20+ Pros And Cons Of Trello (Explained)

Trello is a widely used project management application that enables you to create and manage tasks, whether for a collaborative project or simply your list of duties.

You may give tasks to other project partners, define deadlines, and make notes on projects and tasks. Trello uses a kanban board display so you can quickly see how the project is moving along. The design’s simplicity offers easy learning.

In certain respects, Trello is entirely free. The free version should be adequate for organizing and developing small-scale projects with a small team.

Pros Of TrelloCons Of Trello
Free PlanNot accessible without data
Simple price structureOnly suitable for big projects
Kankan SystemDoesn’t allow editing of comments
Reminds deadlineIterations cannot be reviewed
Uses real-timeOnly simple description


Why should you use Trello

  • Get all your to-dos done by organizing your day on Trello
  • Tracking time via Trello will help in doubling your productivity
  • Saving your favorite recipes and planning all your meals is no longer a hassle with Trello
  • Interested in reading throughout the week? Just add your reading list on Trello and keep everything sorted.
  • If you love consuming media, you can consider planning everything on your dashboard. 
  • If you want ease with managing money, Trello is your best bet. 

Advantages Of Trello

Free Plan

Trello offers a free plan. You only need to sign up.

Simple Price Structure

Trello’s price structure is less complicated than other management tools. In addition, there is a version available where you may make boards, cards, and lists and invite an infinite number of users.

The Business Class edition, which costs $25 a month, offers a ton of features, Google Apps connectivity, and the ability for admins to view and manage all boards, set board visibility restrictions, read-only functionality, etc.

Kankan System

The Kanban technique utilizes a system of boards and cards to assist you in breaking down your activity into smaller components.

This technique, developed by Toyota in the 1950s, is Crucial for identifying development-process constraints. Users now find it much simpler to establish project tasks and then utilize the system’s boards to divide them into smaller tasks further.

Reminds Deadline

With a Trello Board, you’ll never miss a deadline again. You can include due dates while creating Cards. The card will become yellow as the date draws near and red when the date passes. To remove the red from your board, you can designate the due date as “done.”

Trello is constantly at the top of your notification list, so you won’t miss any crucial tasks. In addition, you will be alerted if a task is changed, deleted, or commented on.

Uses Real-Time

Trello uses real-time. Members may work on the project without obstructing updates. The system update appears instantly and without delay when it is made.

Multiple team members can work on various aspects of a project at once since updating happens instantly. This makes sure that nobody lags.

No Need For Notes

Imagine a table free of Post-it notes, which would otherwise cover the walls, chair edges, and table tops. Trello is the replacement for your post-it notes, and since it is accessible online, you may use it from anywhere globally. Trello is referred to be the “Kanban of the Future.”

No more Post-it notes that have been crumpled and thrown in the garbage. Trello helps users avoid making notes, which reduces waste. These notes may be made on the program, so they won’t ever have to be concerned about forgetting their assignments again.


Trello was created to be simple and user-friendly so that anybody can use it. The program can be controlled so that even a layperson can comprehend it, which is extremely obvious. Even a rookie may easily comprehend how the program can be operated at a glance.

Responsive Web Design

As internet users, you probably share our appreciation for responsive web design. Trello has ensured that every website component has been streamlined for use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Strong Notification Game

One of Trello’s finest features is that any change made to the program can be viewed. You’ll never miss out on a task since you receive automatic notifications when tasks are changed, commented on, or removed.

Every update, remark, and task removal triggers the sending of an email notice, and for phone users, a push notification is delivered.


Key features of Trello

  • The Templates feature helps in making lives easy with the plethora of board templates that it has.
  • The Butler features allow the creation of commands and rules, which help in reducing receptive work.
  • The Cards Feature helps to add task descriptions, subtasks, attachments, due dates, and more. 

Disadvantages Of Trello

Not Accessible Without A Data Connection

Trello offers numerous benefits, but you must remember that it won’t function if there is no Wi-Fi or the internet connectivity is questionable. Also, Trello won’t work if you use airplane mode when traveling.

Accessing the Trello website requires an internet connection. The fact that they cannot always access Trello makes some individuals apprehensive.

Storage Limitation

A Trello card can have as many attachments as possible. However, if you’re a basic user, there is a 10MB file upload restriction for each attachment. A 250MB file upload limit is available to Business Class and Trello Gold subscribers. There is no cap on account data storage, though.

Additionally, if you are a regular member, your upload quota is just 10MB.

Not Suitable For Big Projects

When you need to oversee a massive project with several teams worldwide, Trello is not the right board for the job. It works better for basic team tasks or when scaling is not necessary.

It is suitable for more compact tasks. Trello may unquestionably be useful for individuals and small organizations. However, this may become an issue when the team expands and the project gets more complicated.

Doesn’t Allow Editing Of Comments

Trello needs to upgrade its commenting system. You may write comments and modify them with other program users. Trello does not enable editing; only commenting is permitted.

If a remark has already been submitted and saved, the only way to change it is to submit a new comment. Trello has a flaw that has to be fixed: the inability to change a card’s remark. 

Iterations Cannot Be Reviewed

Only when retrospective is feasible can iterative work be successful. Job performance will increase when you schedule regular intervals for reviewing completed work and lay out a strategy for reviewing iterations.

Tools for standup-ready views, reporting, etc., are necessary so that you can understand the work that has been done.

Lack Of Robust, Agile Features

Trello is a low-cost project management solution. However, it lacks crucial agile capabilities.

Additionally, you don’t receive a uniform high-level picture of other people’s work, making daily standups harder.

Doesn’t Help In Road Mapping

The basic board aids in the early stages of software development. However, even for a short two-week race, it doesn’t assist with road mapping.

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