23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Cornwall (Explained)

Cornwall is a non-metropolitan county situated in the south-west of the United Kingdom. It is a decorous county that forms a peninsula. It has hundreds of amazing coastlines and beaches. The county is famous for its delicious eateries and fruits. The wide varieties of food items have been the specialty of the region.

The eccentric and amazing places like the Eden Project, St. Michael’s mountain, land end mark and many more are considered tourist hotspots.  Continue reading the article to know the pros and cons of living in Cornwell to make the readers have a better knowledge of the region. 

Benefits of living in Cornwall Drawbacks of living in Cornwall 
The price of the property in the region is less Less availability of job opportunities in Cornwall 
The market in Cornwall is good for business Poor education system
Good motorway connection Low salaries and wages of workers 
Great place to live with familyLimited options are available in buying properties 
Friendly neighbors in the regionOvercrowded areas 
Living standards in the region is highAntisocial life in Cornwall 
Amazing places for outings and picnics with friends and familyParking issues 
The rate of self-employment is high Technologically backward area
Amazing delicacies of the region
The drainage system is good

Advantages of living in Cornwall 

The price of the property in the region is less-

One of the major advantages of living in the region of Cornwall is that the price of the property in the region is quite low. The properties available in Cornwell is almost 45% lower than the properties available in London.

People buying properties in Cornwall consider it more profitable than buying in other major cities at relatively higher prices. 

are the property prices in Cornwall lower

The market in Cornwall is good for business-

Local authorities and local companies located in the region of Cornwall fully support the business farms and plantations. The resources and minerals available in the region favor the market if business.

The local government of the region encourages the people of Cornwall for investments and start-ups. The fact that there is a lesser number of big companies and brands further helps the local business to flourish and earn profits.

Is the Market for Business Good in Cornwall

Good motorway connection-

The county is well connected with motorways. Traveling from Cornwall to London or Berkshire or to any other major cities is easy and convenient because the roads are well linked with many metropolitan counties.

Buses and taxis are available daily for the public to make transportation more beneficial. The county also has major railways connections further enhancing transportation of the region.

Great place to live with family-

Do you want your children to indulge more with nature than their phones? If yes then the place is the best selection for you and your family. The environment of the region is very healthy and enjoyable for children.

The place has very few reported cases of crimes making the place very safe for settling. Every parent wants their children to grow amidst the values and principles and the people in the region also value all those. 

Friendly neighbors in the region-

The humbled and generous nature of people in the region is definitely a plus point. People, out there will make sure their neighbor is in good ailment. One can find the surrounding very whelming and helpful. 

Living standards in the region is high-

The inhabitants maintain high and decent living standards. They are all intellectuals doing good in life with high morals and values.

Amazing places for outings and picnics with friends and families-

Cornwall has lots of amazing and picturesque places to visit and spend the holidays. People from all over the country visit the place for its picnic spots and landscapes. The state is rich in wildlife and botanical gardens and allies. Places like The Minacs Theatre and Potcherman Beach has been the center of attraction for thousands of people.

The rate of self-employment is high-

People in the place are not dependent on big farms and industries for earning their livelihood. The residents are self-employed either doing their own business or farming in the region. Many farms in the region enjoy the monopoly.

The self-employment rate has been increasing rapidly over the years and in the coming years, the scenario is expected to improve further. So people willing to start their own business can find the market prevailing and appropriate.

Amazing delicacies of the region-

If anyone visits the place one must try the food of the region. The delicacies like pasty,  Cornish Yarg, saffron buns, cream tea and etc. are best available in the county. All these scrumptious eateries are worldwide famous. Many visit the place for its food and drinks.

The drainage system is good-

Many developed counties in England face the issues of a bad drainage system. However, Cornwall faces no such issues. The county is well constructed with the draining of sewage and wastes. Not only that but it also has good recycling companies which recycle waste products.

Disadvantages of living in Cornwall 

Lesser availability of job opportunities in Cornwall-

Very few big companies and firms have their bases in the region of Cornwell that making the chances of finding a job very difficult.

If you are willing to shift in the region for finding a good job then that might be a wrong decision as a low density of population has deterred the big firms from setting up a plant in the region. But the pick is people get inspired to start their own business in the region. 

Is There Less Job Availability in Cornwall

Poor education system-

The quality of education provided in the region is very poor compared to other counties in England. However, the education ministry has been taking a few rigorous steps in improvising the system of education.

Low salaries and wages for workers-

Finding a job is a task in the first place after that, getting a job with good pay becomes difficult. The amount of work that workers are made to do is relatively higher than the amount and for the hard labor.

People if Cornwall often migrates to another place for securing a good job and a better future. The governing body must take initiatives to increase the wages of daily wage earners.

Limited options are available in buying properties-

Finding a perfect home for yourself in the region of Conwell can be a tough task. The fact that Cornwell is a sparsely populated area, the variety of property is very less for the people to buy. Even though the price of the available property is low as compared to other counties in the United Kingdom.  

Are There Limited Options Available for Buying Properties in Cornwall

Overcrowded areas-

Cornwall is a small piece of land with an average population size. During summers the roads get jammed due to the narrow roads. The M4 road faces the most in these times. So during vacation or weekends, the places and streets are overcrowded barely allowing a clear passage.

Antisocial life in Cornwall-

Even though people in Cornwall are kind and generous but they still do not like socializing a lot. People who are habituated of having a socially active life may find the place a sort of boring and monotonous. It has a positive aspect as well, the place offers more time for living an introspective life.

Parking issues-

People face a lot of parking issues, especially on summer days when the temperature is quite high. Plots available for parking vehicles in the region is smaller than in the other cities. No one wants their vehicle to be parked in the scorching heat.

Technologically backward area-

Cornwall is a developing country of the United Kingdom. It lacks technology in many fields. Farming and agriculture are mostly based on manual labor which makes the production slower and lesser in quantity than other technologically developed states.

The fact that it is an underdeveloped county of the United Kingdom makes the region low in finding good jobs in the region. However, those who want to have their own start-ups can find a place apt for living. 

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