13+ Pros and Cons Living at Taranaki (Explained)

Taranaki is situated on the North Island’s west coast in New Zealand. It is named after Mt Taranaki, a 2518 m high Stratovolcano. Taranaki was voted the world’s second-best place to visit by ‘Lonely Planet ‘ in 2017. Mt Taranaki is the second highest mountain in the North Islands, which has erupted about 160 times in the past 36000 years.

 It leaves the photographers in awe and leads to periodic eruptions, which are quite dangerous for the people living here. It is home to many tourists who have become permanent residents of this place.

Although this place is rich with scenic beauty and has wonderful places to visit, you must look into other factors before living here. The cost of housing, education facilities, job opportunities, the way of life, and weather all play major factor that helps you to make a better decision before shifting to a place. 

We have discussed the drawbacks and benefits of living in Taranaki for you to have a great insight into the place and make a decision based on your priorities. 

Benefits Drawbacks 
The weather is considerably less hot as compared to other places in New Zealand Getting a proper Job in this area is difficult 
Numerous thrilling activities such as skiing, surfing and wind surfing can be performedThe cost of items is way too high 
Taranaki has some fabulous cafes and parks to visit. Houses are very expensive 
The people are wonderful to live with.Less comprehensive social health care 

Advantages of Living in Taranaki 

Less hot weather

 New Zealand is known for its sweltering heat and hot weather. However, the weather of Taranaki is somewhat less hot as compared to other places in New Zealand. Although it has some most sweltering heat waves that the entire nation experiences but on the whole, it has moderate weather.

The atmosphere is calm and moderately hot. There is no doubt that Taranaki has been voted as one of the best regions to live in the world. 

Every place in the world has a color, and this beautiful place is full of deep blue, white, and lush green colors. An atmosphere of wildness is created by all these colors together. A sublime feeling of anticipation can be experienced by everyone who visits this place.

Thrilling Activities such as Skiing and Surfing to enjoy 

One can enjoy their days to the most while living in Taranaki. There are numerous sports activities such as Skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon can be enjoyed while living in Taranaki.

Hiking and Boogie boarding can also be enjoyed in this place. Taranaki feels like heaven to many people who live there. 

There are many wild and rugged beaches in Taranaki which is different from the golden beaches you generally see in the US. The scenery is considered breathtaking. 

This place is considered Unassuming and underrated by many travelers. Some of the most wonderful places to visit on earth are located here. Nature just leaves you at awe.

pros doing business in taranaki

Taranaki has some fabulous cafes and parks to visit.

If you are a person who loves to socialize and get your work done by sitting in the cafes, then you will surely love to live in this place. Taranaki has numerous fabulous cafes. Coffee is considered the king in New Zealand.

It even has great places to take your children for walks and play. There are parks and playgrounds wherever you look. The best park to visit while living here is Pukekura Park. 

A botanical century in the middle of New Plymouth is called the Pukekura Park. This botanical garden is home to many outdoor and indoor plants across the globe.

The people are wonderful to live with.

The people from Taranaki are extremely friendly and they can make you feel at home just in no time. The quality of life is really great, and the people are trustworthy and very friendly.

The sense of acceptance among them is great, and they accept you for who you are not what they think you should be.

pros living at taranaki

Drawbacks of Living in Taranaki 

Getting a proper job in this area is difficult 

Taranaki is situated on the west coast of New Zealand and has severed lack of job opportunities. If you are looking for great opportunities to work, then this is not the right place for you.

The main drawback is the lack of good job opportunities for the new migrants and the locals. This place, although serene and beautiful but has no city life.

The career opportunities are very limited, and there are not even a lot of chances for socializing when looking for a job.

top education institutes in new zealand

The cost of items is way too high

Taranaki just like any other place in New Zealand, is an expensive place to stay. The cost of everything is quite high. everything is quite expensive. There is a lack of consumer choice and good quality goods despite the high rates.

The cost of items is not expensive for people who earn more than average and are not much into consumer goods, but it must be something that should be pondered upon by people before moving here.

Houses are very expensive

As said earlier, everything here is expensive. Houses are way too expensive, and if you think of renting an apartment, it might take away all your salary. Even the quality of housing is poor.

Less comprehensive social health care

The cost of basic needs in Taranaki is quite high. Dental treatment, along with other social health care services, are poor. The health care sector is less comprehensive as compared to NHS and has a lot of out of the pocket expenditure. Concessions for children and pensioners are few.

If one needs proper medical treatment, then you have to travel to the other well-established cities for health care.

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