23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Cheshire (Explained)

Cheshire is a rural county located in the North West of England. Cheshire is a small developing country, famous for its timber production. The area is appropriately 2,343 km2 wide with a 10,59,271 population.

The beauty of the county attracts people who want to live in an atmosphere-friendly environment. The region is also well known for its industrial revolution and red rock buildings. The region has been enjoying autonomy since historic times. 

Below are some pros and cons of living in Cheshire for a better understanding of the readers who are willing to settle in the region.

Benefits of living in Cheshire Drawbacks of living in Cheshire 
Smoke rooms and houses in the regionPoor transportation system
Location of the regionClimatic condition
Less stressful lifeLess job availability 
Healthy environmentVery few good schools in the region
Less pollution and health issues Not much happening life
People of the regionPoor renting system
Quality of lifeHilly region
Culture heritage Disparities among rich and poor
Good medical facilities 
Beautiful housing structure 

Advantages of living in Cheshire

Ample rooms and houses in the region.

The region of Cheshire has a great housing system. The rooms in the houses are not congested, there is enough space for sure. The number of houses for sale is also high, so people wanting to buy a house in the region has a good number of options. The increase in options gives rise to the interest of the people as they have enough substitutes in buying houses for themselves.

does Cheshire have good housing facilities

Location of the region-

The second benefit if living in the region of Cheshire has to be the location of the county. Cheshire is near to amazing countryside like Scottish, Pennines and is near to some incredible coastline. Being situated in the northern region of England the county has all the amazing viewpoints. Many people visit the place for its wonderful location.

Is the Location of Cheshire Good

Less stressful life– 

This region offers you a lesser stressful life. Life in Cheshire seems to be slow-paced and peaceful. If you do not want to be a part of a rat race works then the county is the best pick for you. The calmness of the region is quite intriguing and fascinating. 

Healthy environment-

The environment of the region gives a plus point to Cheshire. The place has a relatively low rate of crimes registered, so the place is very safe for a family to live happily and peacefully.

The region is very good for raising children admits the natural beauty and decent lifestyle of people responding in the region. Families who consider their children to be raised in a safe place have a good option in Cheshire. 

Less pollution and health issues-

The county has a low rate of population which obviously means lie amount of pollution. There is a lesser number of factories and industries in the region which helps to control air pollution and air-born disease.

Good health is ten times better than good wealth. Cheshire can be a good pick if an individual wants to avoid medical expenses.

People of the region-

The county is also apt for living because the people living in the region have a very humble and polite nature.

They believe in unity and integrity. The friendly nature of the people helps newcomers to get accommodated and feel like they are in the home. They are quite very far from being diplomatic and mean, although they respect the privacy of an individual at the same time.

Quality of life-

One who wants to settle in a good quality of life can choose Cheshire without any second thought. It is like the air of the region is crispier than other states located in the north of England.

Cultural heritage-

Citizens responding in the county have immense love and respect for their cultural heritage. They show pride while acknowledging themselves as a part of the rich culture of Cheshire. They cherish the fact that they are part of the region and have been protecting and preserving the culture since historical times.

Good medical facilities-

Even though the area is not as developed as the other regions in the south of England yet it has good medical facilities. People in the region consider the medical facility of  Cheshire as the biggest merits of the region.

Beautiful housing structure-

The houses build in the region are cute and amazing to watch. It is built with red stone and slanting roofs. In fact, Cheshire is famous for its housing system. It is a delightful sight to watch those cute red cottages. 

Disadvantages of living in Cheshire 

Poor transportation system-

The northern states of the United Kingdom have disadvantages of poor access to transportation.  Means of transportation are not up to the mark. Buses and trains are not available on a daily basis. People in the region have to face a lot of problems while traveling to another part of the country.

Even the roadways are not well linked to major cities. Commuting is a major problem in Cheshire. 

If an individual depends on buses or cabs for commuting they might have to face a lot of difficulties as the buses and motors are never on time. Many complaints have been reported but no stern measures are taken to improve the transportation facilities.

are the transportation services

Climatic conditions-

The region experiences cold and rains almost throughout the year. The other counties in England have a better climate than Cheshire. Extreme winters add on the extra expense of buying warm clothes.

The region is wet almost half the year, making the streets slushy and muddy. One can find the climate if the southern part much better than in the northern counties.

Less job availability-

One of the major demerits of living in the county is that there are fewer job opportunities as compared to other states of the country. The fact that there are fewer factories and industries in the region has led to a decrease in the number of job opportunities. People usually commute or migrate to other cities in search of good jobs and a better life.

However, many big companies have been showing keen interest in the region, so in the coming years, there is a possibility that the situation gets improved.

are there fewer job available in cheshire

Very few good schools in the region-

The county also lacks in an educational field. Every other con can be adjusted to some extent but having very few good schools cannot be adjusted. Every parent wants their children to acquire the best quality of education. The government has to take extra care of the region to make the educational institutions much better and more in number. 

Not much happening life-

If you are planning to live in the region of Cheshire then you have to bear the boredom. The location and natural heritages cannot help to make life happen especially for those who are shifting from big cities. One who wants to be away from city life can find the place amazing to live.

Poor renting system-

The service delivered in the hostels or rented rooms is very low against the charge. The rooms are big but few with no gardens or balconies. Students had to face a lot of problems in this sector.

Hilly region-

The region of Cheshire is not flat preventing the good connection of the motor and railways. Although living in a hilly region has its own benefits but lacks in the development of technology and good infrastructure. 

Disparities among rich and poor-

The region of Cheshire has a noting disparity among the people. Backward places in Cheshire has to face a lot of problem in getting the basic necessities of life whereas the people in the developed area has every access to the luxuries of life.

The area has its benefits and drawbacks but the simple living of the country attracts lots of people. The beauty of the territory is worth witnessing. People who are nature friendly will consider the place best for living. 

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