24+ Pros and Cons of Living In Cambridgeshire (Explained)

Cambridgeshire is a non-urban area situated in the southern part of the United Kingdom. The place is well known for the university in Cambridge city.

The university is famous all around the globe and thousands of students appear in the place for acquiring the best education from all over the world. Apart from the University, the place is also prominent for its natural heritage and vibrant culture.

Beautiful botanical gardens and amazing wildlife sanctuaries have been the spot of attraction. To know the pros and cons of living in the Cambridgeshire region do read the article. This article will help you to better understand the region of Cambridgeshire.

Benefits of living in Cambridgeshire Drawbacks of living in Cambridgeshire 
Good job opportunities Cost of living is higher than the other cities
The competitive and learning environment Expensive property
The county is well connected Small county
Excellent schools and colleges Congested rooms 
Amazing location for outdoorsWorkload is high
Good environment to raise children The problem of overpopulation and pollution
Friendly nature of people The accent of the region
Good medical facilities
Vibrant art and culture
Delicious eateries 

Advantages of living in Cambridgeshire 

Good job opportunities-

The region of Cambridgeshire has big companies and industries which makes the job availability quite very high. The fact that Cambridgeshire is very near to London also makes the job opportunities very high for the people designing in the county.

The rate of employment has increased tremendously over the years. People who want to give their career a kick-start has great recourse in the region.

The competitive and learning environment-

The environment in the region of Cambridge is very productive. There is a sense of competitiveness in the air of the region. Students from all over the world come to the region to get the best academic facilities.

People out there have created a kind of environment that is very learning. You will come across the best intellectuals in the region, trying to compete with one another for a bright future.

The county is well connected-

With the excellent service of buses and trains, the place delivers the best transportation system. People who commute for either studying or work may not find it exhausting and monotonous.

The county is connected to almost every part of the country. There are daily buses and cabs running to make transportation more accessible and easier for the people. 

Excellent schools and colleges-

The region obviously has the best school and colleges not just in the entire country but the world. The place is famous for its prestigious Cambridge University. Top schools like Mander Portman Woodward, the King’s School Ely, and many more are located in the region of Cambridgeshire.

The schools are not just good in education but also sports and have the best faculty members with good results. 

Few well-known colleges are St. Andrew’s College Cambridge, Cromwell Community college and many more are the top colleges in the region. People from all over the world try to get into these top universities and schools for the quality of education.

Amazing location for outdoor-

The location of the region is amazing. There are a lot of good spots for spending vacation or celebrating new year’s eve.

During Christmas and Good Friday, the towns in Cambridgeshire is decorated and celebrated with great joy and happiness. To spend your vacation amidst the greenery and beautiful landscape is real fun.

Good environmental to raise children-

The atmosphere of the Cambridgeshire region is very healthy to raise children. Children brought up in the region are aware of the culture and heritage of the country. To spend their childhood in such an amazing place is a blessing.

Parents can make their children aware of the beautiful greenery and mountains of the region.

Friendly nature of people-

People of Cambridgeshire are very humbled-natured. They believe in co-existing and helping each other in times of need and difficulty. A newcomer is always heartily welcomed in the region and the people help them settle. Such an amazing atmosphere enables people to live a healthy and prosperous life.

Good medical facilities-

The region possesses a high quality of medical care. Unlike most of the southern counties, the region of Cambridgeshire has a good medical facility. The condition of hospitals is also quite good in the region with more number of beds.

Vibrant art and culture-

The cities in Cambridgeshire have a fine collection of arts. The region is famous for its street arts and graffiti. People out there have immense love for their culture and art. They have been protecting and preserving the culture of the county since historical times.

 Delicious eateries-

People who visit the place gets impressed by the food available in the region. The local hotels and restaurants serve the best quality of food. Hamburgers and sandwiches are best served in the region. Students who live in the hostels and rooms can find the food good as compared to the food given by the owners.

Disadvantages of living in Cambridgeshire

Cost of living is higher than the other county-

One of the major drawbacks of the county is that the cost of living is high. One cannot live in the region if they don’t earn a good amount of money. However, it would be wrong to say that the county has a low cost of living.

Almost every other country in the United Kingdom had the same lifestyle. So in order to live in good counties, one has to deal with the expense.

Expensive property-

The property available for sale has double the rate than the normal. An expensive property becomes a problem for those who are willing to buy a property and settle in the region. They charge double rates for those properties which do not even have enough rooms or gardens.

People buying a property in the region of Cambridgeshire must assume that buying a property in another region is much more profitable than buying it in a double price. 

Small county- 

The region is just 3,389km2 long. The size of the county is very small as compared to the other states in the United Kingdom. The small county with a population of about 6.51 lakhs is a crowded place. Small land has made the price of the property very high and costlier. 

Congested rooms-

Houses that are given in rent have very few rooms with small space. People living in rental houses face lots of difficulty in this region. The rooms available on rent are poor with a high price. Even people living in hostels have to face the same difficulties. 

The workload is high-

The companies and industries in the region have huge work pressure. Often the workers are forced to do overtime with low wages. Due to the extreme workload, they just get one day off.

The problem of overpopulation and pollution-

The county can be judged in negative terms for overpopulation and pollution. Over the years there has been a massive increase in population which has led to a rise in pollution. Health condition has been hampered due to the rapid increase in pollution in the county. 

 The accent of the region-

One may find the accent if the region confusing and irritating at the same time. However, it is easy to get used to the accent. 

Even though it has some cons still the place is apt for studying and working people from all over the world come to experience the luxurious life in Cambridgeshire. One must visit the place for its greenery and amazing landscapes. 

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