26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Cumbria (Explained)

Cumbria is a county in the United Kingdom. Technologically less equipped but rich in natural beauty. It is a small piece of land with a very low population. The county is well known for its cultural diversity and vibrant music collection.

The county is also well noticed for its wide range of parks, mountains, rivers and etc. One should not miss the dawn and dusk scene, they are breath-taking and fascinating views. 

Benefits of living in Cumbria Drawbacks of living in Cumbria 
Suitable weather of the regionStagnant economy of the region
A healthy environment to raise childrenPoor network and internet connection
Rich in arts and culture Mass unemployment in the region 
Social activitiesLess chance of job opportunities 
Food and lifestyle of the regionPoverty
Less population, less pollutionKind of a boring lifestyle 
Unique music collections

Advantages of living in Cumbria

Suitable weather of the region-

The region has the best weather in the entire United Kingdom. People from all over the world visit the place to spend their summer vacations. The region is considered to be the sunniest place in England.

It is a treat to visit the place during June-July month. Not only summers but winters and spring seasons are also the lovable weather of Cumbria.  People love to visit the beach and riverside of the place.

A healthy environment to raise children- 

The environment of Cumbria is peaceful and nature friendly. Children growing admits nature is more beneficial than growing up with a cell phone in their hand. The place is also evaluated as the safest place as the number of crimes and corruption is somewhat lower than the other states.

Children must be made aware of the value of nature and the essence of being a nature-friendly person. So the place is very suitable for the upbringing of children.

Rich in arts and culture-

The county is very affluent in arts and culture. The dynamic of culture is great in the county. People of the region follow their culture with great pride and audacity. Street arts and graffiti is famous in the entire country of England.

People of the region have a keen interest in arts and sculpture. So if a person wants to visit a place plentiful of arts then Cumbria is the best place as it has an abundance of fine and excellent arts.

Social activities-

One of the major advantages of living in Cumbria is that one can take part or just witness the social activities taking place in Cumbria. From singing concerts to bonfire nights, the place has a lot to offer. One can barely be bored in the region. 

Food and lifestyle of the region-

Want good food and standard lifestyles? If yes then Cumbria can never disappoint you in this field. Delicious bagels, waffles, cold coffee and etc. are the specialty of the place. One can never get bored of the food available in the hotels, subways, and bakeries. People of Cumbria maintain a high standard of living, so one can find themselves in an atmosphere where everything is classy.

Less population, less pollution-

Cumbria has a very less population as compared to the other counties in England. This can be an advantage as places with a low population are easy to handle and more resources are available for the people of the county.

Having a low rate of population is considered to be an asset and boosts the economy of the county. Fewer population means less amount of pollution as the number of automobiles and factories running in the place is less, which means a low amount of harmful gases. 


The majority of the people in the county are self-employed. They either run their own business or farm or rare cattle. The year 2018 marked a boost in the economy of the county due to the increase in the rate of self-employment. The market factor of the region supports local businesses and shops. 


Another reason to visit the place is its work in literature. The county has given rise to many good authors and students interested in the field of literature. Students of Cumbria has a keen interest in the field of literature.

Many students from the region secured top places in the top universities of the United Kingdom. Hence, the fact that the county is the birthplace of many good authors and students of literature makes the region quite famous. 

Unique music collections-

Travelers and tourists who visit the place are impressed with the retro music collections of the region. People of Cumbria have a great bent towards the melody and songs. Music is considered as the way of life in the region.


The county has a superb location with fascinating countryside. The county is famous for its botanical gardens and parks. Lake District national park is a famous spot in Cumbria. The rivers, landscapes give a picturesque view of the county. 

Disadvantages of living in Cumbria 

The stagnant economy in the region-

 The major drawback of the region is the stagnant economy. The GDP of the region is the lowest in the country. The region is an underdeveloped area with low technology available to the people.

The old and redundant machinery system used in the agricultural sectors is the reason for the low production of goods. Where the, on one hand, the country is topping in every field and genre of life, some of the counties in England are even deprived of good machinery system.

Poor network and internet connection-

The county has a major issue of network and internet connections. Most of the time the network is not available and if the network works then the speed of internet access is very slow.

Students and employees staying in the region have to face the crisis every day. Slow access to the internet means slower work progress. So if you want a good internet speed make sure to do the inquiry with the neighbor before shifting to the region.

Mass unemployment in the region-

Youths of the region are mostly unemployed in search of good jobs. Due to less availability of a suitable job and working conditions the rate of unemployment has increased over the years. To get a better job, people are moving to different places. 


Another setback of moving to Cumbria is that the rate of poverty among the masses is quite high. An increase in poverty in some of the regions in the county has made the people live in bad and horrible conditions.

The local government plus the NGOs should take some immediate steps to improve the condition of people. Poverty-stricken areas are deprived of the basic necessities of life. They have no access to a bare minimum of survival. 

The northwest counties in England are less developed than the other part of the country. However, Cumbria is better than the other northwest counties. The place has amazing parks and rivers which attract lots of tourists every year.

If you are interested in trade and commerce then the area can be very suitable as it has a good market. So overall the place is good for healthy living.

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