25+ Pros And Cons Of Jira (Explained)

Atlassian manufactured the Jira Software. Sydney serves as the location of Atlassian’s headquarters. In 2002, Jira Software was first made available.

Jira is a member of a family of solutions intended to aid in the task management of teams of various shapes and sizes.

It was initially designed to be a bug and problem tracker. Jira has developed into a powerful work management solution for various use cases, including agile software development and the management of requirements and test cases.

Pros of JiraCons of Jira
Effective communicationDifficult to learn
Variety of featuresNo downloads
CustomizationFile size limitation
VisualizationHard to manage workflow
Test management toolsLack of uniformity
InnovationLack of communication tool
Agile teams workLack of project management tool


Why is using Jira a great idea?

  • Helps with agile management of work
  • Assists with the right organizational alignment
  • Helps in providing the right reports and insights related to work
  • The innumerable features make working easy and breezy
  • Easy customization helps in increasing focus on work

Advantages Of Jira

Effective Communication

You may map your ideas in Jira and share them with your team. A roadmap is a tool that makes it easier to delegate specific tasks and communicate broad goals.

When teams have the vision and context to make the best decisions while keeping in line with the company’s wider goals, they can plan more effectively together. Using road maps, users may combine work from team-level projects with corporate-wide ones.

Variety Of Features

Jira may be used for many different sorts of projects. Teams may rapidly start a project using its project templates, or they can swiftly adapt them to their particular process.

Teams may keep Track of issues and follow each process stage through to completion. Jira also has dashboards and reports for evaluating progress and productivity.


The app makes it simple to integrate other third-party apps. Users may simply increase Jira’s functionality with thousands of applications and connectors available. Teams can pick the tools that best suit their requirements. 


Jira Software is an adaptable workflow engine that lets users monitor problems, bugs, projects, and other work items using predefined workflows that users may customize to meet their needs.

Jira allows users to create and personalize various features, including tables, forms, timelines, reports, fields, and more. Jira may be utilized in various work settings thanks to its strength and adaptability.


Jira is a fantastic tool for organizing your to-do list. It works especially well when your job is distributed among several teams.

Jira gives developers the tools they need to concentrate on creating software while having the ability to automate and integrate workflows with IT teams.

Dev teams can create, test, and publish software more quickly because of it. Using internal and external technologies, users may track progress across the entire program lifecycle.

Test Management Tools

Jira is the best tool for teams who follow iterative processes. It interfaces with several test management technologies for a smooth quality assurance process.

Teams may enhance Jira’s issue-tracking capability by using customized screens, custom fields, and processes to manage human and automated testing.

Atlassian’s constant innovation continually improves innovation Jira’s functionality and user-friendliness. It keeps making investments in providing users with new tools to aid decision-making.

Agile Teams Works

Teams using agile approaches may access ready-to-use Scrum and Kanban boards using Jira. Tasks are listed on these boards and matched to various processes. Agile teams can readily track their performance over time thanks to time tracking and real-time data.

Large and complicated projects may be readily divided into smaller tasks by Scrum teams, allowing them to concentrate on their sprints and complete them more quickly.

Kanban teams may readily set up workflow visualization and work-in-progress restrictions to enhance productivity.


Jira offers pre-built dashboards and reports with up-to-date work information so teams can quickly get insights and produce great products. Utilizing information from their backlog, users may create sprint plans that benefit their consumers.

Disadvantages Of Jira

Difficult To Learn And Set Up

It can be difficult to set up Jira. Users who are just starting may have a high learning curve. For organizations searching for solutions that simply work out of the box and for uncomplicated projects, the abundance of configuration options might be intimidating.

It typically calls for a significant amount of learning, which adds to the expense and time commitment.

No Downloads

There is no way to download reports. It is not possible to download Jira graphical reports as images. Altering the resolution of the photos with different techniques produces subpar photographs.


Its software has several complex configuration options, a disorganized new layout, and occasionally illogical information architecture.

File Size Limitation

Jira restricts file sizes for uploads to maintain product speed. Therefore, it is prohibited to upload any file more than 10MB, be it a picture, a movie, or a document.

Hard To Manage The Workflow

Even though Jira comes with several preset reports, they are insufficient to efficiently manage your processes and maximize your improvement efforts.

Lack Of Uniformity

The more you expand, the more difficult it will be to manage your system if you don’t already have a set method for arranging your work.

Lack Of Communication Tool

There isn’t a simple way to send messages from Jira. Although there are interfaces with other chat and communication programs that can address this issue, some people may find the absence of a tool for internal communication in Jira to be a deal-breaker.

Lack Of Project Management Tool

Jira Software is excellent for monitoring the status of agile projects and bugs and problems. However, talking of Jira as a project management tool, it is incapable of providing a full project management experience.

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