20+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Chicago (Explained)

In 1837, Chicago was officially announced as a city in the state of Illinois. This city is also referred to as The Windy City, and after New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is the third largest city with 2.7 million estimated residents

Chicago is rich in culture, food, and sports, giving it a huge advantage for people looking for a new city to move in.

For the people who prefer big cities, this one can be ranked as one of the ideal countries to move in. However, when you are planning to start living in Chicago, there are some significant pros and cons  that you should know, and these include: 

Advantage Of Living In Chicago

If you are considering Chicago, here are some advantages you should be aware of. Here is what can help. 

Offers Great Options in Food

Chicago has the top honors restaurants that you can find in the country. Also, restaurants offer great food even when you are on a tight budget. 

This city never sleeps, so no matter when you feel like eating something, you will get great options in food here. 

Kind And Warm Neighborhood

There are more than 70 neighborhoods that you can find in this city. Each one comes with its own identity and feelings. You can find a place that meets your standards depending on where you are working and what you are looking for. 

Easy Public Transportation 

Chicago has the second largest public transportation system after NYC, with around 145 train stations and 129 bus routes. You get the metra trains and Pace buses connected to the suburbs. 

One of the perks that you get is that each community offers connectivity with public transportation. 

Diversified And Strong Economy 

Surpassed by NYC and LA only, this one is the third largest economy in the US. 

Here the GMP or gross metropolitan product is around $770 billion. Compared to Switzerland, this city offers more economic output. 

Also, the economy is diversified nicely. No single industry employs more than 12% in their workplace. 

There are more than 400 major corporations and 36 Fortune 500 Companies. 

Decent House Prices

Well, the city is not cheap, but you get the house at a reasonable price compared to NYC and LA. 

So those looking to start their big city life can consider Chicago as a place where you can find a house to live in, but you don’t have to pay a lot for it. 

Ideal For Sports People

To those who are into sports, well for them this city is ideal. Chicago is one of the ten US cities with five major professional sports teams. It includes baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and soccer. 

Chicago is home to alternative sports in a wide range, including women’s football, rugby, roller derby, indoor soccer, software, etc. 

Not just that, the sporting news ranked this city as the best sports city in 1993, 2006, and 2010. 

City With Different Culture

Chicago is also rich in culture as it has a huge number of cultural destinations

There are more than 100 museums. With that, you get several zoos, conservatories, and aquariums. 

They also have around ten opera houses, 13 ballet or dance centers, ten symphonies, and choirs. 

With more than 100 festivals, you can enjoy 65 acting theaters, eight major music venues, etc. 

Image Content: Why You Should Consider Move to In Chicago 

  • Warm neighborhoods
  • Diversified workforce
  • Huge job market 
  • Chicago housing market trends
  • Chicago taxes
  • Offers freshwater beaches
  • Beautiful place 

You Get Freshwater Beaches

You get around 26 public beaches suited to Lake Michigan. Different beaches have different vibes, and the water is freshwater. However, the water gets chilly, 60 – 75 degrees during summer. 

The city also tests the water daily for pollution. The city also has the Lifeguard Service, the largest municipal lifeguard service.

You Get Access To O’ Hare

Chicago hosts O’Hare International Airport; however, it doesn’t have the best reviews from the flyers. And it’s busy and can get from any other place. 

You should consider Chicago has 191 gates, eight runways, and over 50 airlines

Access To Libraries Are Top Rated

Chicago has public libraries that have been ranked as the best in the nation and third best in the whole world. 

The library system is huge and covers all the individual neighbors, with over 80 branches. 

Here you can get services that are more than rentals. 

Top Rated Services In Healthcare 

Chicago’s two hospitals that receive high honors in the nation, i.e., Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Rush University  Medical Center.

You get top-notch grades overall and are highly ranked in most procedures, which are a specialty and the conditions. And it includes Geriatrics, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Cancer, etc. 

Traditions Are Fun To Explore

This can be a fun and exciting place for those who like exploring traditions. 

You should also not miss the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration when you start living in this city. 

This also has the added green due to the Chicago River. So you can enjoy this tradition. 

Rich In Architecture And History 

The city is also rich when it comes to History and Architecture. Also, Sports play a significant role in the culture of Chicago. 

This place is interesting to explore the city and also to start living here. 

What you like the most about living in Chicago

Disadvantages Of Living In Chicago 

Living in Chicago can be interesting, but you should also consider why you should not live in this city. 

Here are some of the significant disadvantages that you should consider. 

Image Content: Mistakes To Avoid If You Visiting Chicago For First Time

  • Eating deep-dish pizza only.
  • Not going to Wrigley field. 
  • Using ketchup on a hot dog
  • Shopping on Michigan Avenue only
  • Focusing Navy pier only
  • Renting car
  • Not going pedway 

Not For Winter Sensitive People

Chicago has winter, which is not for people who are sensitive to the season. 

The season offers snow, long stretches, blistering winds, and a much worse situation if you are a winter person.

This city spends much time in winter, and the temperature drops much lower at night. 

The wind chill can be around 0 degrees, and the average is 36 inches of snow. 

Higher Cost Of Living 

Chicago offers the cost of housing compared well to other options. But around 74% of other cities where you get much better options as Chicoa, can be more expensive. 

Also, like most of America, housing, transportation, utilities, groceries, etc., are much more expensive, making it unsuitable if you are looking for a lower cost of living. 

Highest Taxes To Pay 

One of the reasons why Chicago is expensive when it comes to the high cost of living is because here, you get some of the highest taxes in America. 

Also, here you get around 25 specialty fees and taxes, including taxes on liquor, parking, soda, gas, bottled, water, etc.

Here you get some taxes which you might not even hear about in some other countries.

Some Areas With High Crime Rates

Chicago also has national news for gun violence. There are some areas where you have a higher crime rate. In 2020, the city had 774 recorded murders. 

So it might not be safe, or you must consider the choice again. 

Too Much Of Traffic 

One of the major cons you get here is the third worst traffic in America after NYC and Philadelphia, which has 7th worst traffic in the world. 

So it would help if you considered the city where the traffic is a significant issue. It’s important to know what you are dealing with when you start living in Chicago. 

Parking Issue

After the traffic issue, you might have a difficult time when it comes to parking. 

Residents of this city spend around 56 hours per year looking for the perfect space to park their vehicles. 

The country has the sixth worst place when it comes to parking looks. 

Struggle With Pollution

Also, Chicago can be a nightmare for those with pollution issues. 

According to the American Lung Association, which rated this city an ‘F’ grade for ozone pollution, this city is unsuitable for you. 

Chicago has the 18th worst ozone pollution that you get in America. It also has struggled with the polluted waterways in its history. 

High Poverty Rate

The city has a poverty rate of around 20%, compared to the US average of nearly double.

Estimated residents of 550,000 fall below the poverty line. 

This mainly includes Hispanics ( 22%),  Black ( 32%), and Asians (19%).

Drinking Pipes With Lead 

Chicago also has a stormwater drainage system, combined with the sewer system, which was designed in 1850. 

So in a situation of heavy rain or snowmelt,  the drainage pipes get overwhelmed. 

Here the sewer mixes with water, which can end up flooding the basement. 

Which you did not like about living in Chicago

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