14+ Pros and Cons of Living In Vermont (Explained)

The state of Vermont houses a small population which in turn has provided the inhabitants with an abundance of prospects both in the job market as well as the business scenario. The state is famous for its world-famous craft beer, some of the best quality public schools, and thriving economic growth.

The communities and its people lead a good family life protected with a considerable amount of safety and the locals here are friendly and caring in their nature. Vermont is so much more than a tourism destination spot, and we shall give you an exhaustive outlook on its various aspects. 

Benefits of living in VermontDrawbacks of living in Vermont
Job marketNotorious winters
Less pollutionHigher than average cost of living
Caring neighborsTransportation difficulties
Negligible crime ratesMud season

Advantages of living in Vermont

Job market

Many people feel the pangs of concern when it comes to the job prospect in the state and this originates mainly due to the low population margins in the place. But if you look on the bright side of this, there are a lesser number of competitors for your lucrative position of yours!

The current unemployment rate is around 2.8% it can be assumed that the state is definitely moving in the right direction in creating more job aspects.

There are a number of avenues which one can look for to start their careers with, with the likes of management consultants, software developers, computer technicians, personal care assistants etc. to name a few. 

Less pollution

Pollution constitutes one of the major drawbacks from the viewpoint of dwellers of the big cities. Cities and their pollution quotient is mostly on the rise and this is a major hindrance for the residents.

The presence of the heavy manufacturing units and the unending number of vehicles with their ubiquitous emission of deadly gases leaves the city air poisonous and rather unsuitable to breathe. The state of Vermont in the United States is mostly devoid of such health hazards and does not suffers from the perennial brown air or ozone issues. 

Does Vermont Has Less Pollution

Caring neighbors

One of the biggest concerns that people have while they are trying to narrow down their selection on settling in a particular place is the kind of neighbors they shall be having and their friendly nature and cooperativeness.

The state of Vermont is synonymous with its amicability and helping disposition. They are known to be keeping to their own business without being nosy, but at the same time, they do come forward for help when someone is in need of it. 

Vermont Has Very Friendly as Well as Caring Neighbors

Negligible crime rates

Vermont records a much lower crime rate propensity as compared to the other states of the country. The small towns of the US have always experienced lower rates of crime and Vermont has been voted to be the safest state according to many polls undertaken.

This is majorly due to the fact that the state has a very less population of people and hence high safety level can be accomplished. 

Drawbacks of living in Vermont

Notorious winters

That Vermont is a beautiful state is accepted by all without a doubt. With the cool summers, the exceptionally gorgeous autumn, and its majestic colors along with a soothing spring, the state can be a living haven. But all that is so good till here is suddenly lost with the arrival of the winters!

It would be enormously kind to describe the winters as harsh. They are nothing short of beyond that with bountiful snow, ice, and a terrifyingly frigid temperature. The costs of living during the winter months go exceptionally high with all the heavy clothing and maintenance of the houses. 

Vermont Is Notorious for Its Winters

Higher than average cost of living

If you are thinking of settling in Vermont, make sure you do have a good supply of money. The place records around 11% more cost of living than the other places in the country.

The income tax rates are also high and the retirees also need to keep track of their social security income as they are unusually highly taxed. 

Vermont Has High Cost of Living

Transportation difficulties

You have to have your own car if you have decided to live here. You need to drive everywhere as there is no proper public transportation system in the state. Moreover, owing to a car too can come with its own set of problems as the state literally eats cars!

Due to the prevalence of the extreme winters, the roads get covered of a thick layer of snow. You need rust proofing on your car, or else be prepared to watch your car being chewed up slowly. 

The mud seasons

The state of Vermont is infamous for its tremendous winters. As much as this is true, there is something else too that is even worse here.

The mud seasons! With the departure of the winters, the locals wait with much trepidation for the arrival of the much-loathed season of the mud when the residue snow begins to melt making the ground exceptionally wet. The state is littered with an extreme amount of mud all through the length and breadth of the region.

It becomes absolutely imperative to have a mudroom that helps you to take off your shoes and clean up from being in the outdoors. This is one of the major atrocities that the state of Vermont is associated with. 

Your perspectives are the major yardstick of measuring the pros and cons of living in any particular place. If you are thinking of shifting to Vermont you will find the quaintness of the place to be much alluring although it has a very distinct vibe of its own.

Many a time people from the big cities are so fed up with the mad rat race, they can be besotted with the much-coveted warmth and small-town hospitality of the state of Vermont. This place can be a perfect choice for you to enjoy serene tranquility away from the city bustles.

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