25 Pros and Cons of Being An Editor

An editor is one who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine and who decides what will be published in each edition of it.

He is a journalist who is responsible for a particular section of a newspaper or magazine. They plan, revise, and coordinate material for publication in newspapers, magazines, books, or websites. 

Advantages of being an EditorDisadvantages of being an Editor
Work indoorsEditors do not get rich
Makes decent moneyLarge income swings
Can work remotelyJobs are outsourced 
PerksPrograms may replace humans 
Good job prospectsLow social status
Not stressfulDifficult to switch fields 
Avoid physical work Have to sit before computer 
Can start own businessCompulsory educational qualifications

Advantages of being a Editor

Work indoors

An editor works indoors and doesn’t have to work outside during harsh weather. Sure, it can be great to work outdoors on nice sunny days.

However, other people have to work under those extreme conditions whereas an editor will work in air conditioning or heating and has a nice office.

Makes decent money

The amount of money one can make from an editing job is decent. Some editors earn better from what they are doing and if they are really good at editing

Can work remotely

They can work from home or from anywhere if required through an internet connection. Though one does have to come to the office once in a while to meet up with colleagues or with clients in person.

Most of the time, one can work purely remotely since one can use modern technologies to make video calls and share screens with call participants as if they were present in person.


An editor can do a lot if he starts a side hustle in the digital world. One can start own blog or YouTube channel besides working on content editing services for clients.

Many people have started out as editors but have soon realized that they can make more money from those digital channels.

Good job prospects

Editors are in high demand nowadays. Moreover, if one stays up-to-date with the latest developments and is also willing to improve skills every day. He has chances to become a real expert in the editing profession and clients ask for advice.

Due to the digitalization of our world, an increasing number of content editors are needed since almost every big company now realizes that publishing content on a regular basis will be the future of marketing.

Not stressful

A benefit of becoming an editor is that workday will also not be that stressful. The job of the editor will be relatively relaxed most of the year and while many other people have to deal with enormous time pressure at work, one will be really able to enjoy the workday.

Editors do not have to work many extra hours. Moreover, editors have standard workweeks and don’t work more than 8 hours a day. Some have a great level of freedom of scheduling work as long as he meets the goals of the company. 

Avoid physical work 

An editor can avoid hard physical work. Though working as an editor can be mentally demanding, one will not have to work in a physical manner.

Therefore, while many other people have to lift heavy things all day long and ruin their spine, editors sit in a relatively comfortable office chair and avoid many long-term health issues.

Can start own business

An editor will also be able to start own business. One can just work as an employee in the content editing industry for a few years, save some money, get some experience and then start own editing company.

It is great for starting your own business as it will not need to invest large amounts of money.

Disadvantages of being an Editor

Editors not get rich

Even if one makes decent money as an editor, he will still not get rich. Especially if one lives in expensive regions, he may have to spend a significant fraction of income on rent and other basic expenses and there may be hardly any money left to enjoy a nice car or even to buy a home.

Large income swings

A self-employed editor will have to deal with significant swings in income. Though one you may have pretty good months where he makes decent money, he may also have months where he hardly gets any jobs at all.

They may get into serious financial difficulties in the long run.

Jobs are outsourced 

Most companies start to outsource editing jobs as the money they have to pay for editing services is just much lower.

It means that there will be fewer jobs for editors in the future and if this outsourcing process continues, chances are that many jobs will be lost and job prospects for editors may be rather questionable in case this happens.

Programs may replace humans 

An issue with becoming an editor is that artificial intelligence may get to a stage where programs can do editing jobs much better than humans could ever do them and if this happens, many editors will lose their jobs.

He is a person who prepares a film, or a radio or television program, by selecting some of what has been filmed or recorded and putting it in a particular order, and if these works are stated to do automatically with the help of any application, it may cause loss of many jobs.

Low social status

Editors have a rather low social status. He will also not get as much attention as an editor. As the income varies, the standard of living also varies. He may suffer from his reputation in society.

Difficult to switch fields 

It is pretty difficult for editors to find jobs outside the editing industry. Because of the lack of hard skills that are often needed for working in different industries, editors get stuck in the editing industry forever. 

Have to sit before computer 

One will have to stare at a computer screen all day long.  It may affect the eyes. One may develop disc problems as well. In this way, one who has the problem of sitting for a long time can’t choose this field.

No social interaction 

One will not have much social interaction as an editor. They will often just get jobs and work on them for quite a long time without any contact with colleagues. Often will also work on jobs alone and will have nobody who could help out in case he faces challenges.

Compulsory educational qualifications

Companies do require a college degree before they are willing to employ. Not only does this mean that one will have to make a huge time commitment. But will also have to spend lots of money on tuition and other expenses related to college.

One should have a proper degree and proper knowledge for becoming an editor. Not just anyone with less education can choose this profession.

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