20+ Pros and Cons of Cisco Webex (Explained)

The Cisco Webex is an online meeting conducting platform used widely all over the globe.

Different businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, NGOs, and many more sectors use it to achieve the work function with health safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform is facile to use and comprises its own numerous benefits and drawbacks. This article will highlight some exciting aspects of using Cisco Webex for online meeting conduction. 

Drawbacks And Benefits Of Cisco Webex

Drawbacks of Cisco WebexBenefits of Cisco Webex
1. The application is needed to be downloaded before use.1. Comment control and chat control are weak.
2. Comment control and chat control are weak.2. Available in both IOS and Android versions.
3. The website version is weaker as compared to the app version.3. Available for all devices.
4. Connection problems.4. Remote work partnership
5. Internet connection reliance.5. Simple user interface.
6. Possible security issues.6. Tools for flexible collaboration.
7. Curve of learning for new users.7. Integration with additional services and apps.
8. Internet usage.8. Available in both ios and Android versions.

✔️ Advantages Of Cisco Webex

Teams may connect and work together regardless of their physical locations because of its seamless support for remote collaboration.

Webex supports effective teamwork and communication with capabilities including virtual meetings, screen sharing, and document collaboration.

Users of various technical proficiency can utilize Webex because of its user-friendly design, which makes organizing and joining meetings easier.

The versatility of Webex’s collaboration capabilities, which include chat, file sharing, virtual whiteboards, and breakout rooms, improve teamwork and efficiency.

The platform also seamlessly connects with other programs and services, improving workflow effectiveness.

📥 Easy Sharing Option

Cisco Webex provides an easy-to-share option for all types of content during the meeting. The host can share the content with the attendees, from videos to PowerPoint presentations.

This makes it easy for businesses to conduct a perfect session and presentation with marketers and investors.

Moreover, content sharing can be controlled by the meeting host to prevent any consequences. The webcam option is also available, which makes the user experience more efficient and powerful.

Difficult to Share Confidential Data

The Cisco Webex application creates a unique link for a different meeting every time to avoid any kind of conflict or misuse of data shared during the session. This makes it user-friendly and easy to gain a broad audience.

The application is best for educational purposes, small business meetings, and many more. 

🤳 HD video and audio

The Cisco Webex provides high-definition visual and sound quality, making the user experience smoother and more effective. The Cisco Webex meetings have high-quality video access in accessible mode also. The video quality is available up to 1080p. 

Minimum Utilization of Internet Data

The internet data used during the sessions is also minimal, which makes it more affordable. The sound-breaking problem does not arise without a significant internet connection. Hence, it is a perfect platform for extended meetings or conferences.

📲 Easy invitation

Cisco Webex meetings are easy to join and can be accessed within a few clicks. The host can easily invite attendees to the discussion by texting or mail. It is easy to join users by following simple steps.

Accessible to Various Tools

The Cisco Webex has access to various tools, making working from home easy and efficient. It has access to Excel sheets, google sheets, google calendar, and many more, which helps manage and organize meetings and another work schedule.  

Sharing Tasks is Easy

It is easy to share the task and program with the members of a company. This helps the company’s team members block and manage their time for meetings at prophase.

Best Platform for Education Sector

More tools are available in the meeting applications, like taking notes options. This helps the meeting attendees to note the main points and make some easy-to-refer-to crisp content.

This tool serves best for educational seminars, online courses, and free tutorial meetings. Hence, the Cisco Webex provides all crucial tools which make the meetings successful and fruitful amidst the pandemic.

Stream live meetings on social media

The Cisco Webex application makes it easy to gather many audiences. It aids you to stream live meetings on social media like Facebook.

Around 2 billion people use Facebook; this makes it easy and efficient to reach a perfect audience. Using this platform, the webinars, promotional content, and educating content can be shared live on social media.

This creates a high traffic reach for your webinars. Hence Cisco Webex is a highly recommended app for streaming long-form content on social media.

Reasonable Subscription Plans

Multiple and reasonable subscription plans are available for better and prolonged-term usage. The subscription plans are easy to understand and do not have more complex planning.

This makes the buyer not confused between selections among multiple subscription plans. The users don’t spend enough capital conducting online meetings and conferences.

This makes it easy for small businesses and startups, which are non-friendly with technical concepts and usage.

Disadvantages Of Cisco Webex

During meetings, it could experience connectivity problems that cause interruptions, audio/video lag, or disconnections.

Because Webex depends on a reliable internet connection, it can have performance problems in places with weak connectivity. Additionally, possible security issues can call for the right application of security measures to safeguard sensitive data.

The platform may require some time for new users to get used to, and video conferencing can consume a lot of bandwidth, which can be problematic for those with low bandwidth.

🔓 Security Issues

Due to an increase in the usage of the application, the hacking system has also evolved. Many invasive activities are noticed in the meetings despite taking proper safety measures.

This can be risky for companies to share their confidential data in discussions as it can be leaked.

The hacking occurs, and cybersecurity is also disturbed without revealing the passwords. This clearly states that the application fails to provide adequate security from their side.

The server is affected and is more predictable to cyber attacks due to less safety management. This creates an unhealthy platform for business meetings, crucial government organizations meetings, or confidential conferences.

👪 Small Audience friendly

The Cisco Webex application provides maximum attendees of up to 3000. It also needs a minimum requirement of 25 attendees to start a meeting.

The free model of the application allows a maximum of 100 attendees in a meeting. Moreover, the conference time is also restricted to 50 minutes for accessible mode. 

Restrict Broad Audience at Once

The platform does not allow a broad audience gathering and restricts the meeting to a small audience.

This makes it hard for large businesses and organizations to conduct an appointment using the application. Moreover, many webinars and online courses require many attendees’ accommodation, which cannot be fulfilled by this platform.

Large Memory Usage

The meetings get recorded, and the data is shared during the session. However, the problem is storing the data takes a lot of memory. It can take up to 1 to 1.5 GB of storage occupancy for saving a single 1-hour meeting.

This makes it difficult to store and manage data as well as the content with efficiency. Hence, the platform does not serve well in collecting and storing memory in a storage-friendly manner.

Pros And Cons Of Cisco Webex

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