26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Buckinghamshire (Explained)

Buckinghamshire is a county located in South East of England. It is a decorous county under lieutenant Henry Aubrey Fletcher and sheriff Andrew Farncombe’s authority.  The county has mixed ethnicity, the majority being the white race. The state is famous for its natural beauty and heritage and also for its modernization. It has a moderate population meaning neither more nor less.

The county has a mixed economy, with great facilities in technology for the citizen of the region. People from all over the world visit the place for its amazing landscapes and botanical parks. Continue reading to understand the pros and cons of living in Buckinghamshire.

Benefits of living in Buckinghamshire Drawbacks of living in Buckinghamshire 
Excellent educational institutions Cost of living is very high in the region 
Good transport and infrastructure of the countyLow salaries and wages of the worker
Great job opportunities Poor working conditions
Rat of Self-employment highUnfriendly behavior of the people 
Technologically equipped areaMonotonous life
Abundance of optionsPoor medical facilities
Amazing location Very less option in buying a house
Food and drinks 
Historical monuments and buildings

Advantages of living in Buckinghamshire

Excellent educational institutions –

In Buckinghamshire, the quality of education is very good. The region has some of the best schools and universities. Great Marlow School and  Pipers Corner School is some of the best school in Buckinghamshire. The region also has good universities. 

Good transport and infrastructure of the county-

The county is well-linked with the road, railways, and air networks. The transport facilities in the area are quite good as compared to the other states in the south-east of England. With a good transportation system commuting becomes easy for people who commute daily either for doing work or studying. 

Train and busses run daily connecting to major cities of the country. Even if you own a vehicle then a 30 minutes drive can reach you to London, Berkshire, and other major counties. 

Great job opportunities-

The fact that commuting is very easy in Buckinghamshire also means finding good jobs in the region becomes ten times easier. Being very close to major cities of the United Kingdom is also a plus point in finding a good job for people living in Buckinghamshire.

The advanced cities have great job opportunities with varieties of attractive incentives and perks. Finding a good and secure job is a real task in another Southern part of the United Kingdom. 

Rate of Self-employment is high-

People living in the regions of Buckinghamshire largely depend on self-employment. People out there have started their own businesses and trades for earning their livelihood.

The business of clothes, groceries, and fabrics is very popular with the great demands of the goods from people. Farming and cultivating lands then sailing the ready crops in the market gives them good profits.

Technologically equipped area-

The region of Buckinghamshire is an advanced area with a good machinery system. Equipped and advanced machinery is used in the farming sectors. With the help of advanced machines, they earn double the profits in a year. 

An abundance of options-

Everyone wants to live life as per their dreams and desires but very few get the opportunity to make it work in real life. However, the Buckinghamshire region gives you plenty of options for you to choose what kind of life you want to live. 

For example, if you want to have the best leisure and enjoyment then the place us a good pick for you. Clubbing or partying late at night, or you want to go for tracking in the mountains, it all depends on the person. The place has a great variety of things you can do to make your life happening and enjoyable.

Amazing location-

One of the outstanding features of the region is its beautiful location. The county is situated in the southeast of England.  It is rich in natural traits like mountains, rivers, landscapes, forests, and many more. The Chiltern hill and the river Thames make the region even more wonderful to visit.

  The botanical gardens and long alleys in Buckinghamshire is a peaceful place to spend your evenings or on weekends.

Food and drink-

It is with visiting the place for its eateries and drinks. The place has some of the best hotels, restaurants, and subways that serve amazing delicacies. The place is famous for the best Sunday roast, and brunch spots in Buckinghamshire.

The traditional cream tea and roasted chicken are served the best in the region. The place is a treat for foodies and food bloggers. 

Historical monuments and buildings-

The region has beautiful ancient buildings and monuments which attract a lot of people every year. Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire palace, and many more eccentric monuments make the region even more amazing.

Disadvantages of living in Buckinghamshire 

Cost of living is very high in the region-

Every county is backed with some drawbacks, similarly, the Buck region’s major drawback is that the cost of living is very high. People out there have to put up with an expensive lifestyle. It is not a big problem if you earn a handsome amount of money but if you don’t, then breathing in Buckinghamshire can cost you a lot.

Housing, clothing, education all these vital things are very costly. If you want to put up with the living style of the people living in Buckinghamshire then you have to have a good salary package. 

Low salaries and wages of the workers-

Although the job availability in the region is quite high, the salary and wages of the workers are very low. The work pressure is huge and the salary compared to the labor is really very low which upsets the worker forcing them to switch their job.

Poor working condition-

The condition on which the workers are made to work is bad and unhealthy. Many farms owner forces the worker to do overtime and doesn’t pay for the work done. There were many protests and agitation against the owners of such farms. 

Unfriendly behavior of the people–

The nature of the people in the region of Buckinghamshire is unfriendly. One may find weird in the starting but slowly and gradually they get used to with the behavior, in fact, they too adopt the behavior. They are kind of reserved people minding the sound of their own business.

Monotonous life- 

Life in Buckinghamshire can be boring and monotonous for those who have shifted newly to the place. Any person from London can find the place very boring as compared to life in London. However, it is not like the place has nothing but less than the other major counties.

Poor medical facilities-

The major drawback of living in Buckinghamshire is that the medical facility of the region is very poor. The hospitals in the region are located in far areas with congested bedding. Although the government has drafted plans to improve the condition of the hospitals yet very little has been done so far.

Very less option in buying a house-

If you are willing to buy a house in the region if Buckinghamshire then it can be a little disappointing as there are very few options available for housing. Houses on sale are in very few numbers so, there is a lesser option for the individual to chose.

The county is a beautiful region with the marks of history and culture. The place can be a good pick for those wanting to spend their post-retirement life in peace. The region also has a great job availability which means less unemployment among the people of Buckinghamshire.

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