22+ Pros and Cons of Hot Shower (Explained)

The debate over whether a hot shower is good for you or not is not new. There are a lot of people who prefer to use hot water instead of any other temperature.

Not only do you have different reasons to choose this, but it comes with pros and cons.

To understand more about it, here are some of the points that can help you.

Pros Of Hot ShowerCons Of Hot Shower 
Lower the blood sugarDamage skin cells
Moisturize the skinAggressive acne
Help in feeling betterLead skin to dry 
Getting Relieve Flu And ColdIssue related to Cuticles 
Fresh and healthy skin Bad for fertility 
Remove tension from muscleToo comfortable 
Reduce headacheWaste a lot of time
Better and quality sleepEffects the productivity
Better blood circulation
Lower blood pressure 

Pros Of Hot Showers

Can Lower The Blood Sugar

Taking hot showers can help you in lowering your blood sugar, it can also help in burning calories.

According to the study done by Loughborough University, they stated the effect of taking hot baths and control on blood sugar.

Better And Quality Sleep

Taking hot water can help your body to feel relaxed and better prepare you for sleep.

When your tense body gets a warm bath, it can increase the temperature and help in relaxing the muscles.

Hot water also helps in soothing the body and improving mental relaxation too.

It’s said that you need 20 minutes to get better.

Lowers The Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that if you take a hot bath, it can lower your blood pressure.

This is good for the people who have a heart condition and even if you don’t.

However, it’s important to consult the doctor as the hot bath can raise the heartbeat.

Moisturizing The Skin

It is good for the skin, as it can help in improving the health of the skin and make it look fresh too.

The warm water helps in leaving moisture to the skin and improves it for a longer time.

Moisturizing it for trying them and getting better skin to you.

Remove The Tensions From Muscles

A good soak in a hot shower can help you relax and fresh your mind if you had a long tiring day.

Also, it helps in soothing the stiff muscles, so you can get a nice feeling and a much-relaxed body.

If you have a shower head with good power, you can use this for massaging your back, shoulder, and neck.

Fresh And Healthy Skin

Using hot water can help your pores to open up and if you are using clean water this can help in removing the dirt and toxins.

This leads to much healthier and fresh-looking skin. However, it’s important to set the temperature as it should not be too hot for skin to burn or get too dry.

Improve The Blood Circulation

Dipping the body in hot whoever, it can help in improving blood circulation.

This is because the water creates facial pressure and increases the capacity of the heart.

In other words, using hot water makes the heart better and stronger.

Helps In Getting Relieve Flu And Cold

A hot shower can help as a natural decongestant where they can rely on the cold symptoms.

Since the hot water can help in moisturizing the nasal passage, taking at least 10 to 15 minutes and a hot soak break can help your body to feel after.

Reduce The Headaches

Most the people get headaches because of the narrowing of the blood vessels in their head.

The positive effect of having hot water can alleviate the pressure and cure headaches.

Help In Feeling Better

After a long tiring and stressful day, having a nice warm day can help in relaxing the body.

Also, you have to feel better about yourself and feel confident. It reduces the daily unity and makes you positive about yourself.

Cons Of  Hot Shower

It Can Damage The Skin Cells

There are three separate layers in your skin, and when you take the hot shower, it affects most of the layer of the skin which is called the epidermis

Taking hot showers can damage the skin, and it can be harmful to your keratinocytes.

These cells are the ones that make up this layer of skin.

Also, this exists in keeping your skin moist but when you take a hot shower, it damages the epidermis.

Also, it can worsen the condition of your skin.

It Can Lead The Aggravate Acne

A lot of people believe that too hot water can get rid of the oil that leads to acne-like a problem.

However, it’s not true, using warm water can be helpful instead of using too hot water.

If you are taking hot showers, it can aggravate the acne and cause it to spread.

It Can Be Make The Skin Dry

For the same reason,  taking showers damages your skin. The layer of the skin is one that keeps the moisture locked and saves the skin damage-free.

When you take a hot shower, it makes your skin become dry, rough, and cracked.

The reason behind this is water strips the oil that is present on your skin. So when you take long, however, this leads to dryness.

That’s why to keep your shower minimum to 5 to 10 or take cold showers to make the condition of your skin better.

Issus For The Hair Cuticles

There are certain cells that are responsible for protecting the hair.

Using hot water can damage those cells, and it can harm the hair cuticles too.

This leads to hair damage and starts hair loss.

Washing hair in too hot water can damage the scale, and make the follicles weaken.

It Can Be Bad For Tests And Fertility

Studies show that people who take regular hot showers tend to have a higher risk of infertility.

One study it showed that men who have fertility issues stopped the bath, and out of 11,  5 noticed they have a dramatic increase in their sperm count.

Taking a bath too hot can cause overheating, this test can be bad for the sperm count and over-fertilization.

Not just that, to increase fertility, taking cold showers or ice baths can help.

It Can Be Too Comfortable

Other than causing the issue to physical health, the hot showers can be too comfortable.

Taking some time and choosing days, instead of doing it every day can be helpful.

Not just that, taking hot showers can be addictive and not good for you.

Cause Issue For Being Productive

Since hot showers are too comfortable, it takes more of your time.

You might spend more time than you usually do because it feels good.

That can make you less productive as you might spend more hours and time on bathing, instead of using it for what you should be in.

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