17 Main Pros and Cons of Social Issues

A social issue or a social problem basically refers to an issue that has been perceived by society as a problem or an unfavourable situation that is preventing the society from functioning at an optimal level. It is necessary to understand that not all things that occur in the society are raised to the level of social problems. Some of the factors that characterize a social issue are:

·   It should be recognized by the general public as a problem.

·   The situation is against the general values that are accepted by the society.

·   A large segment of the entire population recognizes the issue as a valid concern.

·        The issue can be resolved or alleviated through the joint action of the citizen or the community resources.

A problem is regarded as a social issue when it is commonplace for the people out there, or when it burdens the welfare system, violates the societal values and can be alleviated by means of collective actions and community resources.

Pros and Cons of Social issues:

Pros of Social issues:

Help society learn a lesson:

When a social issue takes place, the very first thing that we hear people talk about is to learn a lesson from the bad that has happened. When a social issue arises, we hear people talk about various aspects of the issues.

This helps the whole society learn a lesson from all the negative aspects. Generally, a social issue from a negative aspect, so, no matter what the conclusion of the matter may be, it certainly lets people learn a lesson.

Spreads awareness:

When a social issue takes place, one of the positive impact that it caste on the society is that it helps the people out there gain awareness. For an instance, the “Death penalty” is a big social issue in the recent days.

Some are talking against it while some are for it. But, it eventually spread awareness in the minds of people regarding the various aspects of the issue. Making the laymen aware of the various aspects of the conflict is always important.

Creates unity amongst public:

During the social issue or a social problem, it always tends to give rise to unity amongst the different group of public. One group may support the issue and one may oppose it.

But it certainly makes a huge mass of people join their hands together to come forward and discuss a topic of controversy, fight for it, or against it.

Break the ice and makes people talk:

Social issues can be of anything and everything. Sometimes the discussion of the topic is maybe something which we do not generally discuss in public, or feel shy to bring that forward. Let us take an example here.

Suppose, “Gay marriage”. It is a very controversial topic, yet is very necessary to talk about. Though it gave rise to many social issues, but at last people broke the ice regarding one of the most important topics of the society.

Reminds the people of their values and ethics:

Sometimes a social issue tends to hurt the values and ethics of the people of a particular society, group, culture, tradition or ethnicity. This also makes the people remember their own values and ethics and make them raise their voices against any harm caused to their values.

Development of the system:

Most of the social issue out there end up bearing a solution which is acceptable by the entire society of the country. Various political parties and the government pay their heed to those issue by seeing people talking and raising voices, and hence come to a conclusion or solution, that would be acceptable by all.

Cons of Social issues:

Creates conflicts.

Social issues often give rise to various disputes amongst the different groups of people which gives rise to conflicts and fights. This creates problems, harms people and property, and the common people faces harassment.

Conflicts in societies due to a social issue have become utterly common these days. These people not only fight amongst themselves but also harms the public and personal properties. These problems should be strictly taken care of by the police during a conflict.

Violates the values of the society:

Most of the social issues arise because they violate or go against some or the other values and ethics of the society. A particular group may not agree with any other group and this often creates over a small topic.

A huge mass of the people may get enrages due to the violation of the society. The protests and conflicts often arise due to the fact that a certain issue or a problem tend to harm the or the values of the society in one way or the other.

Go against the ethnicity:

Social issues also sometimes tend to harm the ethnicity of the people. Let us take an example of the “Parda system of the Muslim brides”. Many people were against the system and the government also has taken steps to stop this trend.

But these eventually harmed the customs, ritual, and culture of the Muslim Brides. Many Muslim communities had problems regarding the protest and the various laws that have been passed in order to stop doing “Pardah” during the marriage.

Harms the sentiments:

Another one of the biggest disadvantages or cons of various social issues is that they often end up harming the sentiments of the people out there.

For example “beef consumption”. Though there are many campaigns and protests against this, this also tend to hurt the sentiments of various Hindu communities out there as they worship Cows and treat them as ‘mother’. These create differences, disputes and conflicts amongst the people.

Create differences:

When two opinions do not match, they often give rise to differences amongst people. Different people supporting different view points of the same topic, often end up creating differences amongst themselves.

And, in the even worst case, these differences are sometimes beyond repair. Social issues and various contradictory and controversial matters are the one who are responsible for creating communal, cast based, and creed based differences amongst the multiple people out there.

Affects the daily routine of the common people:

When controversy or a social issue takes place, often there are several protests, rallies on the public roads out there, which be an obstacle for the commoners out there who are neither in support nor in oppose of the protest.

Furthermore, a social conflict also becomes a hurdle in the paths of the people whose daily life is backed by a tight schedule. Many public and private firms out there suffer from the social issue taking place.

Social issues are issues that relate to society’s perception of people’s personal lives. Different societies have different perceptions and what may be “normal” behavior in one society may be a significant social issue in some other society at the same time. Some issues have both social and economic aspects, like immigration and also there are issues that don’t fall into either category, such as wars. Above, some most common pros and cons of various social issues have been discussed. 

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