11+ Pros and Cons of Living In British Columbia (Explained)

British Columbia is a territory in Canada bordering the Pacific Ocean. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia which is located on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver is the most populous city in the province and Canada’s 3rd largest city, with over 2.5 million. The overall population of British Columbia is more than 4.6 million people.

British Columbia is known for its stunning and attractive natural beauty. With the growth and evolution of technology taking over every sector, British Columbia has been an attraction for many investors in recent years.     

The Benefits of living in British ColumbiaThe Drawbacks of living in British Columbia
Clean environmentLack of skilled labor jobs
Easily available amenitiesLack of entertainment
MulticulturalOwning a home is quite expensive.

Advantages of Living in British Columbia

Suitable Weather Conditions: 

The weather condition in British Columbia is considered to be quite pleasant and fantastic. It usually remains over 0 Celsius every day of the year and rains about 155 days of the year. There is hardly any news of snow.

Therefore, it is considered to be one of the driest and Mediterranean types of climatic areas of Canada, looking for cool summers and mild winters. 

Less Crowded: 

As there are crowded cities in the province such as Vancouver and Victoria, there are mostly less crowded small towns in British Columbia where there is more space to spare to live. People here usually pick locations that are somewhere near in the outskirts of the city with big green yards, enjoying the greenery around. 

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Employment Opportunities are Good:

As the population in British Columbia is comparatively less than other provinces, there is ample job opportunity available in nearly every sector. Labour skilled jobs are hardly known in the area because of the high fashion of living, but experienced, professional jobs are easily available. 

Best Education System: 

British Columbia has a well organized public education system with renowned search universities known across the world. H

ere, all the citizens below the age of 20 can get free education until completing their high school. There is a range of choices available for everyone, whether community schools, alternative schools etc. with any course.

There are about 1,900 programs available at 25 public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia, which includes 11 universities, 11 colleges, and about three reputed institutes.

Perfect Place for Tourism: 

The tourism sector of British Columbia contributes the most to its economy as the place consists of six big nature parks, which are the centres of tourist spots.

Also, the province has beautiful gardens and along scenic trails for biking, hiking, in-line skating, walking, and also available for horseback riding. Many birds migrate to British Columbia, making it a popular and attractive tourism spot for bird watchers. About five million migratory birds stop here, every year.

The most famous bird-watching site in the province is Boundary Bay. Here, people can also enjoy windsurfing, skim kite, and paddleboarding. 

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Disadvantages of Living in British Columbia

High Standard of Living: 

Comparing the cost of living in British Columbia with other parts of the world is relatively higher.

The taxes are run pretty tight with rents, food, transportation services to be considerably expensive in specific cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc. Therefore, the cost of living in British Columbia is also high and certainly comes under among the highest in Canada.

This can be due to the increasing housing costs, personal yearly earnings on an average basis, fixed minimum wage of $10.24 /hr, and also results in being the 2nd lowest individual income tax rate. 

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The Tough Process to get a Residentship: 

Canada is very well known for its stringent immigration process and laws. It permits the entrance of only 250,000 immigrants and refugees every year.

Also, the process of getting a visa for work purposes in Canada is a relatively lengthy process which is also quite tiring and complicated. It is not cheap, and only the visa fees can cost you up to C$1,500 for one time.

However, for the skilled workers, this process can be more comfortable as it can add value to Canada’s economy, but for the others, it remains a challenging task. 

Conflict in the Healthcare Sector: 

According to Canadian Law, all the provinces and territories should provide universal publicly funded health facilities to all its citizens with no direct cost to the patient. However, only minimum services are provided to the people under this procedure.

Major surgeries such as dental care procedures, eye health procedures are not taken into consideration which is of absolutely no use. The list can vary from province to province.

High Real Estate Prices: 

The real estate prices in British Columbia are competitively higher than other provinces as here the houses are not that cheap. An average home price will be $1,150,000. However, the property tax rates are reasonable at $2921 per year on averages. 


Living in British Columbia is nearly every individual’s dream, as it is located in the heart of Canada and Canada is therefore known to be one of the highest and consistently increasing economies in the world.

Every place has its own pros and cons before settling in, it’s just a matter of time before you adjust in. 

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