for several reasons which can include data sampling issues, approximation compute results, etc. 

  • False interpretation

Users usually write only one term in the Google Search box without any specification and tend to find the meaning of the term or may want anything relevant to it.

At times, Google Trends is not able to interpret the query and provides us with a completely different answer which is neither helpful nor relevant. 

  • Confusing Results

Google trends share the results of our performance. But the results which are generated, sometimes, can be a little confusing as your brand’s name may also be used for any other research.

Thus, while obtaining the results you should type the name of your brand with the specific product or service to get the exact results.

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